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Agile Coach And Mentor Resume

Bothell, SeattlE


  • C - Level Senior Executive Profile (Mentor & Coach) spanning TWO PLUS decades of IT Enterprise Experience. Provide Enterprise Level Solution Intent, Context, and Manage End to End Transformations. Manage Large & Complex Account Level Delivery commitments (greater than 100K USD) through applying latest Methodologies, Frameworks, Tools and Techniques of Program and Project Management. Expert knowledge areas cut through 3 major Program Management Frameworks (Enterprise Agile SAFe 4.0 / 3.0, Scrum Alliance CSP and CSM, Agile PMI-ACP, and Conventional Project Management PMP).
  • 20 years of IT Industry experience and expertise in Implement and Deliver Large and Complex Portfolios / Programs / Projects (100 Million USD) spanning across various Domains / Technologies / Frameworks & Methodologies.
  • Member partner with Scaled Agile
  • Provide Implement Solutions across DevOps, Release Management, Opportunity Presales closures, and End to End Account Delivery Management.
  • Expert in SAFe 4.0 and 3.0 framework. Enterprise Agile Coach, Portfolio level - PPM, Portfolio metrics, Lean goals, Strategic Themes, Kanban, Budgets, Portfolio Backlog, Business and Architecture Epics, Value Stream proposition, and Launch Agile Release Trains ARTs.
  • Successfully delivered SAFe (SA and SAFe PMPO) training close to 100 members globally.
  • Demonstrated ability of transforming teams and organizations, influencing others positively, coaching multi-location business units in Agile transformation
  • Confidential Program level - on-boarding ARTs, Synchronization and Cadence, Release on Demand, ART metrics, Vision, Roadmap, Program Backlog, WSJF, Release planning, PI objectives, System demos and Inspect & Adapt.
  • Confidential Project level, Team PI Objectives, Team Backlog, Code Quality, handle Agile teams, Iterations, Sprint goals and IP cycle.
  • As an RTE (Release Train Engineer) handled three roles of Delivery / Program / Project Manager. Orchestrate all functions that are related to the Portfolio / Program / Project. Scrum ceremonies, Scrum of Scrums, PIs, I&A, Portfolio, Program, Team backlogs, Business value & Rank calculation with WSJF, apply Value Stream proposition to all the ARTs.
  • Domains - Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Health Sciences, Inventory, Supply Chain Management, Reality, Retail, Energy and Utilities, Core Finance, Resource Management. Technologies - ERPs / .NET / Web Methods/ Liferay portals/ Open Sources/ Java / MySql / and Infra. Frameworks - Enterprise Agile SAFe / Agile / Conventional PMP
  • A visionary with verifiable year-after-year success achieving rapid-change environments in diverse industry verticals
  • Proficient in performing Agile / Scrum related roles such as creating & reviewing Value Stream Mapping / reducing the Total Cycle Time / increasing Process Efficiency %, Team Velocity, burned out change etc.
  • Deft in planning, managing and executing programs / projects for start-ups and developing technical resources for greater value addition and increased margins
  • Skilled in managing program deliveries in a timely manner involving seamless onsite/ offshore coordination and transparent communication with all sponserers and stakeholders Confidential every phases Confidential regular interval
  • Insightful experience in programme management activities including project scoping, estimation, planning, risk management, finalisation of technical / functional specifications, resource administration and quality management of product application
  • Talent for proactively identifying & resolving problems, ramping up the program activities with on time deliverables and maximizing productivity


