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Program Management & Business Development Resume

Chantilly, VA


  • Over 17 years in internet services and technology from web development and performance testing to solution architecture, and enterprise services planning and integration. With ten years in program management and project management leading teams, guiding, directing, motivating and mentoring staff to enable success in delivery and support of Government and commercial clients.
  • Program management include: identification, categorization and prioritization of related projects through enterprise architecture capabilities, dependencies and redundancies analysis against mission goals, strategic objectives and urgent requirements (e.g, JCIDS - JUONs, IPLs); enterprise integration and modernization planning and oversight through solution architecture and analysis; orchestrating execution, resourcing and adjustments through IT portfolio management and performance analysis (Earned Value of cost, schedule and performance; risks and opportunities). Five years in agency program portfolio and oversight support at NGA, DOJ and DoD CIO and NASD. Program documentations produced: strategy, guidance, organization chart, architecture roadmap, integrated master schedule (IMS), charter, budget and expenditures, status and metrics reports, OMB exhibit 53 and 300 reports, interagency agreements.
  • Project management include: running multiple projects simultaneously; success in delivering application and infrastructure projects; full system development life cycle (SDLC) experience from small and fast commercial web projects at NASD or proof of concept projects for NIH and DoD CIO, to large and complex web services project at DHS. Project documentations produced: project management plan, risk management plan, configuration management plan, work breakdown structure, requirements traceability matrix, test plan, information assurance plan, statement of objectives, performance work statements, contract agreements, estimates and forecasts, risk register, performance assessments.
  • Applies proactive support based on fostering partnerships at all levels, to align cross organizational and cross agency deliveries that are complementary and provides greater enterprise efficiency and value. Experienced in integrating IT technologies and industry best practices with Government architecture, processes and initiatives in a multi-agency IT enterprise. Technologies include mobile applications, cloud solutions, large data, semantic web and SOA. Industry practices include: EVM, ERM, Agile / Scrum, ITIL, COBIT, PMI and CMMI. Leading architecture frameworks: TOGAF, FEA, DoDAF. Processes: CPIC, PPBE, JCIDS, Defense acquisition, compliance. Initiatives: ISE, IC ITE, DI2E, DCGS. Past clients: NGA, DOJ, DOD CIO, DHS ICE, NIH, NASA, NASD (FINRA). Excellent written, oral and presentation skills.


Project Management: - Microsoft Office suite, Access, Visio, Project, SharePoint, Project Server.

Enterprise Service Technologies: - Registration with UDDI & WSDL, access with SOAP, PKI, Widget via APIs.

Data Sharing & Semantics: - Enterprise taxonomy and discovery metadata tagging with XML schema, OWL, RDF.

Testing: - Automated performance testing of web services and portals with LoadRunner, WinRunner & Test Director.


Program Management & Business Development

Confidential, Chantilly, VA.


