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Capital Asset Coordinator Resume

Miami, FloridA


Certified Florida Evaluator, experienced in the preparation, maintenance, auditing, and analysis of accounting statements and tax filings. Property tax compliance for multiple states. Experienced in defending, refuting and negotiating assessments. Six (6) years experience in mass appraisal of personal property. Computer programming with proficiency in Fortran, Pascal, ADA, and Visual Basic. Software application proficiencies: WordPerfect, Microsoft Works, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Walker and GEAC G/L. CCH, RIA and Lexis web sites.


Confidential, Miami, Florida

Capital Asset Coordinator

  • Provide inventory control of Capital Assets from first delivery through subsequent audits and final disposition. Provide periodic physical inventory and verification of property. Yearly reconciliation of physical inventory to the property record.
  • Participated in the pre - purchase process and assisted with the initial budgetary assessment and clearance of purchases through the Capital Assets Committee. Worked closely with the purchasing department in the pre-purchase process.
  • Monitored the capital budget for the CEO and VP’s. Provided monthly reports for Capital Budget to the budget department.
  • Conducted monthly reconciliations of the Discretionary, Capital and Emergency funds.
  • Assisted departments with the preparation of their capital requests and completed index inquiries of MD Buyline and ECRI to obtain information regarding equipment suitability and attendant factors including ancillary costs.
  • Served as a liaison, contacting vendors and coordinating logistical considerations of deliveries with construction, Biomed, and other clinical requisites in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Project Team Manager for the Auditing, Receiving and Delivery system (Neoris).Responsibilities included bringing all key personnel, involved in the delivery, auditing, maintaining and receiving of capital assets, together to ensure product/service meets PHT expectations.

Confidential, Miami, Florida

Administrator Assistant

  • Coordinated and conducted interviews of all section managers to document SOP.
  • Prepared documentation of all policy and procedures for the Department.
  • Calculated various financial ratios to assess vendor’s financial health.
  • Prepared and delivered verbal and written communications for the Special Project Manager including inter/intra governmental communications and development of an electronic presentation for executive staff.

Confidential, Miami, Florida

Sr. Property Tax Accountant

  • Managed property tax accruals at branch/product line level (fixed assets/vehicles) in compliance with GAAP reporting requirements
  • Analyzed balance sheets, income and other financial statements in the preparation for filing the property tax return in Ohio.
  • Filed property tax returns in multiple states.
  • Prepared sales and use tax returns in multiple states including Canada.
  • Assured timely payment of tax bills for assigned states.
  • Challenged the (VAB) Value Adjustment Board on assigned assessment on real estate property.

Confidential, Miami, Florida

Personal Property Tax Specialist

  • Audited and analyzed financial documents of large-scale utility providers such as BellSouth, FPL, AT&T, MCI, Sprint, private railroad car lines, leasing and pollution abatement companies for assignation of value in the assessment of personal property taxes.
  • Defended property valuation assessments at the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) public hearings.
  • Supervised Evaluators and Clerks comprising of approximately 15 employees for the Lease Dept.

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