  • SAFe SPC 4.0, 3.0/ PMI-ACP/ CSP / CSM / PMP Consulting
  • As SPC, Provide SAFe Solutions to Solve traditional DevOps: Implementation across Program level Cadence and Synchronization, On-board right resources Agile Release Trains(ART), Enterprise Automation and Version control
  • Coach, Mentor and Train Cross Functional Teams on Leading SAFe / PMPO / XP Scrum
  • As SPC, Provide SAFe Solutions for ART launch / Identify WSJ rankings / I &A / System Demos / SOS / PI Objectives / Team Objectives / Cadence and Synchronization / Release on Demand / Release Planning/ Value Stream / Kanban / Themes
  • As SPC, Provide learning and certifications to Leading SAFe ( SA) teams
  • Cut across all the three Frameworks and Methodologies of Enterprise Agile / Agile / Scrum /Conventional PMP
  • Agile Framework, Manifesto, Lean principles and values, XP pair programming and CI/ Automation Testing and validation
  • Portfolio, Program, Team level execution. Task board, Scrum of Scrum, Product Owner and Product Managers, ART metrics, Portfolio metrics, Release management, Code quality, Vision, Roadmap, Spikes, Arch and Business Epics
  • Handling end-to-end programme management by leading the following tracks Business /Client Engagement, Requirement Gathering/ Analysis, Project Planning, etc.
  • Implementing changes/modifications in the project as required; executing project status tracking & reporting, resource allocation and cost management
  • Leading delivery management for technical deliverables of concurrent projects
  • Acting as escalation point to resolve issues for all support issues; driving resolution of customer's technical support issues
  • Coordinating projects on global delivery model which involves teams sitting in different geographical locations with communication barriers
  • Managing overall operations for executing projects involving resource mobilization, execution within cost & time parameters and monitoring compliance in terms of documentation & processes
  • Monitoring / tracking projects with respect to budgeted cost, demand forecasts, time over-runs to ensure timely execution of projects
  • Balancing between active and passive leadership
  • Repeat business form Large and Consistent Clients. Identify new business within as a part of business development
  • Set and achieve an Objective to add Confidential -least ONE NEW LOGO per quarter per vertical
  • Convert most of our RED OCEAN Strategies into BLUE OCEAN Strategies and move away from competition and create brand equity and provide value to customer
  • Primary focus on Account and Overall Profitability of the Organization. Business Development / Pre-Sales / Planning
  • Lookout for Acquisitions & Mergers for better INORGANIC growth in the similar line of business. Increase vertical and horizontal growth
  • Emphasize on Verticals / Horizontals / and Practice wellness and Utility ratio thus reduce in Organization waste
  • Focus on major strengths of our Product / Services, which our Competitors do not posses, and use them as our winning edge over. Instead of running behind to acquire the strengths of the competitor
  • Always lookout for the latest market trends on technology and get on with resources Confidential our R&D to be hands on. Example Big Data / Cloud / Fatwire / Pega and many more. This will help us to reduce the missed opportunities


  • Frameworks & Methodologies
  • SAFe Scaled Agile 4.0, 3.0 / Agile / SCRUM / PMP
  • Advanced Management and Delivery
  • Large and Complex Programmes
  • Strategy Planning
  • Delivery Management
  • Delivery Head
  • Program Management
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Proposal Planning
  • Business Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Resource Planning & People Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Risk Management
  • Budget/Feasibility Analysis


Frameworks & Methodologies: Scaled Agile Framework SAFe 4.0 /3.0, Agile Framework, Lean, Scrum, XP, Infra, PMP

Web Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP, XML, XSLT, XSD, SAX 2.0, DOM, XML Spy, HTML, JavaScript, Web Methods DHTML embedded in VB6, MTS, CSS & PHP

Portals/Process: Plum tree 5.0.4, .NET Framework, Pivotal, Microsoft Dynamics, BizFlow, Liferay

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL

Open Sources Tools: SOAP UI, J Meter, SOA

Databases: Oracle 9/8/7, MS SQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0, 6.5, MS Access, My SQL

Database access Tools: Toad, SQL Navigator 4.1, DBArtisan GUI Developer 2000, Visual Basic, VBA for MS-Excel

Reporting Tools: SQL Reporting Services, Seagate Crystal Reports, visual basic reports

