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Senior Technical Program Manager -it Pmo Resume

Pleasanton, CA


  • A creative and awards - winning seasoned Project Manager with excelled in, high-tech Cloud Services Discovery, Cloud Migration, Cloud/VM Deployment & Analytics, Innovation, IT SAP, .Net Apps Delivery, R&D, Engineering Software SDLC, HW Mfg., Agile Scrum and delivery steeped in many Complex/critical product development/industries and Retail/CPG, IT landscape . Understanding, trustable, collaborative, dependable individual with excellent sense of teamwork to get results on time .


  • Cloud Migration, Discovery and Deployment Project Management (AWS/Azure/Hybrid).
  • Portfolio Management (IT & Engineering) . Change Management
  • Program,Resource,Product Management (IT & Engineering) . Agile Transformation
  • Finance/Budget Planning & Management . SDLC, Analytics and Data Science


Portfolio & Program Needs: Understand how program & project needs and priorities translate into systematic planning of a portfolio of projects and organize them for execution. Set expectations with key stakeholders.

Financial Planning: Developed budget plans for Yearly, Quarterly and also for Portfolio, Program, Project

Organize Teams: ID team members in a highly matrixed structure and create clear accountabilities for project dependencies/deliverables. Manage risks by ensuring team skills and contingency plans.

Project Plans: Develop detailed project plans to address delivery and release needs, including development, training, release, and change management. Provide realistic time & cost estimates.

Innovate: Learn from each delivered project and translate that learning into continuously improving project management processes. Streamline routine processes to save leadership effort and time.

Deliver Results: Once a technology/product roadmap is in place organize resources and build a robust plan of action to execute. Establish clear dashboards to communicate and deliver results


Portfolio/Finance Planning: ServiceNow, APPTIO, IBM Replir & RecPRO.

Tools: MS Projects, JIRA, ClearCase, CVS, Kanban, EV, Jenkins, Confluence, Google Docs

Languages/BigData: C,C++, Java, Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, MongoDB, Scoop, R, Tableau, Logstash, Kibana.

OSs/VM/Cloud: Linux, Kernel, VMware, VM Xen, Cisco IOS, Unix BSD, IPOSNetworking: Cisco Routing Protocols, RIP, BGP, OpenStack Neutron Plugins, vRP, LTE 4G/5G

Network Platforms: Cisco Wireless, SSR/SE, PaaS, IaaS, NVF vRP, Virtualization, Cloud, AWS IoT


Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

Senior Technical Program Manager -IT PMO


  • Infrastructure - VMware deployment and Upgrade, VoIP Transformation for Head Quarter, Network Switch Installation and Upgrade, Network Audio/Video conf Discovery & Migration. Cisco UCS.
  • Cloud Migration: Local server to MS Azure, Lotus PPM to Cloud Net/SharePoint apps, Private cloud migration to Hybrid Cloud Discovery.
  • SaaS platform projects: APPTIO for Finance, ServiceNow for PPM, Product Planning, Box.
  • BI/Big Data project: Master Data Management (MDM) SAP, Data Centralizatio n OBIEE, Hadoop.
  • SAP Projects- FICO, APO, PSO, OTC, Security.
  • Managing over 46 resources. Leading matrixed teams across four countries. Managing external vendors and partners. Also managed teams from multiple geolocation including onshore and off-shore.
  • Overseeing IT budget of over 3Millions

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Technical Program Manager


  • Manag ed major projects in Software PaaS/NFV/ OpenStack Virtualization/Cloud services through its release cycle, with responsibility for the entire project life cycle (leading matrixed teams across four countries).
  • Confidential Virtualized Router Gr. division (EVR) was formed to address the new market, the development team was quickly flooded with 30 feature request, with dependencies across six divisions from four geo-locations.
  • Planned 30 feature request in to multiple projects and organized projects after securing management and finance approval. Collaborated with all the teams and quickly resolved the issues and risks. Transformation from waterfall to Agile scrum model. In the first Phase, five projects were delivered on time include Cloud based Installing, ETL to Cloud data migration, Elastic Cloud and few even before the deadline with high quality.
  • Cloud Service: Migration to AWS for hybrid cloud solution and Big data analytics.
  • Confidential internal/external software releases suffered from delays and severe productivity problems. Resolved 21 days of release delays impacting 700+ engineers.
  • Took charge and proposed a 24/7 op., changed the process, formed a new Release team 8, Introduced Analytics, Published training materials, created dashboard, updated stakeholders daily and reported regular progress in executive meetings. Within a month, the internal releases came down from 21days to four, and in three months it came down to 24 hours, a first at Confidential . The Release Management team received Kudos.
  • The explosive growth of the mobile market resulted in the telcos requiring additional service features. but the current Route Processor (RP) already maxed out it capacity.
  • Proposed interim beefing-up of the current RP version with twice the memory (64GB) to meet current market needs, as the new designs continue. Got the plan approved and led a team (of 12) across different areas to complete HW/SW development, test, and qualify the design for the telcos ’ needs. Saving nearly a year before the release (GA) enable to capture fresh $250M/Yr. in revenues .
  • To increase the engineering productivity, effective utilization of time and counter the cost growths.
  • Proposed two projects to reduce the engineers ’ time on customer problems. I ncreased the overall productivity by 30% per engineer and cost savings of over $3M/Yr.
  • Handled all the customer P1/P2 and Red Alert cases for platform software group.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Technical Project Manager


  • Core Engineering Technical Project Leader, to plan and lead the projects for a team from Concept & Execution planning, Software design, development and testing.
  • To counter the escalating costs of Cisco ’s HA platform, proposed a plan to replace four cards with one high-end line card and control the service needed for lower-to higher-end market using software licensing.
  • This reduced costs by 75% without service impact. This breakthrough increased Y-Y sales 35%. Cisco ’s HA platforms and solutions are now market leaders.
  • When constant management changes threatened critical projects, assumed charge of the entire team (14 Eng.), incl., India team, providing technical leadership.
  • Result: released ALL projects on time.
  • Led a team of seven to address the entire feature set (38 features) in the existing Cisco IPC protocol simplifying it. This plan saved Cisco millions of dollars .
  • Spearheaded redesign of existing Cisco IPC control-plane protocol to run on all POSIX supported OSs and others with minimal changes, which became projects ’ backbone, making Cisco products even more attractive in many apps previously ignored by customers.
  • Developed a framework to measure and monitor the boot-up/initialization time.
  • This helped release team to bring back the MTR to acceptable levels, teaming with component teams.
  • Created an innovative tool for testing component in isolation using API interception, enabling the developer/tester to test component from unit test, functional test, negative test, and also for 100% code coverage, accelerating overall development across all development teams throughout project.

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