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Project Coordinator /programmer /analyst Resume


IBM Z - 800 Mainframe, Operating System - VSE/VM, COBOL/CICS,JCL, BIM-EDIT, Confidential, IBM SQL/QMF, FTP, Confidential . 28 years of IBM mainframe experience. MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO, VISUAL BASIC, CRYSTAL REPORTS, ORACLE PL-SQL


Project Coordinator /Programmer /Analyst



  • Project leader of team which developed, coded, tested and trained users in HR/ Confidential application currently in production by Confidential, which includes employee information maintenance, time and attendance and personnel tracking for approximately 2000 employees.
  • A major contribution, was my design of the Time and Attendance module, which automated complex Confidential Overtime calculations, based on complex labor contracts combined with Atlantic County’s unique interpretation of Confidential rules. These custom modules greatly benefitted Departmental and Confidential staff y maximizing automatic calculation of Bi-Weekly Confidential processing and streamiling of the process
  • An enabling a minimizing Staff size and optimizing accuracy.
  • Confidential module interfaced with Confidential Timekeeping software. Developed Confidential module to include Confidential capability for direct deposit employee net pay to employee banking and credit union accounts, improving convenience for employees as well as minimizing check distribution issues for County Departmental staff.
  • My design of SP1 subsystem processes Departmental requests for personnel actions such as new hires, title changes, transfers, and terminations, subject to approvals at various levels of Administration.
  • Participated in the creation and Extensive use of SQL tables for inquiry and reporting. Empowering department staff members to create their own
  • Stored Queries and reports.
  • Created modules utilizing FTP to transmit files from Z800 mainframe which include Health Benefit employee deduction info To Confidential, as well as FTP modules importing data from Microsoft Timekeeping app ( Confidential ) to the Z800 mainframe Confidential Time and Attendance module And for downloading Mainframe Data to Desktop apps such as EXCEL, ACCESS. making timely accurate information available From Z800 mainframe Confidential system to desktop Apps that users are comfortable using such as Word and Excel.

Project Coordinator/Programmer/Analyst



  • Maintains inventory for medical, office and housekeeping supplies, generates purchase orders and department requisitions for Office, housekeeping and medical supplies
  • Application Schedules patient appointments for six county clinics, maintains patient immunization and other health records.
  • Report writing using Crystal Reports for production and request reporting.

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