O/S: MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/ Server 2003, CITRIX

Data Modelling Tools: Visio, Designer 2000, ERWin

Server-side Programming: ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, VB Script, XSD, SAX 2.0, DOM

Web Servers: IIS Web Server, Tomcat

IDEs / Tools: Visual Studio.Net 2003, Visual Web Developer 2005, Visual InterDev, Home Site

Version Control Tools: Visual Source Safe (VSS), PVCS (Version Control), RMS, TFS

ERP: Oracle E-business Suites R12

Management Reports: Oracle EBS BI canned and custom reports


Confidential, Bothell, Seattle

Agile Coach and Mentor


  • Handle 3 projects with dedicated and diversified Agile teams
  • Help create Agile dashboards, Roadmaps, Sprint calendars, Capacity planning, Utilization.
  • Conduct and coach on Inputs / Process / Outputs for all the five scrum ceremonies
  • Prioritize epics and features, break down stories into smaller stories that can fit into a sprint
  • Splitting of stories, spill stories across iterations depending on the release calendar
  • Onshore and Offshore team coordination for Stand-ups, Grooming, SPM, Retro and Demos
  • Team Assessment, Role Assessment and custom make Maturity model for Agile team ramp up
  • Lead, Organize and conduct all Agile Coaches brainstorming sessions across the Business Unit
  • Coach / Mentor Leadership teams with Enterprise Agile / Agile frameworks and Practices
  • Work with Program level and Team level, Agile groups and provide inputs regarding PI planning, Features and User story breakup, run through ceremonies, identify the shortfall on Agile approaches done with teams.
  • Work on with Kanban, Value stream mapping, PI Objectives, PI Planning, PI Objectives, and Sprint Goals, DOD

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Agile Coach and Mentor


  • Work with Centre of Practice (COP) and EPMO teams from Banking and Lending
  • Create and Handle 4 Agile Teams and Agile towers for teams co-location and onsite-offshore coordination.
  • Identify Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Leads for 100% allocation into Agile teams.
  • Work with POs and Program Mangers to understand the check Confidential the product backlog.
  • Initiate meetings with business, program managers and product owners to prioritize the features and stories.
  • Conduct hands on workshops to all the agile teams on User Story writing, Rallly utilization, Capacity planning, sprint 0 activities.
  • Walk through all the Sprint 0 activities with all the team members and make them understand and perform.
  • Conduct all the sprint ceremonies like daily stand up, grooming, sprint planning meeting, demo and retro.
  • Present in most of the daily stand up, grooming meetings and mandatory in sprint planning, demo and retro.
  • Discuss all the Inputs / Process / Outputs of all the scrum ceremonies and make the teams follow.
  • See to that the teams and management reduce the waterfall process and adhere agile process
  • Participate; conduct sizing and estimation of User stories and features.
  • Run projects in agile process and adhere to the delivery schedules.
  • Handle, create complete Rally project. And check the updates and metrics.
  • Work with dedicated Agile teams with SMs and POs are pulled in 100% allocation and rest of the
  • Team Assessment, Role Assessment and custom make Maturity model for Agile team ramp up
  • Lead, Organize and conduct all Agile Coaches brainstorming sessions across the Business Unit
  • Coach / Mentor Leadership teams with Enterprise Agile / Agile frameworks and Practices
  • Work with Program level and Team level, Agile groups and provide inputs regarding PI planning, Features and User story breakup, run through ceremonies, identify the shortfall on Agile approaches done with teams.
  • Coach RTEs, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, PPM team, Product Management teams
  • Work on with Kanban, Value stream mapping, PI Objectives, PI Planning, PI Objectives, and Sprint Goals, DOD

