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Project Engineer Resume

Bridgeport, CT


Seeking to obtain a position where my diverse technical and management skills contribute to success and growth of organization. I am willing to work in a new challenging job that I can continue developing my engineering skills and learn new technology and engineering aplications.


Goal-oriented professional and recent Master of Technology Management graduate student with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Effective critical thinking, organizational and planning experience. Strong work ethic with demonstrated success in both teamwork and individual situations.

Master of Science in Technology Management
Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Undergrad Project

  • My undergrad project was on production of N-Butyl cyanoacrylate.In this project I did material and energy balance of manufacturing process of n-butyl cyanoacrylate for reactor, stripper, azeotropic distillation, filtration unit, depolymerizer, and final distillation based on production rate of 18.23 kg/hr.
  • I designed jacketed reactor and heat exchanger based on temperature and pressure data. I also did instrumentation, environment aspect and cost estimation of whole plant.

Confidential, Project-

  • By using fundamentals concept of heat and mass transfer and with application of CAD,I developed model for design of single & multiple effect evaporator. In this project I used Duhring’s rule and Boiling Point Elevation method to determine performance measures of evaporator which includes Capacity, Economy and Steam Consumption.

Research and Analytical Experience (M.S. Technology Management)

  • Presented term paper on improving efficiency of heat exchanger by using nanoparticles of Al2O3 and TiO2 in base fluid. Compared different techniques of increasing heat transfer coefficient and thermal conductivity by increasing turbulence and heat transfer area, baffle design with nanofluid.
  • Researched and presented project on “Power Generation from Residual Industrial Heat” that consists of various ways to recover essential energy includes heat exchanger with heat pipes, ecoflow system, Nanoprane membrane technology, Heat recuperators, Recovery of low grade thermal energy into high grade by rankine cycle using different fluids and power generation potential of these fluids based on temperature parameter.
  • Fuel cell analysis-Examined effect of oxygen concentration on fuel cell performance, over voltage through Electrochemical spectra, Efficiency of solar panel, effect of solar cell layers thickness on its performance.
  • I worked on different energy projects in which I utilized energy consumption models of residential boiler and furnace provided by U.S. Department of Energy. My object was estimation of energy savings and life cycle cost analysis for replacing oil fired furnaces and boilers with dual fuel furnaces or boilers in residential as well a commercial sectors in new England area of Connecticut.(Behalf of Santa Energy,CT,USA)
  • I have developed analytical model of degree day analysis for the behalf of Santa Energy, CT, USA. By using this model I could able to compare energy consumption of old system with new energy efficient system and able to predict future energy consumption based on weather data. I also compared energy consumption with different temperature controls like on/off outdoor reset and PID control.

Independent study
Prepared case study on Japan Nuclear crisis 2011.Conducted study on energy policy in Japan, Fukushima Nuclear power plant structure, Dispersion of radioactive release in atmosphere, radioactive contamination, things to be improved in modern nuclear power plant with earthquake as major factor.

  • Prepared OSHA guidelines for Connecticut Boating Club which conducts detail study of floating structure in sea. Primary object of study is to provide safety guidelines in compliance with OSHA safety measures for constructing boating house.

Master Project: (Energy Audit and Energy Management)
I have done Master project on recent approaches and various methods to utilize energy used in the residential building. The two storey residential building situated in Trumbull, CT(USA) ,was audited and according to Lumen method, Annual Energy Consumption Method and OTTV(Overall Thermal

  • Transfer Value) energy savings measures have calculated. A building model is developed and different energy efficient criteria is described for lighting system, heating and cooling system, building envelope and HVAC system.
  • Analyzed amount of insulation needed for the building and determined heat loss coefficient after and before insulation, savings and payback period of insulation. I have implemented lumen method for calculating number of tubes required based on area of building and determined energy savings measures with CFLs, LEDs and Incandescent lamp. I have calculated daylight factor based on ideal widow area concept to reduce energy consumption by utilizing daylight.

Industrial Experience:

Assistant Project Engineer Intern: Confidential, Bridgeport, CT. June 2011 to November 2011


  • Support proposal activities
  • Visit project sites
  • Evaluate systems
  • Collect pertinent design data for proposals
  • Gas piping sizing and layout
  • Fresh air requirements
  • Venting requirements
  • New equipment sizing, placement and erecting
  • Demolition
  • Electrical supply and control requirements
  • Participate actively in developing solution options
  • Collect, compile material, labor and subcontractor estimates
  • Create estimates, and proposal documents
  • Support project management activities
  • Create detailed project schedules, budgets, material and manpower plans, and deliverables
  • Create layouts, detailed parts lists and sketches of design details
  • Order parts, manage purchase orders, vendor inputs and subcontractor scheduling
  • Schedule and support daily project work activity
  • Utilize MS Project to track schedule and cost performance
  • Develop new productivity tools to help grow the business
  • Support evaluation and selection of software productivity tools for design, product development and management activities
  • Business development activities
  • Support the development of new business opportunities

Shift/Process Engineer:Confidential ,Surat, India, March3008toMay 2009.


  • Check routine operation of fermentation,distilation and effluent treatment plant.
  • Improving efficiency by increase maximum yield of process by best use of man,material and machine and maintenance of equipment, ensure economical start up and shut down of plant.
  • To coordinate with production, maintenance and instrumentation department form troubleshooting of the process.
  • Generate overall production report of plants including raw material consumed and amount of final product.

Trainee Engineer Intern: Confidential,Surat,India (May 2007-July 2007)

  • Evaluate production performance and first hand experience with manufacturing process control, quality control, and packaging and distribution of Diphenyl Ethers and Phenylene Diamines,
  • Develop heat and mass balance for glass line reactor, M.S and S.S reactor, crystallizer, distillation with sulzer type packing, solvent recovery unit, rotary vacuum dryer and filter press.
  • Work with cross functional team in the design and implementation of chemical processing equipment.
  • Coordinate activity with Utilities that involve boiler, chilling plant and hot oil circulation unit.

Computer & Software skills:

  • Energy plus & eQuest Successfully done load calculation and energy analysis by Energy plus and eQuest software provided by U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Have ability to determine life cycle cost analysis of heating and cooling equipment with the help of LCC analysis software provided by U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Proficient in Written and Spoken English
  • Proficient in CAD, Labview(National Instruments), Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project Management 2010.

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