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Program/senior Project Manager Resume

Dearborn, MichigaN


  • Tenured Information Technology (IT) professional with senior expertise in IT Department management, Program/Project management, IT Portfolio/Budget management, Vendor management and corporate leadership.
  • Consummate communication and writing prowess provides collaborative efficiency to work cohesively with C - level management to technical staff within complex Matrix, Functional and Project-oriented corporate structures.
  • Extensive staff development/leadership experience for both direct reports and extended cross-functional collaborative relationships (Internal/Out Sourced) in globally dispersed IT organizations.
  • Vast experience in the analyzation of complex System Infrastructures, Architectures, Application environments and Vendor software packages to deliver performance driven IT/business solutions which yield high Return on Investment (ROI) and optimize operational costs.
  • A tenacious delivery minded team leader with extensive IT/business acumen to make sound leadership decisions while remaining objective to navigate corporate cultures and remove obstacles to achieve “The Triple Constraint” (Cost, Scope and Time) Program/Project objectives.
  • Senior level System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) expertise with extensive experience in Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Maintenance support.
  • Senior level Program/Project management skill and competency of various Project Management methodologies both Waterfall and Agile (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Senior Business analysis expertise in Business Process Optimization (BPO), Improvement (BPI) and Re-engineering (BPR) of enterprise wide Business processes/IT systems to drive efficiencies in operational costs while delivering consistency in meeting corporate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets
  • Collaboration with C-level and Executive management teams to conduct Strength Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis which defined business planning strategies to increase corporate market share and annual revenue
  • Senior IT Portfolio Management experience which includes strategic planning, creation, governance and budget execution management
  • Engagement/leadership of the Business/IT stakeholders in the development of concise Business requirements, and the delivery of Scope, Work Breakdown Structure, Budget (Cost Planning and Earned Value Conversion Estimates), Resource plan and delivery timing artifacts.
  • Providing focus, direction and leadership for the successful implementation of concurrently executed multimillion dollar complex Programs and Projects


  • Project Management Office Operations
  • Waterfall/Agile(Scrum/Kanban) methodologies
  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
  • Industry Standardization Organization (ISO) 9001
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX - IT Compliance/Standards)
  • BASEL I, II Compliance (Credit Risk)
  • Change/Quality/Incident Management (ITIL)
  • Six Sigma (DMAIC/DMADV)
  • Business Intelligence
  • MS Project (Highly Proficient)
  • MS Excel/Access/PowerPoint (Highly Proficient)
  • ERP (SAP/QAD) Integrations
  • Clarity/Changepoint/Project Portfolio Management
  • Data Mining (Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, DB2, QMF)
  • Informatica (Extraction Transformation Load - ETL)
  • Legacy software (Assembler, C, COBOL II, CICS)


Confidential, Dearborn, Michigan

Program/Senior Project Manager


  • Manage day to day Digital Marketing Program ($30 million/6+ million annually over 5 years) execution activities: Collaboration with the global project teams to identify, mitigate and resolve Risk/Issues (SharePoint/Clarity), control/maintain complex project plans as well as drive task completion, address resources constraints and work with vendors to align services and product delivery.
  • Support the My Next Vehicle Agile team via the participation and assistance in Agile ceremonies/project execution which delivered Confidential Credit Corporations’ first Agile project (4 months).
  • Collaborate with department management and team leads to define project scope, develop Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) diagram (100% rule) which drives project effort and cost estimations
  • Manage Digital Marketing Online Financing Financial management efforts including planning, budgeting, accounting, conducting Earned Value Management and report financial health of the project execution.
  • Collaborate with department management and team leads to provide quarterly budget updates (Actuals vs. Forecast) as well as present budget analysis results to C-Level and Executive management.
  • Author Program/Project artifacts such as Business cases, scorecards, dashboards, roadmaps, burn up charts
  • Coordinate/conduct Project execution statistic and budget materials at the weekly Program Level 3 meetings (e.g. Department managers, developers, Business team), monthly Program Level 2 meetings (e.g. Directors, Area Manager, Department Managers) and the Program Level 1 meetings (C-level and Executive Management)

Environment: Functional organization structure, MS Project, PowerPoint, Visio, SharePoint

