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Project Engineer Resume


  • EXPERIENCED MANAGER directing and guiding team members. Reputation for exceptional leadership in managing projects, people, and processes. Ability to establish rapport and build collaboration at all levels. Experienced in recruiting candidates, mentoring professionals, and supporting on - going career development. Successful record of team building and performance management.
  • EXPERTISE IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND ANALYSIS, with extraordinary problem-solving skills. Proven ability to coordinate multiple projects in fast-paced environment, under high pressure, changing priorities, and tight deadlines. Demonstrated record of leading project teams to meet all customer specifications and expectations.
  • RECOGNIZED FOR EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATIONS AND RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. Adept at achieving performance objective, with talent for influencing, motivating, and displaying organizational acumen within teams at all levels. Outstanding communication and technical writing skill, with experience creating highly effective proposals. History of preparing and conducting effective presentations and demonstrations to executives and decision makers.


Hardware: Desktops, notebooks, UNIX and Window Servers, routers, hubs, and printers

Languages: C, C++, HTML

Platforms: UNIX (Sun, HP), Windows 7, Linux

Software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), Project, Visio

Networking: TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, IDSN, and VPN


Project Engineer



  • Served as the government’s focal point for the Quality Control and transition of the Washington Headquarter Services (WHS) BRAC #133 Mark Center’s data network and transport for all classification levels, and 12 systems supporting 6,000 DoD personnel.
  • Ensured Telecommunication Architecture for the Mark Center program was defined to support current needs of Confidential . Reviewed Network Logical Designs and Engineering Implementation Plans (EIPs). Recommended approval/disapproval of designs/plans to the government.
  • Performed quality control test/inspections on installation on Confidential ’s Consolidated Server Rooms, Communication Systems and Telecommunication Rooms. Developed, coordinated and staffed 110 Transition Agreements to the Headquarters Department of the Army for acceptance and signature.
  • Briefed senior department officials on architecture issues, IT solutions, and resource management. Represented the ITA organization on working groups and meetings to ensure requirements were documented and incorporated into the program.
  • Responsible for management and execution of all projects on the 844th program. This included processing approximately 800 simultaneous requirements and closing 3500+ requirements over a 5-month period.
  • Coordinated and successfully moved the 4,500 844th Communication Group and Headquarters Air Force (HAF) personnel from Windows XP to Windows 7 operating system.

Deputy Program Manager\Sr OEM Confidential



  • Worked with the LM’s Proposal Team in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the ITA-ETM contract. Instrumental in winning the new ITA-ETM contract valued at $292M over 3 years.
  • Challenged with downsizing contract by 71 employees in order to meet new contract requirements and tasks was able to find new permanent assignments for 26 of the 31 LM employees affected.
  • Program Manager (PM) while on Personnel leave: Effectively led program (360 Staff) during PMs absent. Performed Program Manager and Senior Operations Engineer Manager’s roles concurrently, and met major objectives.
  • Delighted every customer (internal and external) with active engagement and partnering by anticipating needs, delivering flawlessly, collaboration, and focusing on their success factors. Consistently achieved a minimum of 95% customer satisfaction ratings by anticipating customer needs and taking personal responsibility for exceeding customer expectations.
  • Technology Management and Innovative Solutions; Negotiated 47% discount from network hardware vendor based on volume buying power.
  • Earned ISO 9001:2008 Certification; Using best practices based on the IT ITIL and ISO 9001:2008 framework, contract resources were coordinated to deliver NIPRNet and SIPRNet network availability of over 99.95%
  • Initiated Technology Roadmaps (TRM) for the program. Developed a technology roadmap and briefed customers. Provided new and convincing Technology Discriminators in the Network and VoIP areas.
  • Improved Staff Sourcing - Disposition candidates’ with-in 1 week. Made hiring decision (following qualified candidate interviews) within 1 week. Opened and managed staffing requirements for the program. Achieved zero lost revenue over a 12-month period.

Configuration Analysis\Transition Manager



  • Determined, monitored, and reviewed costs, operational budgets, schedules and manpower requirements. Monitored and analyzed effects of projects for the areas of Network Transition, Configuration Management, Power/Facility Management, Asset Management, and the labor pool to determine the most practical and cost-efficient methods to obtain the required resources.
  • Developed a change process that was recognized across the government agency. Worked with my team to develop the eRFC (Electronic Request for Change) form to track any changes that occur on the network. This development allowed staff to search on any change by the project number or change ticket.
  • Resolved problems and assessed the program against established plans and parameters.
  • Formulated and recommended corrective action measures such as schedule revisions, manpower adjustments, fund allocations and work requirements.
  • Ensured all projects were transitioned to Network Operations and met the required standards for transfer, regardless if they were internal or externally generated.
  • Ensured change orders were established; change authorization and documentation by company and subcontractor were prepared.
  • Ensured that customer requirements were implemented and reviewed change accounting activity to ensure compliance with configuration management policies.

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