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Scrum And Enterprise Pmo Leader, Agile Coach Resume


  • Successful evangelist with extensive background in the hands - on leadership and delivery of strategic technology-enabled initiatives. Balance agile leadership and program management to help software development teams build and deliver solutions more efficiently. Diversified experience in Pharma, Insurance, Healthcare and Capital Markets.
  • Certified Scrum Master, certified PMP, certified Product Owner, certified SAFe 4.0 Program Consultant (SPC) delivering large SDLC projects on time and on budget by collaborating, facilitating, leading multiple scrum teams. Scrum evangelist, expert at driving the adoption and enforcement of scrum, removing impediments, fostering self-management.
  • Hands-on knowledge and experience in relevant agile tools such as Rally, Version One, AgileCraft, LeanKit, JIRA-Agile.
  • Knowledge of TDD, ATDD and BDD practices with relevant tools/frameworks such as JUnit, Selenium, Appium, RSpec,
  • Knowledge of DevOps capabilities such as Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD), Automated Testing etc


Project management, planning and execution, SDLC, Scrum, Agile and waterfall, ITIL framework, PMO and governance standards, Budgeting and resource planning. Strong background in definition, execution and management of all aspects of software development(SDLC).


Hadoop: HDFS, hive, HBase, Oozie, Pig, zookeeper, Sqoop, Flume, Hue, Mesos, Yarn, using MapR, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Pivotal, data lake etc.

Containers/PaaS: Docker, Puppet, Chef, Heroku

Cloud Computing: Hortonworks Data Cloud, AWS using VPC, EC2, S3, EMR, RDS, Cloudwatch, Cloudformation, Lambda, Kinesis, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL database, HDInsight, StorSimple, Azure machine learning, Azure PaaS

Financial Software: TSA(Trading Solutions Architecture), OMS, EMS, DMA, Algorithmic trading, HFT and CEP Data Science, text analytics and NLP

Implementation of various algorithms: Random forests, SVM, SVD, K-clustering, LDA, Naïve Bayes, semantics, ontology, Ensembles, dimensionality reduction, Lexalytics, Provalis, R, R studio, Revolution R, Azure machine learning, tensorflow, MLlib, Data Lake analytics

Realtime Analytics: Storm with Trident, Spark Streaming, Flink

Search engines: Solr, ElasticSearch, Lucene

Columnar Databases and visualization tools: Vertica, Greenplum, MongoDB, Redshift, Cassandra, Tableau, Pentaho, Qlikview, Datameer, Platfora, SAS, Oracle, Sybase, SQL

Messaging: Tibco, MQ Series, Webmethods, SeeBeyond, JMS, Kafka, Kinesis

Java methodologies: Core Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, LDAP, SOA, SOAP, Jenkins, Nginx

Languages: K, R, Java, C++, VB, XML, C#, UML, C, SQL, MatLab

MDM: Informatica-Siperian, IBM-Infosphere, Talend, Oracle

Data Governance: Collibra, Pentaho, Oracle

Data Quality, lineage: Adaptive, trillium, miosoft, redport, informatica

Data Integration: Miosoft, IBM, informatica, SAS, trillium, atacamma, talend

Architecture /services: TOGAF, Zachman, EA, SOA, CostXpert, grid computing, SaaS, Cloud computing

Business Modeling: Provision, ARIS, Bwise, Fuego, Rational, RUP, RSA, UML, TogetherSoft, Requisite Pro

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, RUP, CMMi, Waterfall, OOM, SOA, SDLC

Team collaboration: Jira, Confluence, bitbucket, bamboo, rally, Jenkins, github, trello



