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Project Manager Consultant Resume


  • Dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience in the areas of Product Management, Network Management, Project Management, Process Automation/Improvement and Telecommunications
  • Demonstrated success in building and leading teams in consistently delivering effective solutions across complex environments while continuing to perform technical activities
  • Planned and deployed a GSM Cellular Wireless network for TDC Mobile covering Denmark. Performed numerous program management activities for a team of 150
  • Developed and launched a Mission Critical SW product for Boeing, Rockwell (Avionics)
  • Developed Network Performance, Fault and Configuration SW solutions for Cellular Carriers for internal use by various departments
  • Deployed Wireless, Telecom and Data Optimization solutions for Cellular Carriers for nationwide coverage. Provided Program Management support for a team of 100

Skills Profile

  • Project and Program Management
  • Product Management
  • Data Center Management
  • Full Life Cycle Development
  • Standards and Specifications
  • Solution Evaluation and Deployment
  • Hardware and Software Engineering
  • Data Optimization/Content Management
  • Data Warehouse (OLAP)
  • Capacity Planning
  • Configuration Management
  • Software Testing
  • Quality Control
  • Routers, LAN, WAN, IP, IGRP, IPX, OSPF
  • Optical Networks, SONET, SDH, DWDM
  • Electronic Circuit Design and RF Design
  • Wireless Telecommunications, Wireless Networks
  • Operations and Network Management
  • Satellite TV, Cable TC
  • Oracle , SharePoint, Sybase, , UNIX, SW Development, Software Testing, Quality Control, QC, Quality Assurance, QA, Web Development, HTML, DHTML, XML, CGI-Scripts, Java-Scripts, Perl-Scripts, Visual Basic, Visual C++, SQL, Windows NT, XP, Vista, Microsoft Office Suite


Confidential, (Oct. 2007 - Present)
Program Manager Business Development
Implemented data optimization and content control solutions for a wireless carrier. Responsible for: Project management, data center management and business administration, Acceptance testing and customer relations, F5 Viprion, 2800, 2400, Kontron ATCA, UNIX, LINUX, WAN, LANs, VLANs, IP address assignment, Project completion and lessons learned, Establishing retail business units for satellite TV service, Deploying systems in a large number of sites, Successfully developing sales and marketing operations, Establishing service delivery and customer support.

Confidential, (Jan. 2005 - Sep. 2007)
Project Manager Consultant
Deployed wireless Email Mx, VoiceMail (OVM, VoIP, SiP) for wireless carriers. Managed projects and led development teams. Deployed HW and SW, developed applications, solutions, and products. Responsible for project execution, risk management, data center management, completion and documenting lessons learned. Also responsible for: Product management, Acceptance testing, Customer Relations/Vendor Relations, and Full life cycle requirements with emphasis on requirements analysis. Designed and implemented solutions consisting of LANs, VLANs, IP, WebEdge, Wireless Mobile Gateway (MAG), MMSC (Wireless Multimedia Messaging), and RichMail, Network Address Book, streaming video and performed Web application development. Implemented Microsoft Office Professional and MS SharePoint solutions. Deployed Optical Networks and associated equipment including: SONET, SDH, ATM, Fiber optics transport and switches, ON-Center, CSM, CTM, INM, MSM, SLM, TNM, MetroDirector, K2, Metro-rings. Performed architecture and design. Managed projects for Network Management Automation and OSS support. Performed UNIX system deployment, configuration and maintenance. Also performed FMX rule development.