Confidential, Van Buren, Michigan

Project Manager/Solutions Architect


  • Manage client/vendor IT business solutions relationships between Confidential Product groups and Confidential deliver teams that supported global time and material contract efforts.
  • Senior Project management of ERP (QAD/SAP) application suite implementations and Electronic Data Interfaces (EDI) which enabled the launch of new plants and products in extremely deadline sensitive environments.
  • Applied senior proficiency in Vendor management which included vendor identification (RFI) selection (RFQ), procurement (SOW, RFP), management (Manage SLA’s), and funding (Purchase Orders)
  • Project management of the concurrent execution of multimillion dollar cross-functional projects/employees to support Climate, Electrical, Interior Product group corporate divestitures, product development and application delivery initiatives.
  • Lead project management of Business Process Improvement effort to move Confidential Intellectual Property process and IT solution to a vendor solution saving approximately $30 - 40 thousand in operational costs.
  • Managed collaborative efforts with Confidential Service Delivery Managers, Confidential product groups and third party vendors to efficiently define program/project scope, solution/approach, and pricing to deliver a concise Statement of Work (SOW) to implement Network infrastructure/security, Application infrastructure/software suites, and Data Center transformation migrating application software/infrastructure to third party Cloud infrastructure.
  • Mentor Confidential Off-shore team in Confidential PMO (ITPMO) standards and procedures
  • Extensive communication/reporting to executive management for Program/Project budget and execution status
  • Authored Project charters, Business cases, Infrastructure/network diagrams, Cost plans and present materials for approval at the Confidential Gate reviews

Environment: Functional/Matrix/Project organization structure, MS Project, MS Office Suite, Visio, enterProj, Clarity Reporting, ERP (QAD/SAP), EDI, Business Intelligence, SharePoint

Confidential, Detroit, Michigan

Project Portfolio Manager/Program and Project Manager


  • Manage/Execute the yearly GM IT global Portfolio via producing financial metrics/dashboards and collaboration with Executive Management (e.g. CIO, Directors) to drive efficiencies in Program and Project execution to meet/reduce budget requirements.
  • As GM Data Center Transformation Global Program Manager - managed multiple complex cross-functional project initiatives (Waterfall/Agile) to insource all GM mainframe services from Hewett Packard Domestic and Europe environments.
  • Program Lead to Global Project Management Office (GPMO) for Mainframe Global Infrastructure organization. Collaborate with GPMO and Executive management to define yearly Project Portfolio, Financial budget requirements (i.e. Cost Benefit Analysis), and drive efficiencies in Enterprise Resource Management (Vendor/Internal resources).
  • Senior proficiency Vendor management includes vendor identification (RFI) selection (RFQ), procurement (SOW, RFP), management (Manage SLA’s), and funding (Purchase Orders)
  • Project Management of multiple concurrent multimillion dollar global cross-functional project initiatives to implement robust Mainframe infrastructure, Disaster Recovery capability and reduce software license costs

Environment: Functional organization structure, Expert knowledge of MS Project, Excel, and PowerPoint; SharePoint; HP Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Confidential, Detroit, Michigan

Quality Assurance Team Lead


  • Acted as liaison between Business Stakeholders (Local and National), Development Team (On/Off Shore) to ensure that Development project efforts comprehensively align with Business requirements and Business Intelligence system architecture (i.e. Performance, Security).
  • Collaborate with Development staff to derive use-cases and produce project artifacts (i.e. Detail Test Plan) which establish the Test Approach/Strategy to maximize Time/Resource/Risk management requirements.
  • Lead session with Cross-Functional business units (i.e. Portal Security, Data Governance) to insure software implementations met Blue Cross Blue Shield standards for PHI and HIPAA regulations.
  • Lead/Mentor QA Testing specialists (7) to understand project initiatives and Testing Strategy; develop comprehensive test cases/test script to facilitate Regression and new functionality testing. Manage cross-functional team to ensure that only Health Care IT business solutions of high quality and performance were implemented.
  • Extensive utilization of Rapid Problem Resolution (RPR) diagnosis techniques to identify potential software issues, assist in the correct maintenance defects, and resolve system failures due to Claim system processing
  • Create/maintain Defect/Test case execution reports and dashboards to provide progress status, lead status meetings with Delivery Leads/Project Managers and drive stakeholders to meet software development/implementation project quality deliverables.

Environment: Functional/Project organization structure, MS Product Suite, Legacy, Oracle, InformaticaUnix, SAS, UML, Visio, SQL, TOAD

Confidential, Detroit, Michigan

Senior Software Developer


  • As Project Manager of Software Engineering Product development/Quality Control projects, applied DMAIC (i.e. Six Sigma) methodologies to instituted new procedural standards/best practices which provided efficiencies in Quality/Change management. Project also yielded automated System Integration and Regression testing strategies which significantly decreased testing cycle time, decremented software defect percentages, and addressed corporate Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Quality/Change Management requirements.
  • Project Leader collaborating with Technical Team Lead to assess feasibility of Client product enhancement requests via analyzing existing Functional /Business models, developing Process Models (i.e. Descriptive, Prescriptive), Use Cases and Proof of Concepts (POC) documentation and related project artifacts to present to Departmental management.
  • Technical Lead with Quality Assurance (QA) business unit to establish UAT/SIT requirements, test plans, test scenarios and test cases.
  • As QA Technical liaison/Tester, created the UAT/SIT testing environments (i.e. Test data), executed test cases and documented Data Quality and software defects for technical review.
  • Extensive utilization of Rapid Problem Resolution (RPR) diagnosis techniques to identify potential software issues, correct maintenance defects, and resolve system failures due to Hiperstation processing.

