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Sr. Project Manager Resume

Alex, VA


Confidential, Alex., VA

Sr. Project Manager


  • Acted as an operational stakeholder for the American Federation of Teachers Org. ( Confidential ) and provided subject matter lifecycle expertise for the $6M Confidential development project ( and EDUES application called ‘Connect’) including planning, development, implementation testing and deployment phase of service. Served as an escalation contact for service affecting events both during and after application deployment.
  • Provided the final tier of technical capabilities before escalation to the technical expertise of Confidential IT management. Demonstrated day - to-day strong problem resolution, judgment and communication/decision skills for all of Confidential IT projects pertaining to their new applications.
  • Manage and administered the financial, time and resource aspects for the Confidential project in excess of $2M within 10 months that maximized the use of project management best practices that produced 40% more revenue across the the teacher’s union on-scope and before delivery time.
  • Lead all internal multi-project research and development (IRAD) efforts and executed day-to-day operational oversight tracking execution against the project plan.
  • Used agile/scrum processes and EVM QAS strategies for on time task deliveries and project performance management.
  • Produced and delivered project artifacts to the client to include but not limited to functional requirements document, project plan, deployment plan, system acceptance test procedures, acceptance test report, and user guides. Enforced project standards and applied Confidential methodologies, standards, procedures, and best practices, including risk management. Attended meetings directed by the Secretary Treasure and COR of Confidential and captured minutes and created agendas concerning Confidential ’s IT operations and new development. In addition, produced weekly project progress and status reports that included tasks accomplished, action items outstanding, updated project plans, and any project risks for the activities of the IT team
  • Advised Confidential in a consultative way of their options and opportunities as we moved through the Connect Confidential project. Maintained a positive relationship with existing clients throughout the Confidential projects lifecycle. Control a wide range of day-to-day client interaction (in person, by phone and via email) with a number of assigned projects, managed Confidential /NT project team members to ensure the coordination of my team's efforts to come in on time for deadlines. Contributed to maintaining the integrity of the union; displayed high standards of ethical conduct and understood the impact of violating these standards. Worked collaboratively with Confidential IT where autonomy, innovation and agility where my norms.
  • Being the authority ‘at the table’ when talking with Confidential about what works when managing full lifecycle projects.
  • Kept tasks on target and spearheaded, collaboration with stakeholders/mangers/developers and DBAs. Learned a strong familiarity with how the union and their member-driven affiliations operate and how they use their legacy system. Produced ‘attention in details’ dedication to quality assurance and used thorough a follow through. Maintained project documentation throughout the project lifecycle according to company-defined process (Meeting Notes, Status Reports, Change Orders and Client Approvals)
  • Developed and tightly managed timelines, managed the scope of client requests to ensure timely and profitable delivery while stated objectives were met using, industry-leading project management software, increased the value of connect Confidential projects through pro-active strategic advice/direction/marketing of the project features and options.
  • Worked closely with Solutions Architect(s) and client during the requirements gathering/ documentation process and identify, made suggestions for ongoing improvement to union production processes, managed client relationships & facilitated ongoing client requests for additional work after launch of defined projects, meet with senior leadership to report project status, proposals and quality control activities.
  • Providing excellent management services and delivery skills. Networking opportunities within the Confidential union.
  • Self-motivated, success oriented, proven leader, team player, confident and educated.
  • Set more attainable goals and enforce better planning and prioritization
  • Attend management conferences to ensure the latest techniques and practices.
  • Ensured fairly well defined project framework and responsibilities.
  • Tackled stakeholders with complex relations. Established friends and relationships that drastically produced a positive team environment. Established clearly define roles and responsibilities among the team.
  • Collaborated and practically produce most of the Confidential interview documents, requirements, business rules. Accomplished clearly articulated briefings and demonstrations to the client.
  • Encouraged client to use NT services for their financial billing, Travel system and communications processes.
  • Established a strong relationship with the stakeholders and their affiliates to promote assisting them with new features and functionalities within their IT applications.
  • Encouraged team members to focus on their strengths and encourage when necessary.
  • Encouraged and suggested hiring based on individual strengths, not based on their skills and interest that align NT.
  • Confident in encouraging creativity and innovation by delegating and passing on responsibility to my team members and less focus on making folks fit.

