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Project Manager Resume

Ft Belvoir, VirginiA


Dedicated, goal oriented, and results driven Senior Program Analyst/Office Manager/Operations Specialist professional with over fifteen years experience in program analysis, program management, and technical support to both the government and private sector. Federally trained Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) professional with expertise in a wide - range of computer applications and an active secret clearance. Proven ability to plan and manage multiple projects while developing and maintaining excellent customer service skills.


  • Program Management
  • Freedom of Information Act Officer
  • Process Development
  • Budget Preparation and Performance Analysis
  • Federal Compliance
  • Current Secret Security Clearance
  • Product Implementation
  • Team Building
  • Data Analysis
  • Human Resource Management
  • Logistical Solutions
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures


Confidential, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

Project Manager


  • Provide program planning and management support, consultation and analysis of alternatives, and budgetary tracking of 6.1 level funding.
  • Work with the basic research program integration and execution team serving as liaison to individual grant performers and their supporting university business offices regarding recurring requirements such as annual reports, monthly financial invoices, and other grant deliverables.
  • Provide in-house data management support to receive and quality control annual reports from performers, extract and analyze data for metrics tracking.
  • Analyze invoice frequency, monitor performer burn rates, and prepare reports.
  • Maintain the basic research data management database to track data to meet DOD reporting requirements and respond to inquiries on program metrics.
  • Provide technical and managerial support and logistics for program reviews.
  • Gather and report data on project transitions and relate with other programs and agencies.
  • Work with the basic research team to develop program execution documentation for the business office.
  • Serve as the department expert for assigned grant Program Management and Contracting.
  • Serve as Grants PM and Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) for directorate Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs) and associated support contracts, including the A&AS contract, grant management website contract, post-doctoral student support contract and other contracts as assigned.
  • Create and coordinate Statements of Objectives (SOO), Statements of Work (SOW), Early Strategy Session items, and contracting/grant documentation to support acquisition activities for the department: e.g., acquisition documents, SOWs, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs), Reprogramming Requests, Interagency Agreements, etc.
  • Serve as an expert in the planning, monitoring, and administration of grant programs or projects, characterized by constantly, and sometimes greatly changing physical environment, critical problems, or other similar variables and unknowns.
  • Responsible for defining and obtaining approval for acquisition plans of all program needs.
  • Review program procurement plans and either approve them or recommend approval to the Office Chief. Resolve all program procurement problems with the Contracting or Grants Officer.
  • Support the development, presentation, and execution of operating budgets for assigned programs. Utilize budget estimates prepared by support staff to recommend base resource levels in various areas.
  • Ensure funds are properly allocated and spent in a timely manner in accordance with the budget to support the Grants Program.

Confidential, Washington, District of Columbia

Senior Program Analyst


  • Integral, pilot member of “tiger team” generating strategic plans to reduce future mishaps within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Gathered, compiled, and analyzed manpower and statistical data utilizing a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to improve metrics and mishap management within the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Safety and Occupational Health Division (USACE, SOH).
  • Created Planning Strategic Timeline (PST) to meet all deadlines for a full year out.
  • Prepared reports, formulated policy, provided guidance and services, and provided oversight for management regarding workforce development, recruiting, and leadership enhancement as well as employee policy matters.
  • Served as Project Management Specialist and principal advisor/consultant on management and leadership services to offices of Project manager or Project Director.
  • Performed in-depth studies and special projects in a variety of management and administrative program areas.
  • Responsible for the review, oversight, and of a variety of administrative programs to include: management of suspenses and taskings from higher headquarters, internal controls, records management and standard operating procedures.
  • Provided administrative planning, oversight, and support of a variety of special and continuing projects as required.
  • Analyzed information and data; assessed progress of programs, projects, and processes.
  • Organized, managed, and presented information to include recommendation both formally and informally via oral and written means.

Confidential, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

Office Manager/Executive Assistant/Property Book Custodian/Policy SME


  • Coordinated programmatic and administrative actions of the office to assure that proper and timely actions are completed.
  • Coordinated administrative actions to support requirements for the requisitioning of furniture, supplies, subscriptions, office moves, telephone requirements, etc.
  • Developed and maintained a records management program for a well-established records system which provides a tracking system of office administrative service requests (i.e., requisitions, personnel actions, etc.)
  • Served as liaison to other offices for administrative problem reporting and resolution.
  • Advised management regarding personnel matters for the Division including the areas of recruitment, classification, reorganization, etc.
  • Coordinated budget requests for travel, staffing and related administrative support needs of the office, including coordinating input from subordinate offices.
  • Analyzed and compiled data that applies to a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to assess and improve performance management or metrics with respect to Confidential J9 NTS in all areas of manpower data or statistical data.
  • Formulated policy, provided guidance, oversight and services to management with regard to workforce development, recruiting, leadership enhancement and employee policy matters.
  • Participated in meetings, conferences, and joint requirements boards with members from DoD components, Confidential senior managers, and as required, other federal agencies.
  • Supported the development and execution of implementation plans and procedures based on results of studies or on findings and recommendations.
  • Collected and analyzed performance metrics. Prepared cost, schedule and performance reports for and led regularly scheduled in-progress reviews regarding the program.
  • Created, edited and/or maintained an organization website using SharePoint software.
  • Interpreted and applied human resource management guidelines, policies, standard operating procedures and regulations.
  • Received, verified accuracy and processed time and attendance correspondence. Audited, maintained, and published a variety of management reports.
  • Created and implemented the first Standard Operating Procedures and Welcome Package for In-Processing new employees for Confidential -J9, NTS.
  • Served as office automation technician for video teleconferences (VTC) and meetings; set up connections and audio visual aids.

