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Visual Effects Coordinator Resume

Hollywood, CA


  • Experienced project manager looking to utilize my extensive experience in entertainment and visual effects to work in the greater Phoenix area. Passion for leading teams, creating projects, and the execution of projects from conception to completion.


  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) of the Scrum Alliance.
  • SaaS Software and data management expertise.
  • Delegate and assess contributor assignments.
  • Manage expectations downwards and upwards.
  • Assess bids, budgets, and schedule extensions.
  • Sub - contractor and client coordination.


Visual Effects Coordinator

Confidential, Hollywood, CA

  • Contracted as a consultant to analyze and put together a series of bids for potential new business at the company.
  • Identified complexities for digital cosmetic enhancements on actors in shot footage.
  • Assessed cost and delivery time-frames for new shot turnovers from client.
  • Rendered and exported shots received from sub-contractors for final submission to client.
  • Maintained daily liaison with the company's primary sub-contractors, including assigning new work and enforcing deadlines.
  • Monitored server usage and access for all in-house artists and developed data management protocols.

Development Coordinator

Confidential, Culver City, CA

  • Project hire for a specific feature film in its 2nd round of development.
  • Presented a 50-second proof-of-concept test edit to the chairman of Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group and the executive board of Tristar Pictures.
  • Facilitated all major communication channels between the Director, Producer, vendors, and studio.
  • Oversaw and designed the project's expense tracking.
  • Actualized weekly costs against the project's cash flow to the VP of Motion Picture Production Finance at Sony.
  • Conformed all incoming vendor deliverables, such as storyboards and concept art, to internal production standards.
  • Oversaw the submission of digital and physical assets, including physical footage and audio mixes, to the Editorial team.
  • Supervised all aspects of project wrap from crew off-boarding to final digital archival with the Sony Pictures post-production department.
  • Evaluated crew needs and on-boarding on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Planned and participated in monthly "Braintrust" meetings with the project's financiers and executive producers.

Production Coordinator

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

  • Managed multiple cross-site production teams, with crew up to 36 people, between locations such as Australia, Beijing, London, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
  • Assigned to up to 5 separate projects simultaneously with different budgets to manage and clientele to report to.
  • Constructed and maintained the overall schedule for each assigned project.
  • Delegated project workload and artist assignments to best maximize the budgeted man-hour allotments.
  • Represented Confidential at multiple high-profile networking events including Sundance Film Festival, CES Shanghai, and DICE Las Vegas, to showcase our clients' products and projects in development.
  • On-call as the primary contact between our company and all major departments on a film crew.
  • Drafted and supervised the submission of all major project status reports to client and for internal circulation.
  • Reviewed high priority items with production executives frequently, including on-set and via remote conference.
  • Designed an internal tracking system for all assets, bugs, and major development tasks.
  • Led tracking for all major project goals while participating in daily Scrum meetings during the Agile development processes for our Virtual Reality projects.
  • Negotiated project extensions and budget adjustments on projects in production.
  • Interviewed engineers and animators for crewing our Virtual Reality team.
  • Mentored junior coordinators and new hires in production protocols and project scheduling.

Production Assistant

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

  • Reported to the Director of Corporate Affairs, assisting her with marketing projects, greeting clientele, and general office upkeep.
  • Liaison with building management, maintained office seating chart, and arranged contractors during office growth.
  • Tracked non-disclosure agreements for all visitors, and greeted clients and VIP's at reception.

Production Assistant

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

  • Tasked with both in the office and on-set duties as a junior crewmember for multiple non-scripted television shows and development pitches.
  • Organized craft services on set, ran errands for executives, catalogued receipts for accounting, and broke down set after shooting.
  • Notable Projects include TOP 20 FUNNIEST (broadcasted on TruTV) & AUCTION HUNTERS (broadcasted on SpikeTV).

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