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Senior Software Developer Resume


  • More than 18years of experience designing and implementing mission critical software for Medical Devices, Payments, Logistics, and Air Traffic Control system, using C/C++ on UNIX, VC++, C# on Windows and C on Tandem environments.
  • Strong debugging expertise with real - time critical systems.
  • Strong domain expertise in field of air traffic management with major working experience for European Aerospace.
  • Major involvement in critical live transition of air traffic control system at Swedish and Finnish Aerospace.
  • Strong domain expertise in Air logistics domain with major working experience on Air Logistics Programme for UK.
  • Excellent working knowledge of SEI level 5 quality procedures and implementation (SDLC, PMLC)
  • Well experienced in reverse engineering process to gather requirements and to design coherent systems.
  • Involved in project proposal making and project estimation.
  • Proven skills in managing teams to work in sync with the corporate set parameters & motivating them for achieving business and individual goals. A thorough professional with a proactive attitude, energetic, self-motivated, capable of thinking & generating new design solutions & ideas.


Topics: Technologies

Programming Languages: C, C++, VC++ and C#

Hardware Platforms: Sun, Tandem, Wintel

Operating Systems: Unix (Solaris, AIX, Dec Alpha), Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android, Telium

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server

Libraries & Frameworks: PEG Plus Library, MFC, STL, MKS Tools

Software Design: OOP/OOAD, Design Patterns

Debugging Tools: Rational Purify, Keil microvision debugger, dbx, gdb

Version Control: Git, TFS, Rational ClearCase, SVN, CVS

Concurrency & Networking: Multithreading, TCP/IP, UNIX IPC

Tools: Collis, GoogleTest, CppUnit, MS-Office

Academic || Self-taught: JavaScript, Python


Senior Software Developer

Confidential, Plano, Tx

  • Spectrum - A Payment Application that runs on a Stand Alone device referred to SIP device. The Payment software is driven by a POS system when it is in SIP mode. Spectrum is EMV certified, Quick Chip enabled and is presented as a black box to POS vendors to support EMV via simple POS integration. Spectrum is capable of supporting TCP/IP & WIFI for transaction processing with Gateway currently and can support Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, or RS-232 connection to the POS system. Spectrum listens for commands from the POS. When a command is received, it processes the command, typically a payment request transaction. Spectrum processes the entire transaction including card acquisition and additional prompting if required, and authorizes it through Heartland via TCP/IP. The result of the transaction and receipt data is sent back to the POS so that the POS can print a receipt and store the result for reporting. Spectrum can be leveraged to various hardware Vendors like Ingenico and Castles (Android) that can talk to multiple POS systems with very minimal integration.
  • Responsible for Design and Development of new features such as EMV PIN Debit Sale, Contactless EMV Sale, Combined Sale Flow.
  • Leading the offshore team of 4 resources. The responsibilities include assigning the tasks, tracking, code reviews and mentoring the resources.
  • This product is developed using C, C++, Visual Studio, Ingedev, Android Studio, Telium SDK, Android SDK, EMV Libraries, CLess Libraries, Github and SVN.

Senior Software Developer

Confidential, New York

  • Responsible for design and implementation of enhancements to the software portions of the ADVIA Centaur and ADVIA Centaur XP medical devices.
  • These instruments are mature immunoassay analyzers intended for high volume labs. Their designs include proprietary robotics and controllers for automated reagent and sample management, as well off the shelf general purpose computing equipment to run user interfaces and database instances that house large repositories of work orders, results, assay definitions and configurable system parameters.
  • The Centaur utilizes Sun Solaris and Oracle, and the newer Centaur XP utilizes MS Windows and SQL Server. Both systems utilize software implemented in C, and are tested using protocol simulators written in C++. We also use the Rational ClearCase version control system, dbx debugger, and Rational Purify to identify and prevent memory leaks.

Technical Architect


  • Key contributor to the design and implementation of a medical device intended for use in operating rooms, emergency rooms, and intensive care units, to continuously monitor partial CO2 pressure in patient breath.
  • When connected to an SpO2 adapter, this device also had the ability to monitor patient SpO2 (i.e. Pulse Ratio or Saturated Oxygen)
  • We used Microsoft VC++, the PEG Plus light weight embedded system user interface library, Keil microvision debugger, the SVN source code control system, and a Model View Controller architecture, to create a smaller, more modern, less feature rich version of a device that had previously been developed.

Technical Lead


  • Key member of a software development team responsible for design, development and enhancement of the CCS-UK Message Switching System for the Air Logistics Program at BT Global Services.
  • We implemented this product using C, C++, STL, Multithreading, Sun Solaris and Tandem.
  • The Air Logistics Programme (ALP) provides the Airlines, Freight Forwarders and air cargo communities with the means to communicate logistics information.
  • ALP includes CCS-UK, which in turn is one of the largest Air Freight EDI solutions for passenger airlines and the air cargo community, and also provides connectivity to the United Kingdom’s HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs service) CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import & Export Freight) computer system.
  • CSS-UK is comprised of 3 major parts: (1) An International Air Transport (IATA) Cargo Switching Translation and Routing (CSTAR) EDI message switch and networks. (2) A community database for inventory, linking customs import clearances between commercial traders and HMRC. (3) An internet gateway for non-customs messaging
  • The IATA CSTAR EDI Message Switch provides real-time 24x7 EDI conversion of messages across domain specific information exchange standards (including UN EDIFACT and IATA Cargo-IMP), and communications protocols (including TCP/IP, IATA, BATAP, SLC and X.25), as well as routing of messages across the latter network types. Typical message switching times are less than one second.

On-site Coordinator/Technical Lead/Software Developer


  • Stationed in both Malmo Sweden and Mumbai India, and charged with enhancing an Air Traffic Control System designed to gather, process and display radar, flight plan and aeronautical information data. This effort included both the S2K/UAE for EUROCAT 2000 Program, and COOPANS projects, and resulted in the creation of base functionality which was subsequently incorporated into many European Air Traffic Control installations.
  • Enhancements were focused on helping Air Traffic Controllers to perform their operational duties more effectively, by improving the user interfaces on which they relied.
  • We implemented this product using C, C++, UNIX (DEC Alpha), Multithreading, STL, ODS Toolbox, and X-Motif.

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