Confidential, (Jun. 2002 - Dec. 2004)
Project Manager Consultant.
Developed network management, OSS, database applications and statistical data analysis programs. Managed projects as well as performing numerous technical activities such as: Data warehousing using OLAP methods, Enterprise Data Warehousing, EDW, decision support, BI using Business Objects, Statistical counters and performance analysis, Network Performance and reporting, Capacity planning, network design, planning and Implementation, deployment and configuration of digital switches, technical requirements, coverage, capacity and features.
Confidential, (Nov. 2001 - May 2002)
Project Manager Customer Support.
Deployed Point of Sale Systems (POS Systems). Managed full life cycle projects and well as performing numerous technical activities in support of the deployments. Worked with Trusted Delivery Layer (TDL) SSL, Bar-Code scanners, Bar-Code printers, and receipt printers. Developed and configured wireless and wire-line credit card processing, ID verification devices, and sales transactions. Managed projects for Power Transmission and Distribution systems using Arresters, Surge Protectors and Switchgear. Performed PLC Automation system design and implementation. Deployed Cable-TV and Satellite TV communications systems.

Confidential, (Oct. 2000 - Oct. 2001)
Director of Operations
Developed e911 wireless location solution. Developed network management (NMS). Led the operations department. Managed projects and performed technical activities. Responsible for system management solutions. Developed embedded software/HW, agents, protocols, interfaces. Performed business development and market evaluation activities. Provided product recommendations, implementation, functional requirement, change control, produced technical documentation, and provided customer service. Other responsibilities included: Vendor relations, negotiations and agreements. Developed Wireless air-interfaces, protocols, ANSI 41-D, ANSI 136 and GSM 05.xx. RF planning, propagation, creating RFPs/ RFIs, producing technical sales documents, and providing sales support. Developed UNIX software and mission critical software for avionics and military applications. Developed mission critical compilers and real-time embedded software. Software was testing, quality control, QC, quality assurance, QA, and quality planning.

Confidential, (Oct. 1996 - Oct. 2000)
Manager of OSS & Network Performance
Developed software applications and web applications for wireless (GSM) network management and implemented performance analysis and optimization. Managed the OSS department consisting of system administrators, application support engineers and SW developers. RF, Trunking, switching, signaling, software development, data center management, operations support systems (OSS), network management, (NMS), Enterprise Data Warehousing, EDW, decision support, BI, Business Objects, performance monitoring, maintenance, UNIX, client/server, windows NT, workstations, implementation, functional requirement analysis, Microsoft Office Professional, technical documentation, change control, standard operations procedures (SOP). Process development and process management, Developed of network management applications, FM (Fault Management), CM (Configuration Management), AM (Accounting Management), PM (Performance management), SM (Security Management), SS7 (Signaling System 7)

Confidential, (Oct. 1990 - Sep. 1996)
Wireless Networks Project Manager/Engineer
Planned and deployed a GSM cellular wireless network. Managed projects of GSM (PCS) wireless networks build-out. Managed project and performed numerous hands-on technical tasks in support of the project. Responsible for network design, planning and implementation. Deployed digital switches, HLRs, SMSCs, HLRs. Technical requirements, coverage, capacity and features. Wireless standardization with ETSI (GSM & UMTS). Dimensioning of the mobile switching centers (MSCs) and base station controllers (BSCs). Traffic engineering. Design and dimensioning of SS7 network. Cost analysis and budget. Planning and realization of network expansions within budget constraints.

Military Service
Air Force, Pilots Training, Avionics and Communications.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Computer and RF Engineering
  • Project Management Professional
  • PMP Certification,PMP Certified
  • Situational Leadership
  • Email Mx, MMSC, Directories and LDAP, OVM, Notification Server, Webedge Deployment
  • UNIX/Solaris Administration
  • Ericsson AXE/OSS/TMOS (Operations Support Systems), GSM, Intelligent Network Training
  • Optical Networks, SDH, ATM, SONET, ON-Center, MetroDirector, K2
  • Trouble Ticketing Management
  • Business Objects: Developer's training, Decision Support & Performance Management
  • Metrica NPR, Watchmark Prospect User's and Developer's training
  • NWV7 User's and Developer's training
  • Signaling System 7: Complete training by Norwegian Telecom's learning center

English, Spanish, Danish, Hebrew, Italian. (Some Swedish, Norwegian, French)

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