Confidential, Ft Meade, MD

Program Manager


  • Provide governance of the DIT Portfolio of projects includes managing within 2 years 40 system development life cycle projects using agile/scrum processes that produce 50% more Intelligence compliance, accountability, product value, and monitoring capabilities representing over a $45M investment.
  • Manage and administered the financial, time and resource aspects for cyber technology projects in excess of $650,000 within 8 months that maximized the use of project management best practices to produce improved Information Technology (IT) capabilities across the world on-time, on-budget and on-scope.
  • Create, track and produce status reports for exploitation capability project life cycles identifying shortfalls, changes, issues, risk and develop mitigation plans to stakeholders and customers weekly and conduct developer’s stand-ups daily. Atlassian and Microsoft tools are used which ensure repe Confidential ble processes for producing Confidential cyber technology initiatives enhancing the agency’s investments in technology.
  • Manage and implement network defense systems using Rally implementation technology for moving prototype development to production increasing results for cyber exploitation areas in response to target anomalies.
  • Contract Officer Representative for the IT Cyber Project Portfolio controlling the task order activities and software development task oversight for 120 contractors and employees.
  • Worked on the acquisition and source selection team for $200 million software, development, integration and outsourcing contract.
  • Direct and assist a highly professional staff of senior information technology experts 70 contractors and employees performing cyber security preventions on exploitation and network systems using open source Wire Shark, Nessus and Vega security software tools enabling the agency to effectively meet the guidelines required from the Federal Information Security Management Act.
  • Develop special reports and provide executive briefings to the Intelligence Communities (written and oral) explaining complex subjects, such as dissemination capabilities in accordance to agency policies and critical exploitation capabilities in response to target and technology changes.

Confidential, Tyson Corner, VA

Senior Consultant


  • Provided SDLC management and controlled the financial, time and resource aspects for a $50 million per year cyber IT development and support effort that services the entire Confidential for approximately 246 sites and over 10,000 users worldwide.
  • Worked closely with major industries and solution providers to deliver real-time situational awareness to perform Defense Cyber Effort operations within scope, 40% under budget and on schedule.
  • This job required extensive knowledge of: Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint, SQL, JAVA, JIRA, Rally, and Oracle.

Confidential, Greenbelt, MD

Software Engineer Manager


  • Assisted in the management of Confidential Information Technology Research and Development Directorate including Software Development, Network Maintenance, D Confidential center Operations and Helpdesk and almost 115 people and a $30M annual budget producing over 200 mission exploitation capabilities in scope and within budget.
  • Responsible for the corporate strategic planning across multiple agency directorates and briefed intelligent community partners and stakeholders.
  • Designed and implemented the client’s portfolio management process to resolve challenges, risk and issues facing the cyber initiatives improving investments 65%.
  • This job required extensive knowledge of: Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint, and SQL, JAVA, JIRA, Rally.

Confidential, MD

Software Engineer Manager/Senior Consultant


  • Provided program management, including effective planning and utilization of a multi million-dollar budget, 25 technical contractor personnel and financial resources across Confidential agency’s technology initiatives ensuring performance met project goals on-time, on-budget and on-scope for multiple exploitation projects.
  • Developed and set strategic direction and coordinated YEAR 2000 IV&V activities for the Confidential .
  • Spearheaded the program management activities for the National Aeronautic and Space Administration d Confidential and retrieval systems for YEAR 2000.
  • These systems provide all aeronautic space information for Confidential ’s flight efforts.
  • Conducted analysis, appropriately applied requirements regulations and test procedures for the Flight Simulator operation.
  • Used my strong client server development, implementation and maintenance methods to analyze Confidential ’s application systems for year 2000 impacts.
  • Managed and provided creative solutions for multiple Portfolio projects consistent with Confidential Corporation practices/procedures gaining 48% more hedging efficiencies also responsible for 15 contractors.
  • Scoped and scheduled operational assessments and workflow activities for the systems architecture and areas of improvement/systemic impediments within and outside the mortgage organization enhancing system integrity.
  • Assigned to the Cable and Wireless Telecommunications Company, directed and managed knowledge needs assessments, functional requirements development, modeling of organizational business processes and system architectures/analysis for all IT efforts determining risk and preliminary results of operation improving network performance and its capability.

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