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It Manager Resume


  • 10 years of experience in EDI, Programming, Analyst, Technical Support and Operations Manager working with AS/400, S/36, RS/6000, EDI (TL - 400), ACS and Client-Server environment, ERP, MRP, BOM, Internet, MSOffice, SQL, Windows, RPG and COBOL skills.
  • 3 years of experience in VMI, Production Planning, EDI Operations; Sales and Inventory Forecasts and Analysis, Purchase Orders, ASN’s and Invoicing.
  • 3 years of experience in Distribution Center, Import/Export (NAFTA), Logistics, Shipping, Packing, Inventories, Traffic, Scanning, Barcodes, Confidential -128 Labels, BOL.


  • EDI Mapping in Gentran, Oracle, Sterling
  • Implementation of EDI Projects
  • X12, Edifact,
  • X12; 850, 875, 810, 880, 856, 860, 855
  • VMI-GAP Daily Operations.
  • Work and Analysis of product demand, sales and Inventories to have on hand units to replenish the store sales just in time, shipping to DC’s.
  • Production Planning.
  • Receive and send info from/to GAP.
  • Keep under control FG and WIP according with the liability contract.
  • Support EDI Operations.
  • Download Purchase Orders (EDI 850 Documents).
  • Supervise ASN transmissions to GAP (EDI 856 Documents).
  • Download Forecasts (EDI 830 Documents).
  • Download Activity Product (EDI 852 Documents).
  • Supervise Invoice transmissions (EDI 810 Documents).
  • WIP Tracking.
  • FG Inventory auditing.
  • Trims Inventory Control.


Primary Profile: EDI, VMI and IT Managing.

Secondary Profile: Production Planning, ERP Implementation, DC Operations.

Hardware: Windows XP, Vista, Unix, AIX, iSeries, and Linux, AS/400.

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista and older versions, Unix, AIX, OS/400.

Programming Languages: RPG/400, Cobol/400.

Databases: DB2, SQL.

Other: ACS, TL-400, Packone/Tradelinkone, EDI X12, MS Office, MS Project.



Tools: EDI Software Packone-Tradelinkone, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point.

IT Manager


  • Implementation of New Projects, Reduce Costs, Update Technology and Consulting.
  • Implement Import/Export and Customs System (CAM) with interfaces with Materials Inventory Receiving, BOM, Items Entry and Invoicing.
  • EDI Mapping and EDI Support.


Tools: RPG/400, DB2, TL/400 EDI, SQL, Query/400.



  • Logistics, Distribution, Traffic, Warehouse and FG Shipping.
  • Projects and Customers (EDI Trading Partners): Federated (Macys, Burdines, Bon Marche, Richs), Saks (Carson Pirie Scott, Parisian, Profits), Kmart, Express, DKNY, Scent-Lok, G&K.


Tools: ERP, Forklifts, Racks, Barcode Printers, EDI Operations, UCC128.

EDI Analyst


  • EDI Project Manager and IS Support to ERP.
  • Project Leader to Implement EDI eLMO Project of Kmart in Confidential .
  • EDI Mapping and Interfaces.


Tools: EDI/400, EDI-x SSI Mapping, AS/400, RPG/400, MS Windows; Apparel Computer System (ERP) of CGS. Cobol, DB2, CL.

Programmer Analyst


  • Project planning and execution; solution design and ERP implementation; requirements gathering and identification of user needs; Programming in RPG/400.
  • Stock Locator System and Carton Packing System of SSI.
  • Confidential -128 labels.
  • EDI basic.

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