Scrum and Enterprise PMO Leader, Agile coach


  • Spearhead the strategic business and technology enterprise data management initiatives for life, group and individual insurance programs. Lead the EDO PMO working with business, IT stake holders.
  • Work with executive leaders across the firm at the portfolio level providing guidance around facilitating and leading a lean agile transformation specific to scrum, SAFe, lean and Kanban.
  • Act as an agile coach, concentrating on developing execution leaders (RTE and Scrum Masters) and closely partnering with the product manager & IT delivery owner to guide one agile release train.
  • Maintain excellent communication with all levels of management both within and across organizations to ensure smooth running of all projects. Plan the plan-manage budget, time and resource constraints, work with vendors for delivery.
  • Guide the teams on feature estimation, release planning, iteration tracking, velocity building a Unified agile and devops platform. Perform backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity, and task definition.
  • As scrum master, arranged daily stand-up meetings, facilitate meetings, demo and decision-making processes.
  • Help product owner to make the product backlogs in good shape and make them ready for the next sprint.
  • Establish program level cadence and drive program level ceremonies (eg. PI planning, product management council, scrum of scrums, release train retrospectives, HIP sprint). Ambassador for Agile and sprint team/scrum digital delivery
  • Developed project plans, communication plans, risk management analysis, budget forecasting spreadsheets and custom reports. Responsible for maintenance of project plans, project deliverables, issue/risk/dependency management, supporting decision making around scope changes, and internal and external communication.
  • Drive continuous improvement by Inspect and Adapt workshops, continuous integration and continuous delivery(CI/CD), in devops by deploying code changes from dev to UAT to production.
  • Conducted scrum daily standup, product backlog, sprint planning, sprint review & sprint retrospective meetings.
  • Built the SAFe framework with core values, lean agile mindset and SAFe principles. Determined the team capacity (velocity) from historical data. Created Work Break down structure (user stories) and corresponding activities (tasks).
  • Assist with economic decision making by facilitating feature and capability estimation and roll-up to value stream level.
  • Worked with senior management, business & release management to understand the vision of the product, prioritize and develop software release planning.


Executive Director, Enterprise PMO, Agile Coach


  • Servant leader for a team of 5 Agile Coaches, program consultants, release train engineers and scrum masters that are experts in agile frameworks and software engineering practices. Responsible for facilitating the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Agile Release Train (ART) processes and program execution, escalate impediments, manage risk, and drive program-level continuous improvement.
  • Facilitated release planning, sprint planning, sprint ceremonies, PI planning. pre and post PI planning at Confidential level, I&A.
  • Help define PI objectives, ART framework for Big data implementation. Work closely for business value stream mapping, investment theme prioritization and governance as well as insight into Continuous Integration/Continuous Development.
  • Facilitated team and cross-team retrospectives to build good working relationships among 7 agile teams across 3 states.
  • Successfully guided three development teams through transition from waterfall to Agile development. Led the change to enterprise strategy and established enterprise value flow using SAFe.
  • As scrum master, coach the team, facilitate sprint ceremonies, work with other product owners to drive the definition and refinement of the program backlog. Increase team transparency and effectively track their progress by leveraging burn downs/burn ups charts & metrics.
  • Lead the cloud go-live initiative with methodology, requirements, risk register, project activities, performance, risks and issues, perform analysis of variances against plan and take appropriate corrective actions as needed.
  • Coached team members on agile processes and facilitated planning meetings and retrospectives. Maintained task board and produced daily burndown charts. Initialize the scrum with Kanban charts framework.
  • Leveraged the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 3.0 and 4.0 to drive agile delivery within the release train.
  • Worked closely with Product Owners, coordinating product backlog grooming and story estimation.
  • Collaborated with members of the Product, Business and Engineering Teams to develop and maintain product backlogs.