Confidential, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

Executive Assistant


  • Created and implemented all programs for events planned within the unit.
  • Planned several events with attendees ranging from 50 to 300, including high ranking military. This included venue confirmation, invitation tracking and audio visual set up with off site locations, as well as fixing issues that invariably come to fruition during key points of presentations.
  • Interpreted and applied human resource management guidelines, policies, standard operating procedures and regulations.
  • Processed personnel actions, such as recruitment, retirement and overseas tour extensions using Confidential and Gatekeeper systems. Verified and tracked personnel information.
  • Reviewed incoming directives, policies, and instructions and provided advice on those affecting the unit. Set priorities; assigned, distributed and reviewed work of others; monitored preparation for staff visits; managed Installation Information Infrastructure Communications and Capabilities (I3C2) publication welcome packages; and ensured compliance with regulations and internal controls.
  • Utilized automated systems and computer applications to build queries and to prepare and process a variety of routine and non-routine correspondence, memorandums, reports, forms, charts and spreadsheets.
  • Received, verified accuracy and processed time and attendance correspondence. Audited, maintained, and published a variety of management reports.
  • Created and implemented the first Standard Operating Procedures for Confidential .
  • Served as office automation technician for video teleconferences (VTC) and meetings, set up connections and audio visual aids.


Operational Administrator/Specialist/FOIA Officer


  • Created and maintained databases to track usage and location of over 2,000 copiers throughout Germany and Italy; served as functional expert to the Inspector General’s Inspection team.
  • Researched legal interpretations of the FOIA as it affects exemption and release of documents and analyzed requests for compliance with applicable federal and agency regulations.
  • Managed personally identifiable information (PII), handled complaints, and forwarded FOIA results to Washington, D.C.
  • Coordinated with subordinate commands to resolve FOIA related issues. Coordinated FOIA litigation responses with attorneys.
  • Advised on disclosure and nondisclosure of highly sensitive documents. Evaluated complex and simple FOIA cases for appropriate fees in accordance with regulation.
  • Developed and presented FOIA to unit level FOIA officers via power point and other electronic means.
  • Logged, tracked, and processed FOIA requests. Maintained records for the preparation of the FOIA annual report, ensuring the report contained complete and accurate information and that it was submitted in a timely manner.
  • Served as the 21st Theater Confidential, Knowledge Management Officer for both Army Records Information Management System, and FOIA for the command.
  • Established office file systems, retention periods, and appropriate disposition instructions.
  • Created and implemented a program for incoming personnel.
  • Interpreted and applied human resource management guidelines, policies, standard operating procedures and regulations. Assisted with processing personnel actions i.e. recruitment, retirement, overseas tour extensions using Confidential /Gatekeeper systems.
  • Reviewed incoming directives, policies, and instructions and provided advice on those affecting the unit; set priorities; assigned, distributed and reviewed work of others; monitored preparation for command inspections and staff visits; managed 21st Theater Confidential unit publication program; and ensured compliance with regulations and internal controls.

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas

Counter Sales/Inside Sales Supervisor


  • Determined requirements and presented for five remote locations in the implementation of the Nationwide Silver Dressing product launch. Each launch held over 350 attendees.
  • Created and maintained budgetary spreadsheets tracking actual expenses and invoices covering portfolio management for over 15 separate projects worth over $100,000 each.
  • Analyzed trends and made recommendations to senior level personnel to resolve systemic issues, resulting in significantly improved accountability and increased profit margin for KCI.
  • Compiled statistical data using research, fact finding techniques and analysis to gather applicable data to determine trends and systemic issues affecting the accountability problems within the company and its customers; prepared a variety of reports and graphs depicting findings.
  • Developed and conducted required specialized and development for assigned employees to ensure coverage of organization mission requirements.
  • Provided employee in-processing classes on organization procedures and work requirements to Temp employees.
  • Verified accuracy and consistency of internal manuals for all new products; created and maintained product files.
  • Developed and wrote Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for areas of responsibility. Prepared and presented briefings supporting product launches.

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