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Scrum Master Resume



  • Over 11 years of Development, Integration and Verification experience in multimedia embedded System
  • Experience in project management planning, scheduling, budget, and leading engineering programs
  • Proven ability of successful delivery of multiple product cycle in Agile environment
  • Experience in IFE systems (Android) software integration and configuration
  • Experience in Guiding and Coaching Scrum teams to be self - organized and cross-functional
  • Expert knowledge of Agile development methodologies and corresponding tools (ex. JIRA/Confluence/VersionOne)
  • Experience with widely successful Agile techniques: User Stories, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Automated Testing, and 2 weeks Scrum
  • Experience in applying a wide variety of well documented and techniques for filling in the gaps left in Scrum approach (example. Burnout Techniques, retrospective formats, handling bugs)
  • Experience in finding techniques for effective product back log management
  • Hands-on experience in transforming a waterfall project to Agile
  • Facilitate SCRUM Ceremonies - PI planning, Sprint planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint review, and retrospective
  • Ability to communicate and facilitate effectively across diverse audiences within and outside of the sprint team
  • Investigate In-Service Issues, Identify system requirements, verification for different customer programs
  • Ability to provide perspective and keep the teams focused on critical deliverables and tasks
  • Experience in video and audio encoding/decoding compression technology, Streaming protocols (RTP/RTSP/HTTP), and Audio/Video container format(PS/TS) for transmission
  • Hands on programming experience in C, SQL, Shell script and command lines
  • Knowledge of networking and security protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP)
  • Good communication and mentoring skills
  • Ability to work well in a fast-paced professional office environment


Operating System: Linux, Android, Windows

Languages: C, Shell scripting, SQL, Java

S/W and Tools: JIRA, Confluence, VersionOne, GIT, Clear Case, Perforce, SaberDM, JAMA

Debugging Tools: ADB, Wireshark


Confidential, CA

Scrum Master

Environment: JIRA, Confluence, GIT, Java, Linux, GIT, VersionOne, ADB, Shell scripting, JAMA, MPP, Primavera

  • Working as contractor in Confidential In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems as a Scrum Master in more than one projects
  • Facilitate and readiness for ART events - Preparation for ART activities, including PI-Planning, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective.
  • Supporting the Product Owner and Development Team in their quest to do everything possible to deliver high quality value to customers
  • Coaching the Development Team in self-organization and cross-functionality
  • Ensuring that goals, scope and product domain are understood by everyone on the Scrum Team as well as possible
  • Work with finance team on project budget planning, tracking, and overrun
  • Experience in creating user stories, Test-driven development, Continuous Integration, Continues Testing
  • Removing impediments or guiding the team to remove impediments by finding right personnel to remove the impediment
  • Experience in transforming from Waterfall project to Agile.
  • Supporting Product Owner by finding techniques for effective product backlog management
  • Work with team to successfully plan and execute the Program Increment (PI), Present final Plan review to business group
  • Provide perspective and keep the teams focused on critical deliverables and tasks
  • Motivate and model open communication to help surface issues for faster resolution
  • Train and educate organization as needed on Agile practices.
  • Assessing the Scrum Maturity of the team, helping everyone understand Scrum theory, practices, rules, and values
  • Work with cross-functional teams PAXGUI, Framework, DB, Core and Generic on resolving defects and software capabilities
  • Hands-on experience with user story review, splitting, and sizing
  • Work with other Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of the application of Scrum in the organization
  • Work with Dev managers, Scrum masters and publish data/stats as needed regularly and improvise
  • Hands-on experience in JIRA branching, Defect tracking, create/update project filters
  • Work on software baseline releases for continuous integration and development for different programs
  • Coordinate SW release, schedule, and assist test coordination and consumer sign-off
  • Understand customer objectives, requirements, and create customer requirement documents, and get customer sign-off
  • Help define project scope, goals, and deliverables

Systems Engineer

Environment: Android, VersionOne, JIRA, Linux, ADB, C, Shell script, MYSQL, JAMA

  • Install, configure and maintain software and systems in customer engineering lab
  • Work with development team on resolving defects reported during test cycle
  • Mange Software part numbers, SW configuration
  • Troubleshoot and resolve customer engineering lab network Issues, hardware, and content Issues
  • Execute automated tests, regression, stress and performance testing for different Software baseline
  • Investigate In-Service Issues and come up with work around solution
  • Request for software build, test and release process
  • Automate test cases using scripting language as needed
  • Create and maintain up to date test plans for the project based on documentation provided by design and production and cases found while ad hoc testing.
  • Planning and reviewing the Test cases for Functionality, Performance, Database and User Acceptance
  • Report, Verify, Update and Track defect in JIRA tool


Lead Engineer

Environment: Linux, Shell script, Wireshark, ClearQuest, DTV, C/C++, Linux, Perforce, SaberDM, Astha, Source Insight

  • Implemented recording feature for Confidential Storage middleware.
  • Identify the design change and prepare low level design document and sequence diagrams.
  • Fixed defects in Recording, Player, Decoder and File Parser etc.
  • Debug and fix playback related issues for recording feature.
  • Create unit test cases
  • Provide detailed analysis report on Issues found during testing
  • Keep track of the new requirements or change in requirements for feature.
  • Ported DTV video player feature from 2010 platform to 2011 platform
  • Identify the design change and prepare low level design document and sequence diagrams.
  • Investigated Issues related to IPTV Live streaming parsing files
  • Fixed playback related issues for recording feature.
  • Provide detailed analysis report on Issues found during testing
  • Created unit test cases and test plan
  • Keep track of the new requirements or change in requirements for feature.
  • Perform Unit and Integration test.


Software Engineer

Environment: Linux, C, Wire-shark, IDE, Java

  • Task was to implement ISO/IEC 13818-1 Transport Stream and Program Stream demux.
  • Prepared detailed understanding document of ISO/IEC 13818-1 standard for demuxing PS and TS media format
  • Implemented MPGE2-PS/TS demux parser implementation and playback support
  • Investigated and fixed Issues found while parsing different media format
  • Upgraded existing Voice over IP SIP stack to support Video over IP calls.
  • Prepare unit test, provide root cause analysis for Issues found and debug and fix
  • Performed test Environment setup and Board bring up activities.
  • Implemented RFC-3984 i.e., Packetization and Depacketization of H.264 data into RTP payload.
  • Preparation of detailed design document based on the understanding
  • RTP packet with H.264 transmission and playback support
  • Fixed Issues found during packet transmission over the network
  • Performed Unit and Integration test
  • Porting existing VoIP stack on Android platform.
  • Understand android architecture, Android middleware interaction with application
  • Preparation of understanding document based on the changes required for porting.
  • Ported VOIP stack (WB-AMR speech codec) on Android platform.
  • Tested for basic call functionalities.
  • Investigated Issues found during VoIP call features
  • Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) support on VoIP
  • Implemented RFC-2516 client part of PPPoE
  • Ported on Freescale Cold fire MCF5223X.
  • Unit test, Integration test and bug fix.

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