Environment: Functional organization structure, Agile development, Capability Maturity Model (CMM), Visio, UML, MS Project, MS Product Suite, Legacy and Client Server

Confidential, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Senior Technical Specialist/Project Manager


  • All project initiatives employed Full Project Life Cycle development which incorporated defining Business Process Models, Business objectives/requirements, Project scope and Use cases to support software development approaches. Extensive utilization of various Project Management methodologies (e.g. RUP, Waterfall) to lead cross-functional teams in the implementation of high quality business solutions which often exceeded “Triple Constraint” project expectations. Efforts also included creation of Project artifacts (e.g. Project Plans), managing/facilitating day-to-day operational aspects of concurrent projects, and establishing Testing methodologies to support Quality/Change Management requirements.
  • Senior Technical Specialist/Project Manager of Dealer Credit Business Intelligence project which implemented business solutions to address Basel Accord (i.e. Tier-1), Sarbanes Oxley compliance, and provide Dealer Credit executives with Credit analysis reporting/statistics to facilitate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives.
  • Senior Technical Specialist/Subject Matter Expert (SME), worked exclusively with the Dealer Credit and Risk Management executives to conduct Data Profiling Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) analysis to eradicate Data Quality (e.g. Accuracy) issues and address departmental productivity objectives. Applied DMAIC methodology to implement an Enterprise Data Warehouse business solution which significantly improved Data Quality/Reliability as well as facilitated Data Mining strategies to support Credit tier trending, and Operating Budget Development (OBD).
  • As Senior Technical Specialist collaborated and led efforts of cross-functional team of Project Business/System Analysts to implement Business Process Re-engineering initiative to integrate the Chrysler (Legacy) and Mercedes Benz (Client-Server) automobile leasing system architectures.

Environment: Project-oriented organizational structure, ISO, Basel Accord, Legacy and

Confidential, New York, New York

IT Manager of Infrastructure Systems


  • Oversee the Confidential, development and maintenance of the corporate infrastructure systems which supported Security Exchange services (e.g. Trade allocations/settlements) as well as mentor and manage Business/Technical resources to be advocates for corporate success.
  • As Program Manager collaborated with corporate executives to define Corporate Performance Management (CPM) objectives to address growth in market-share, and led cross-functional team of Clients, Process Owners, Business/System Analysts and Technical professionals in the planning/development of Business Process Optimization (BPO) projects which yielded a Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) Trading HUB..
  • Liaison to Executive management/Project administrator of Trade Services Program Project Plan, Quality Control initiatives, Project Time/Status reporting, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • As Senior Program Manager applied various Project Management disciplines
  • Served as Client relations Subject Matter Expert (SME) responsible for leading Confidential sessions to establish Trade Hub Messaging (MQseries) protocol/formats/standards, developing Business Models for new Security Trade product/services and defining Project deliverables to address Government regulations/compliances (e.g. SEC reporting).
  • Represented Confidential as Subject Matter Expert of Infrastructure systems management at Confidential session held in New York with the Japanese Trade Commission.
  • Managed team that facilitated Vendor management activities vendor identification (RFI) selection (RFQ), procurement (SOW, RFP), management (Manage SLA’s), and approved funding (Purchase Orders)
  • Managed the relationships with Software Vendors (IBM, Computer Associates, etc.) to approve product licensing and contract renewals.
  • Managed cross-functional team of Quality Assurance/Technical Staff to implement Quality/Change management standards and best practices. Efforts decreased system outages by 75% and addressed Security Exchange Commission (SEC) Trade compliance regulations.

Environment: Functional organizational structure, ISO development discipline, Legacy and

Confidential, New York, New York

Technical Specialist/Senior Project Manager


  • Managed day-to-day operations, Confidential, development and maintenance of the corporate Annuity Processing System. Provided leadership and direction to the technical/consultant staff based in New York and San Francisco. Led Senior Business/Technical staff in establishing Project deliverables, implementing Quality Control best practices and enforced corporate Project procedural standards.
  • As Senior Project Manager of the Year 2000 (Y2K) Program, defined Project Management Framework via creating the Work Breakdown Structure, Project work plan, Project Plan and various other project artifacts (e.g. Test Plans) which increased productivity and maximized resource utilization.
  • Design, developed and implemented the Annuity Maintenance System (A.M.S.) via MS Access and Crystal reports that facilitated efficiencies in Quality/Change Management (e.g. Resource allocation/defect tracking) and increased software maintenance productivity significantly for the Year 2000 initiative.

Environment: Functional/Matrix organizational structure, Legacy platform, DB2, SQL, VisioMS Project, MS Access, MS Product suite, Crystal Reports, MQ, COBOL, Assembler

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