  • Lead a team of 4 on budgeting, strategic planning, program monitoring and control for the NSG Expeditionary Architecture (NEA) program. Provide expertise on enterprise and solution architecture, agile acquisition and project execution, prioritization and sustainment of IT capabilities, and TASC proposals and consulting.
  • Develop metric, collection and analysis to support the NGA’s performance based acquisition with business analytics for 1) application broker performance (marketing, negotiating, testing, vendor payments) and 2) application performance (downloads, usage, user feedback) for mobile, web and desktop.
  • Develop compensation model based on user demand (download, usage) for the NGA proposal to attract small business, academia & individual developers to sell mobile, web & desktop applications to the GEOINT app store.
  • Instrumental in the development and delivery of a winning proposal for TASC, Inc. in FY13 ($18m/yr base, 22 FTEs).
  • Help design the process and architecture to leverage Amazon Web Services for supporting iterative vendor app development sprints (API, tools, data), rapid Independent Verification & Verification testing, automated code scan.
  • Use Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tools and enterprise architecture to analyze, verify gaps, develop solutions and integration approaches within days, then expedite acquisition and manage deliveries that keep pace with the evolving CENTCOM mission in theater, from the Iraq surge & withdraw to Afghanistan troop buildup & transition.
  • Collaborate with modeling/simulation team and government communication infrastructure and data architects to deliver within one month the terrestrial fiber solution for affordable capacity on large theater data transfers (IC JARM layer 2). Resulting savings of over $30m/yr while expanding capacity up to 500x at theater end points (vs. satellite capacity).
  • Collaborate with the airborne and modeling/simulation teams and the senior NGA representative to the Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Task Force (ISR TF) to establish monthly theater data transfer and storage projection reports, which also help downstream processing, exploitation, dissemination (PED) and storage services planning.
  • Member of government solution team that delivered within 48 hours, the ISR PED proposal which was approved by Lt. Gen. Koziol (ISR TF) the next day. The NGA enterprise solution addressed the theater issue raised by the 2010 New York Times article “Military Is Awash in Data from Drones”. The team delivered over $140m of IT capabilities from that included: 3 deployed data centers; large data (petabytes) automation solution thru standardized data interfaces from multiple aerial video and imagery collection platforms; extract, transform & load (ETL) processing with metadata tagging (discoverable, accessible, usable).
  • Develop strategy presentations for NEA executives with architecture over-view (OV) that visually convey the vision and roadmap from establishing theater data centers in 2009 to the current evolution toward a shared community global enterprise through DoD and IC initiatives DI2E and IC ITE (trace DI2E cloud capability objectives to JARM layers).
  • Author of interagency agreement (form DD1144) between NGA and DISA for the transition of $64m per FY theater terrestrial communication sustainment - a saving to NGA and a gain for DISA (aligns with DISA’s DISN core business).
  • Author of executive presentations and OV graphics for NEA director briefing to flag officers and Congress, and draft NEA executive responses to Senate Arms Committee (SAC) and House Armed Services Committee (HASC).
  • In one month, applied DoDAF views (OV-5b; CV-7; SvcV3a,b) with trace to NGA Strategic objectives then prioritized over $200m of NEA IT investments that fund more than 30 programs delivering expeditionary capabilities.
  • From FY12 - FY13, extend capabilities based IT investment prioritization to include latest COCOM objectives gathered by the survey team to support the inclusion of over $56m capabilities into NGA’s base programs for sustainment.
  • Lead the NEA cross agency coordination for identifying enterprise IT dependencies and potential efficiencies, and for synchronizing initiatives within NGA and with DoD, IC and federal agency mission partners (POM narrative, Exhibit 53).

Project Manager / Architect

Confidential, Chantilly, VA.


  • Lead a team of 6 on the assessment and insertion of technology from academia and government research into the enterprise, and establishing the NGA Crisis Action Team (NCAT) process. Lead a team of 8 to expedite project deliveries in response to national security emergency requirements. Contribute to the creation of expeditionary architecture for providing tailored IT services to mission partners worldwide.
  • Within 3 months, develop technology insertion analysis process, tools and templates for evaluating government and academia IT solution candidates against agency capability gaps, and for integrating into the agency’s IT enterprise.
  • Within 1 month, implement the NCAT process (agile/Scrum) and establish the team to validate requirements with stakeholders, coordinate the integrated enterprise solutions, and expedite the project deliveries.
  • In 18 months, NCAT analyzed 166 requirements, implemented 93 requirements through over 30 programs and projects, expending over $260m.

Enterprise Architect / Manager,

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Responsible for leading the team of 4 on coordination and integration of infrastructure and information sharing services, and providing project planning and management, business process consulting to the DOJ Chief Architect.
  • In one month, integrate continual service improvement from ITIL and SOA considerations into the DOJ Shared Service Management Strategy, and help adjust the DOJ Infrastructure Strategy to support.
  • In three weeks, apply DOJ EA to IT investment management process to align program deliveries to strategic objectives.
  • Per direction of DOJ Chief Architect, deliver in one month, the “Modes of Delivery” concept to guide, govern, measure and commoditize services from DOJ programs. This concept is based on monitoring supply and demand per ITIL.
  • Produce, review and consolidate Exhibit 300 and 53 submissions from DOJ agencies (FBI, DEA, ATF, etc.) to ensure consistency with DOJ IT strategy and architecture, and help prioritize investments based on capabilities and value.
  • Identify potential information sharing capabilities from major agency programs and collaborate with the programs’ architects to implement standards based information sharing services and reduce costly proprietary interfaces.

