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Senior Engineering Manager Resume


  • 8 years of Senior Management experience: Built 5 global teams, setting up Strategy, Vision, Mission, Goals and Processes for Software Development, Test, Quality and Manufacturing. Proven ability to Deep Dive into any technical issue.
  • MBA with strengths in Business Strategy, Executive Perspectives, Change Management, Negotiations, System Dynamics, Project Management.
  • Strong hiring, team building experience: Interviewed over 100+ people, hired 22+ engineers. Motivated, trained, coached teams. Handled employee/team performance issues.
  • Selected in small core team for new Product Line - operating like a start-up. Within 6 years, we developed portfolio of 12 products with $300M+ annual sales.
  • 18 years hands-on Full Life-Cycle Software Development SDLC experience including Requirements Analysis, Architecture, Design, Implementation, Coding and Testing for Distributed Real-Time embedded applications.
  • Improved Time-to-Market by 30% by changing Software Test Strategy.
  • Negotiated 20 Vendor contracts worth $5 Million for outsourcing. Developed process to ensure high quality.
  • International Experience - successfully worked integrated offshore teams to deliver results in cost effective manner.
  • Worked in Process Control, Medical Device, Storage Area Network & Mobile/Wired Telecommunications.
  • Enjoy solving complex multi-disciplinary problems. Take full ownership for all business needs.
  • Fast learner - proven, well-honed skill to deliver results in new industries/functional areas quickly and efficiently.


Process Control: HART7, IEEE802.15.5 Self-Organizing Scalable Wireless network, RS232, Modbus, Ethernet

Medical: ISO13485, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, CAPA, FMEA

Storage Area Networks (SAN): Fiber Channel Protocol

Telecommunications: TR303 Integrated Digital Loop Carrier TMC/RBS Q.931 messaging, GR-2849 Generic C & GR-1344, IS95 CDMA, TDMA, GR253 SONET/SDH, Lumos TL1 Network Manager, TCP/IP, CORBA

Programming: C#, C++, C, Java, Pascal, Perl, Python, SQL, Ingres Database

Operating Systems: Unix, Linux

Real-Time Operating Systems: (RTOS) pSOS, Vrtx, VxWorks, OSE

Modeling: UML, Rational Rose for OOA&D, RUP, SES/ObjectBench

Other: SEI CMMI levels, Six Sigma, Lean, DMAIC process, PFMEA

Enterprise Software: for Manufacturing, Clearcase, ClearQuest, TFS, PVCS


Senior Engineering Manager



  • Developed strategy and built organization for Quality Assurance of new Wireless product line. Built and managed 5 teams by hiring CS & EE graduates for development of Software test automation, Hardware/System Testing, Manufacturing Testing and Audit Testing. Cross-trained teams to remove silos and reduce inefficiencies.
  • Used Staged Gate product development process to work on products at different stages in funnel. Simultaneously oversaw multiple projects and reported directly to Senior Management. Participated in decision-making Steering Committees for project prioritization, risk mitigation and product portfolio management.
  • Introduced Agile methodology to reduce cycle time and improve responsiveness to change.
  • Analysed software defect history to determine high-risk areas and changed strategy from Requirements to Risk Based Testing which improved Time-To-Market by 30%.
  • Developed balanced set of Metrics to track project progress, quality of work and efficiency of engineers. This gave early visibility into issues allowing us to proactively change strategies to accomplish business needs.
  • Chaired Process Improvement Team consisting of software leads from different Product Lines to exchange best practices and define innovations to reduce development time.
  • Collaborated across Product Line silos to develop strategy to improve quality and reduce time to market by developing common reusable Object-Oriented software infrastructure consisting of Test Engine, independent modules for different communication protocols, logging, etc.
  • Oversaw team to develop software/hardware to perform manufacturing testing of 12 products, Enterprise Software to track production at global sites and an Early Warning System to raise alerts about production/quality issues.


Guidant Principal Software Engineer

  • Technical Lead for software development to perform automated testing of Pulse Generators (Class III human implantable devices) and the Programmer (external device) for Cardiac Rhythm Management in Medical Device industry. Rapidly picked-up Tachycardia and Bradycardia.
  • Designed Protocols and developed software to test medical devices using techniques like Model Based Development & Product Line Engineering (PLE) to reduce Time-to-Market. Used Test Stations to create cardiac event scenarios.
  • Followed stringent process to demonstrate conformance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO13485.
  • Developed infrastructure software for complex, real-time, multi-threaded, high-availability Distributed Systems using advanced concepts like Design Patterns and Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • Developed Software Architecture, created High Level Design, Detailed Design followed by implementation (software development) and test.
  • Worked extensively in Distributed Systems requiring message communication between different entities.
  • Used CORBA: Common Object Request Broker Architecture (pre-cursor to Service Oriented Architecture SOA) to process Get/Set requests in Client/Server architecture using Interface Definition Language (IDL).
  • Used Lumos/Workshop to generate embedded TL1 Agent for Network Element allowing external OSS to manage it
  • Built generic re-usable Framework modules for use across multiple products. Used OO techniques like defined interfaces, encapsulation, information hiding, inheritance, and polymorphism.
  • Defined Use Cases, and Sequence Diagrams to build Software Models used for Automatic Code Generation.
  • Developed mechanisms for high reliability and fault-tolerance using redundancy and serialization of critical data.
  • Simulated message passing between distributed components and verified State Machines.

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