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Project Manager / Client Advocate Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Process Development
  • Team Motivator
  • Relationship Building
  • Instructional Documentation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Project Manager / Client Advocate


  • Articulates and drives toward clear financial and other project goals.
  • Primary liaison for exchange and distribution of information between the clients and Confidential Healthcare System.
  • Maintains clear visibility to contracted vs actual hours + estimate to complete. Clear management to the contracted hours. Clear understanding of non - billable hours incurred; and effective management to eliminate any non-billable hours.
  • Sets, resets, and manages customer expectations.
  • Clearly and proactively identify, project risks and institute meaningful risk management campaigns to mitigate the risks.
  • Consistently completes project status and reporting externally (written and meetings).
  • Able to work with the Regional Vice President to effectively and appropriately define project scope, hours, deliverables and requirements.
  • Ensures close linkage between sales expectations and project management.
  • Manage client expectations, provide issue escalation pathways and document and manage all client issues.
  • Uses and adapts current Confidential project disciplines and tools.
  • Communicates effectively to internal management.
  • Consistently completes project status and reporting internally (written and meetings).
  • Uses a rigorous risk identification and mitigation process on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensures that risk considerations are incorporated into project schedules.
  • Demonstrates project control internally through disciplined measurement, assessment, planning, and reporting.
  • Develops project plan, defining/documenting resources, skill requirements, project charter, milestones and metrics per Confidential standard methods and practices and the customer’s contractual agreement.
  • Proactively identifies, manages, and communicates scope changes

Confidential, Smithtown, NY

E-Commerce Business Planning / Process Development


  • E-Commerce Business Planning - Developed a plan of action for the marketing, sales and service of aftermarket auto parts sold over the internet.
  • Process Development - Developed and implemented customer service department best practices and policy.
  • Improved many aspects of the business by cutting costs and implementing efficiencies to increase productivity and generate more sales revenue

Confidential, New York, NY / Jersey City, NJ

Release Management Team Project Manager / Implementation Specialist


  • Develop project plans, manage and plan project life cycle, set and deliver project milestones, work with and motivate technical resource teams, track and report metrics to upper management for the assorted cross-functional projects associated with Confidential hedge fund products and technology division.
  • Work with development, QA team, application support, software delivery, and customer support to coordinate and deploy Confidential ’s new version trading system software upgrades and software patches to Confidential hedge fund clients around the globe. Use of Agile methods was heavily promoted.
  • Work with System Architects, System Administrators, Database Administrators, Autosys, WAN and Connectivity teams to develop, schedule, report, and to execute Data Center migrations for Confidential ’s client and Market Data Infrastructures.
  • Creation and management of a standardized and scalable model to onboard new clients for Confidential . Metrics showed nearly a 40% increase in set-up efficiency, and reduced execution time as well as improving customer satisfaction. I co-managed the project to institute and deploy a new change management process and tool globally for Confidential using the best practices for the ITIL / Agile methodologies. I created an automated process for runbook and documentation data entry that improved accuracy and cut the preparation time by nearly 80%, thus enabling the release team to rollout and upgrade more clients per day as well as saving Confidential costs by reducing the project timeline.
  • Creation of instructional documentation to be used by technicians and client end users for installation and trouble shooting of Confidential products. Simplifying Confidential installation documents so that the “non technical” end-user could install the software, saving costs by reducing the necessity to send Confidential technicians to the client site.
  • Unix, Sybase, AppStream, CA Service Desk, Clarity, VMware, Oracle, Mercury WinRunner, MS Project, MS Visio, MS Access, MS Excel, TSR, Perl.

Confidential, Melville / Jericho, NY

Project Manager / Implementation Specialist


  • Project planning - Work with the project team to develop a road map to implement the requested task as required by the customer. Held meetings to detail individual team function, such as procurement, vendors, technical resource team, software developers, logistics, schedulers, implementers, and customer liaisons, etc, to determine scope, process, and implementation of said project.
  • Cost analysis - Work with project team using the DOU, budget and project scope as a guide. Focus on reduction of costs driven and controlled by the efficiency of the deployment. These determinations are made based on necessary hardware, software, resource, project length, and management costs. I would monitor costs both fixed and variable by analyzing different matrixes to maximize task efficiencies, to keep the given project within budget. Escalate if necessary.
  • Process development - Work with project team and technical resource team to create new or implement proven methods of deployment or process as needed by the project.
  • Risk analysis - Work with project team to determine both negative and positive impacts of a given task. The project team members during the planning sessions and pilot stages develop various “what if” scenarios as a form of gap analysis for their given aspect of the project. The negatives are focused on and weighed against the positives where a modification of process is created to eliminate or minimize impact (risk to project or customer) to acceptable levels.
  • Coordination of resources - Work with project team to Determine a reasonable number, and cost (time), of technical field representatives for a given task. Based on degree of difficulty, assign the most efficient head count for the task. Logistics of technicians, and scheduling (so not to conflict with other projects), work with time at site and travel time, to keep these costs within budget. Insure that technicians arrive on site on time.
  • Implementing policy - Once process is developed, the policies of the project are to be communicated and acted upon by the teams working on the project. The responsibility for the implementation of these policies is the lead coordinator of the project.
  • Preparing or approving instructional documentation - Working closely with the project team, instructional documentation is prepared by technical support groups, and (or) the individual teams who have input to the process. In many cases these documents are merged into 1 logical technical document approved by the lead coordinators or myself.
  • Troubleshooting problems - Created and managed the “known issues” database that is commonly used during projects. Working with support teams we find problems that come up in the field during a task, and resolve them, note them, and tweak process (if possible) to eliminate these in the future.
  • Coordination of disaster / recovery efforts – Work with customer and emergency project team to relocate networks, hardware, and employees to functional locations in the shortest amount of time. These activities generally require round the clock efforts by the teams involved. (an example of this was the relocation of 500+ Merrill Lynch employees to remote locations around the NY area during September of 2001. Over 500 workstations were transported, found repaired and imaged for market open 4 days later).
  • Monitor and tracking of installations and / or upgrades until completion – Responsibility for resource coverage, punctuality, timely completion as well as revisits for non-completed tasks and escalations. Reporting status to upper management, customer and billing. Creating the final reports and closing of the project.
  • Lotus Notes, VMware, XPoint Rapid Restore, UNIX, Remedy, MS Project, MS Visio, MS Access, MS Excel, Confidential CLAIM, Confidential PROFS, Confidential DPU.
  • Windows, Confidential OS2, Bloomberg, Quotron, Reuters Plus, Trusted Global Advisors, ML Thomson Wealth Management Technology Platform.

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