Confidential, NJ

Principle SAFe SPC Transformation Consultant


  • Organize and Conduct Release Planning Sessions, Program PI Objectives, Launch ARTs, Capabilities, Enablers, and Backlogs.
  • Identify pain points, gaps, impact analysis for the existing system and Provide Transformation solution according to SAFe Framework in-line with Lean practices.
  • Create proposal for End to End Transformation Enterprise Solutions, CoE & Governance in-line with Scale Agile Framework.
  • Played various roles like Agile Coach & Mentor, RTE, Sr. Scrum Master, Scrum Master - In Agile World
  • Identify and plug-in gaps between Agile teams, Product Owner, Product Management teams, and Cross-functional teams
  • Ran more than 6 ARTs and I&As. Specialize in First ART, I&A, Pre-Planning, Planning, and Execution of ARTs.
  • Suggestions on Automation deployment system across CI / Test and CM systems. Centralized automation version control system. Help build environments, deploy and configure systems for Stage and Production.
  • Provide services in the role of an RTE replacing project and program managers.
  • Identify Strategic themes, prioritize portfolio backlog with Kanban and Value Stream.
  • Identify and derive portfolio level / program level ART metrics
  • Derive Business and Architectural epics, associate them into Agile Release Trains per Value Stream and budget constraints.
  • Manage and Coordinate Release Management, System, and Product Management teams and derive Program Epics, Vision and Roadmap. Eventually derive WSJF along with Product Management team and prioritize the Program backlog.
  • Program backlog, Release Planning, Program PI Objectives, Epics broken down into Features, architectural runway along with Business Owners and System Teams.
  • Manage ARTs either on demand or work with Cadence and Synchronization in line with program and portfolio objectives.
  • Conduct Scrum of Scrums, Identify dependencies across the programs and integrate all the PI objectives and conduct ARTs with Cadence and Synchronizations.
  • Cumulate Team level Backlogs, upstream Team PI Objectives, plan execute iterations, ensure code quality through automation, continuous integration and test first process.
  • Coach, Train, customer leadership teams on Agile, SAFe, and Lean Practices.
  • Advisory role to executives on Enterprise Agile adoption, Transformations and Change Management.

Confidential, Boston

Principle Consultant


  • Identify pain points, gaps, impact analysis for the existing system and Provide Transformation solution according to Agile Framework and Scrum methodologies in-line with Lean practices.
  • Run programs in-accordance with Agile manifesto, framework, and through Scrum methodologies.
  • Automate development, deployment operations and version control systems.
  • Refine program level product backlog, refine according to the business value defined by the Product Owners / Managers
  • Maintain Scrum ceremonies, artefacts, Lean team build, Scrum of Scrum to identify and manage program dependencies
  • High Risk, High business value items to be processed Confidential highest priority.

Confidential, Boston

Senior Manager-Delivery


  • Accountable for reporting to COO
  • Looked after the:
  • Implementation of Business Velocity EBS R12 ERP (20 million USD) across all the geographies for Confidential from Initiation to Go Live
  • Conceiving Blueprint to setup Oracle EBS practice for Confidential which generates planned revenue of 500K USD in two quarters ( Total costing of the program is USD 8million, spread across two financial years)
  • Headed tracks like Business Transformation, Change management, Consulting, PMO, QA, BI, L2C and Core Finance
  • Prepared and finalized engagement letters for the complete program for both PwC and KPMG
  • Formulated Confidential level delivery strategy including revenues and actual margins of:
  • Each SBU, billing utilization, resources locked, pyramid % mix allocations and deal review process
  • Sold margins v/s actual margins, fulfilments, billable and non-billable FTE Confidential wise and practice wise
  • Account wise data, Confidential onsite%, Tier wise week-on-week growth segment wise, design review compliance %, Code review compliance %, delivery review meeting, customer delight index, quarter revenue forecast, quarter AM forecast per account depending on Onsite %, pyramid %, total reported expenses and reported margins
  • Involved in complete budget process (PwC and KPMG contract value, Additional services value, Service credits, LD's, Hardware, Software requirements, Travel, Accommodation, Confidential resources and to be hired resources, quarter wise break up
  • Managed program sponsors and stakeholders are from multiple geographic locations (US, UK, ASIA)
  • Selected, manage and coordinated with various external vendors like PwC and KPMG
  • Walked through 2 in a Box approach for business blue prints and requirements sign off coordinating with global teams
  • Steered committee, adopts governance structure, adopt framework and approach (implementation roadmap), complete product selection (SAP, Oracle), complete high level project plan, document project requirements for vendor, solicit proposals for vendors, assess proposals and finalize partner and demo finding to CIO council for approvals