Scrum Master/RTE and Project manager


  • Lead the datawarehouse, BI and reporting and big data - data lake for patient analysis.
  • Built a reporting and analytics models for daily reporting of drugs sales among oncology and immunology patients.
  • Spearhead creation of datalake on a historical cohort of real-world patients previously diagnosed with cancer.
  • Lead the analysis, diagnostic and predictive modeling for the various medicine datasets to understand the outcomes of different patient subtypes and treatment regimens.
  • Helped to analyze how different biomarker alterations and different treatment patterns affect clinical outcomes in the real world and support critical drug development decisions.
  • Facilitate the definition, management and negotiation of project scope and scope change controls between the project team and key business stakeholders for assigned projects. Work with offshore vendors for project deliverables.
  • Work directly with the Product Owner/Proxy for backlog management and prioritization for Scrum teams.
  • Tracks and resolves project issues/impediments and team conflicts. Facilitate escalation of issues un-resolvable by the project team to the appropriate business or IT sponsor and track to successful completion. Identify, and ensure risks are mitigated and create risk register, contingency planning.
  • Deliver strategies for operations, project deliverables, milestones, recruitment, scope, best practices, maturity roadmap managing business expectations and responsibilities.
  • Facilitate SAFe, Agile Release Train (ART) processes and program execution, escalate impediments, manage risk, and help drive program-level continuous improvement. Responsible for facilitating program level work within the SAFe framework. Collaborate, facilitate, lead scrum teams responsible for developing products. Build requirements and stories for the development team. Facilitate scrum ceremonies (grooming, sprint planning, retrospectives, daily stand-ups, etc.)
  • Responsible for program assessment, recommendations, suggestions, areas of improvement, audit and assurance. Define IT financial metrics, budget analysis and service delivery functions. Lead business processes and technology transformation. Define GODEM, maturity road map and risk mitigation strategy and change management processes.
  • Deliver strategies for operations, project deliverables, milestones, recruitment, scope, best practices, maturity roadmap managing business expectations and responsibilities.
  • As agile coach, facilitate PI planning, PI objectives and program objectives. Lead 3 ARTs for value stream.
  • Aggregate team PI and program PI objectives into value stream PI objectives.
  • Help RTE's, scrum masters and PM on highly distributed teams leading Agile/Scrum adoption for software delivery.
  • Enact change and continuous improvement increasing the productivity of scrum teams by 16% and the quality of deliverables by 22%.
  • Cross-functional project execution leadership including (but not limited to) concept discussion, program execution, pilot trials and product delivery.


Sr. Project Manager /Scrum Master /Agile Coach


  • Big data analytics for drug replacement and expiry options. Lead team to build models for predicting purchase orders, supplier delivery performance, inventory sales history, product substitution rules etc.
  • Determine the chemical compounds replaced and build a NoSQL DB for all the molecules and elements.
  • Carry out data analysis for all the substitutes and the average shelf delivery life. Analysis for the drug recommended, time on shelf and expiration.
  • Lead a BI program which leveraged data insights to understand retail chain customer segmentation and then use data analytics for distribution strategies, margins and profitability analysis.
  • Spearhead program for data analysis and BI reports from various sources: call center, customer survey, sales visit, sales programs, syndicated data and social media for individual customer behavior insights.
  • Carry out analytics to evaluate efficacy of existing sales programs and cross-sell-upsell other more profitable programs.
  • Managed team relationships, coached and supported the program manager to be the Product Owner. identified and resolved impediments, tracked progress, worked with Product Owner to groom the product backlog, facilitated release planning, coached teams on agile practices, delivered high quality tested software with Agile teams.
  • Developed and followed agile project management plan (agile ceremonies). Facilitated build requirements log (product backlog) with cost estimates and priority.
  • As scrum master, determined the team capacity (velocity) from historical data. Created work breakdown structure (user stories) and tasks, sprint planning, daily scrums, grooming of backlog, retrospectives, managing burn downs.
  • Drive program-level continuous improvement via retrospectives, inspect and adapt workshops and constant maturity of Kaizen.
  • Drove adoption of Agile and Lean software development methodologies (scrum and Kanban practices) across teams.
  • Coach and counseled teams to translate customer and organizational objectives and critical success factors into actionable business, organization and technology strategies.


Project Manager and Scrum Master


  • Organized and facilitated sprint planning, daily stand-up meetings, reviews, retrospectives, release planning, demos and other scrum-related meetings.
  • Created clear and concise epics/stories working with product owner/PM on artifacts as Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Sprint Burndown, Release Burndown alongwith vendor management.
  • Coordinated and participated in weekly estimation meetings to provide high-level estimates (story points) for backlog items
  • Led team designing and re-engineering business processes for derivatives to ensure optimal process between US, UK, Singapore, Swiss, Pune systems and their cross-dependent streams. Expected to result in savings of $20 mm.
  • Create product backlog and burndown charts to monitor and measure project success metrics and identify/mitigate risks.
  • Implement agile project management principles and methodologies by leading requirements gathering sessions, sprint planning, product backlog grooming, level of effort and estimation sessions, and lessons learned / sprint reviews.
  • Developed weekly reports and summaries for the executive leadership team, and interfaced with all levels of senior leadership within the organization.

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