Net-Centric Data Strategist / Program Oversight

Confidential, McLean, VA.


  • Responsible for advancing the Net-Centric data strategy and the data sharing policy and guidance. Serve as the DoD CIO net-centric technical representative to the program Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) oversight and investment reviews on over 200 Major Automated Information Systems (MAIS) and Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP), and encourage them (DCGS, NCES, etc.) to implement net-centric data sharing capabilities per DoD’s Net-Centric Data Strategy.
  • Author the DOD CIO's Community Of Interest (COI) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) whitepaper, Enterprise Metadata Needs Assessment Report, and DOD Metadata Registry Recommendations to help advance the Net-Centric Data Strategy concepts.
  • Serve as the DOD CIO Net-Centric Data Strategy representative to the Data Management Board (DMB) for the Business Mission Area, and the Domain Owners Council for the Enterprise Information Environment Mission Area (EIEMA) to advocate net-centric information sharing and encourage the formation of COIs to pilot solutions.
  • Contribute to DoD Directive 8320.02 on Net-Centric Data Sharing and Co-Author of associated guidance 8320.2G.
  • Lead a 3 member team on the Net-Centric assessment of programs and provide recommendations to ensure programs deliver capabilities to share information in the DOD Global Information Grid (GIG).
  • Design and deliver in one week, the COI Directory in MS SharePoint to register COIs and facilitate collaboration.
  • Assist Finance COI and IT Management Data COI in piloting web services that submit Exhibit 53 and 300 reports to OMB (XML schema and SOAP messaging) and apply DOD Discovery Metadata Specification (DDMS) to facilitate exhibit search, discovery and access.
  • In 3 months, research and collaborate with Warfighter & Business Mission Area leads, and Combatant Commands to complete the joint mission threads analysis report on how NCES can enhance system interoperability and expedite decision making to improve the mission outcome.

System Engineer

Confidential, Washington DC.


  • Deliver requirements and proof of concept prototype (Metastorm eWork, iManage Worksite, MS SQL Server) to Chief of National Institute of Health (NIH) International Service Dept. for automating visa processing of over 3,000 foreign scientists, and batch submission of visa records to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) via web services.
  • Develop estimates for SEVIS database sizing (120 GB), Internet traffic capacity (16GB/day) and system performance.
  • Provide Internet security expertise to the SEVIS system security team on digital certificates and web services security.
  • Helped implement batch generation of PDF files (Appligent FDF Merge) with PDF security (Adobe, JAVA).
  • Lead the test team in development of test plan, strategy and scripts for testing the SEVIS web service interface.
  • Establish system performance testing and automated full regression testing of SEVIS user interface and web services with Mercury (now HP) LoadRunner, WinRunner and Test Director.
  • Author of SEVIS Interface Control Document, web service batch interface presentations, and SEVIS design document.

Program Management

Confidential, Rockville, MD.


  • Streamline the Interface Management Group (IMG) processes, conducted weekly IMG meetings, assessed potential downstream impact to other interdependent systems, and enforced the IMG processes.
  • Work directly with Director of NASD Market regulations to develop an application (Access 2000) to track interface changes from more than 80 projects releases, and generate customized reports and queries.
  • Coordinate more than 20 system interface changes, and prevented 2 potential impacts to market systems.

Project Manager

Confidential, Rockville, MD.


  • Responsible for leading 24 member development team on 3 Internet projects simultaneously, from concept to delivery and sustainment.
  • Coordinate 5 major releases and 6 minor releases for two web projects within 6 months.
  • In one month, deliver test, integration, performance and production environments for PDP/I and IAPD projects.

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