Confidential, Dallas



  • Implemented cross charging and getting approvals from Payments, Ledger Report and UDR Projects
  • Helped leasing desk domain in Regression Testing and Migration of 3.1 Scoring model to 3.5 Scoring model
  • Worked for first time in India on application development on other O/S like Android and MAC (for iPhone, and iPAD apps), due to this development of this mobile application, RPIPL has to procure a MAC system for the first time in its premises
  • Carried out the planning, implementation & delivery of ALW Senior living Project Phase 1 + 2+ 3 + 3 addendum / CLV Student living project
  • Handled online renewals for Student Living Project /online renewals for Student Living Project/Bulk Email Common Component
  • Managed the implementation of:
  • Regressing testing for LeasingDesk Screening Project
  • Mind map tool for Data Import, CLV student living, and ALW senior living
  • Change control board and change management process for ALW senior living
  • User voter list as per product enhancements
  • Steering committee meetings, Presenting POC’s (proof of concept), Program and project trackers
  • Reviews and Approvals of Annual cost budgeting (Actual vs. Planned)
  • Roadmaps as per objectives, Showcasing account wellness as per the size of the projects
  • Highlighting profitability / ROI YOY
  • Risk identification and mitigation as per historic data. Identify, derive, implement, and measure new processes
  • Suggesting and Setting up of new verticals / teams in India for cost effective solutions
  • Selling the “Resource Shared Pool Concept”
  • Managed multiple programs in parallel with various verticals, costing from 500K to 5 million USD
  • Executed both “Fixed Price Projects” and “Time and Material Projects”
  • Imbibe triple constraint like “Scope”, “Cost” and “Schedule”, we also planned “Quality” into project from inception
  • “Quality plan”, “Quality Assurance like code reviews (Peer, Architect, Group)” and “Quality Control through Inspection”
  • Enhanced productivity and account wellness using various combinations of Rookie and Bulge Ratio
  • Followed all the PMBOK specified KA (Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Risk, Quality, HR, Communication, and Procurement)
  • Managed Project estimation methodologies like Function point, WBS, Gut feel and Story board
  • Carried out Automation Testing for Regression (QTP), Web Services automation testing by SOAP UI tool
  • Utilized “Resource Shared Pool” to cater various verticals towards PMAS (Project Management As Service)
  • Introduced “Cross Charging” for internal clients through various cost centers and utilized services
  • Worked with various managers across all the verticals and horizontals technical as well as business groups.
  • Maintained the project charters, scopes, issues log, risk logs and monitored/analyzed the risks associated with the IT development life cycle of the releases. Maintained the production readiness (GO/NO GO) for each release
  • Collaborated with Change review board (CRB), implementation groups, production support groups, Functional Change Coordinators (FCC), Corporate Change Coordinators (CCC) and Change Advisory Board (CAB) for the change control and operational Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Drafted risk reports, issues reports, status reports, budget reports, time sheet reports Confidential program level
  • Handled Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), Risk management plan, Risk register, Risk Impact, occurrence and magnitude, Quality assurance, Quality audits and Quality control documents, Cost budgeting, estimations and analysis documents

Environment: .NET Framework, ASP.NET 2.0, C#, Visual Studio.Net 2003, Visual Web Developer 2005, ADO.NET, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server 2005 & Visual SourceSafe

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