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Project Lead Analyst Resume



  • Consummate Professional with vast experience in LMS Administration, Project Management, Business Analysis, Logistics, supply chain and distribution,Communication and relationship Management, Training, Educational and ICT Industries. Remarkable Expertise in Operations management. A passion for Customer relations management with Demonstrable Problem Solving Capabilities.


  • LMS Administration
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Project /Business Analyst
  • Supply Chain and distribution
  • Account Management
  • Hiring & Mentoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Change Management
  • Project Cordination
  • Marketing Communication
  • Oracle Modules & Operations
  • Collegiate Management
  • Planning & Coordination


Confidential, Delaware

Project Lead Analyst

  • Responsible for the FACTA and CRS due diligence preparation and analysis . Conduct pre evaluation to ensure clients and entities follow the IRS tax rules and have valid documentations. Comply with AML regulations to in accordance to Confidential corporate rules and regulations.
  • Navigate Tax portal for upload of W8 and W9 tax forms. Utilize Validation tools GPHRS, IPS, CRS validation tool to validate Clients tax forms. Ensure that client account details are a match in KYC, eTACS and AMC. Research internal systems to ensure formation documents are up to date authenticated. Ensure Exemption rules reportable and non reportable clients are communicated and adhered to. Develops reporting and control procedures, preparation of information required for financial reporting and analysis and professional usage of share point.
  • Translate the Business requirement document and work tech team to implement both functional requirements.
  • Liaise with Other project departments to ensure project activities and delivery is seamless . Supports business activities by providing advice on financial implications related to business trends and products,
  • Highlight risks associated with project deliverables and provide way forward to the gaps identified through elaborate communication.
  • Maintain Training Calendar, Curriculum for the various user groups by issuing, time sensitive user credentials that are tracked and disabled upon completion of the training.
  • Conduct Learning and development through training to global clients on Using Global Learning Management (GLMS), Generate compliance of the project reports.
  • Upload documents and training contents in the GLMS.
  • Utilize Vizio, eTACS and oracle systems to Map the required business Process with close collaboration of technology department.
  • Ensure that the share point paths in the portal are accurate and specific to the relative user group and document access.
  • Utilize Document management system for bulk archival and retrieval of documents .
  • Provide relationship management,Customer service, Professional Communication to global and local clients and respond to inquiries on time with appropriate solutions to the queries.
  • Ensure project deliverables and milestones are signed off on time with minimal constraints without compromising quality.
  • Use JIRA to track project progress and evaluate feedback to better business practices.
  • Proficient use of Pivot tables and VLook up

Confidential, TN

Project Relationship and Account Operations Manager

  • Hire, train and manage Commutation staff responsible for Project call center at the National treasury (Ministry of Finance).
  • Ensure their is a call support matrix that addresses all queries raised in the meetings and project as a whole.
  • Provide solutions arising from summarized communication, call center and client feedbacks.
  • Collect business requirement on the BRD and work with cross functional teams to ensure all stages of the product life cycle are followed for successful implementation.
  • Utilize Microsoft project tools to track project progress,Scheduling,and resource management.
  • Provide Relationship representation for FMIS Academy capacity building contract and services between Government of Kenya ministries, Counties, Departments Parastatals, agencies and other project partners and stake holders.
  • Liaise with Oracle office to ensure the training curriculum, program, and resource hiring is compliant with oracle standards.
  • Provide Leadership to the project team during deliveries and liaise with Country CEO to ensure adequate operation strategies for project deliveries from project initiation to project closure.
  • Attend all high profile meetings with project donors and project partners to ensure compliance is adhered to and quality assurance is not compromised.
  • Present weekly, monthly and quarterly report to the board Members on progress, status and highlighting risk components.
  • Implement monitoring and evaluation mechanisms through efficient feedback methodology that helps align project delivery and improve effectiveness.
  • Convene weekly Skype meetings with offshore teams and onsite team members to deliberate on the project status, challenges and mitigation measures.
  • Generate retention programs and ensure that all operations are galvanized by team success and team rewards through quarterly team change management workshops and team building initiatives offsite.
  • Manage and supervise diverse staff by hiring, assigning Duties and tasks, Evaluate resources and review of project delivery through SMART HR system.
  • Utilize agile methodology in project management methodology to execute projects.

Confidential, TN

Training Coordinator/Administrator

  • Maintained up to date and Standard Trainer Curriculums.
  • Coordinate daily training and administrative operations at Kenya school of Government, Lower Kabete campus for IFMIS Academy.
  • Responsible for maintaining trainee’s record data base.
  • Conduct training need assessment on line using open source tools and field survey.
  • Ensure accounting and payment of services and goods are done on a timely manner with accounts and finance department
  • Upload and approve LMS contents to ensure quality using the administrative dashboard
  • Liaise with trainers to ensure training curriculums are all up to standard and up to date.
  • Update training content on Cloud for effective storage and safe access
  • Oversee procurement of goods, manage vendor contracts and maintain constant inventories, arrange for daily outsourced transport for both staff and participants as needed authorize use of motor vehicles for dignitaries and clients visits.
  • Ensure that training of Government officials is classified and protocol observed when attending to the various classes of officers and highly regarded dignitaries and personnel.
  • Generate and manage a yearly training calendar that includes and cover training of Senior Government Procurement officers, budget officers, Auditors, HR, Finance officers and ICT officers.

Confidential, PENNSYLVANIA

Manager - Sports Equipment Procurement and Supply chain

  • Headed the University Change and Implementation Management Committee (CHIMAC).
  • Guide, train and prepare department employees on projects and compliance.
  • Interface with the various departments and lay solve budgetary needs.
  • Manage all nike, Adidas, and multiple sports vendors from bid to award of the tender and through distribution.
  • Maintain and manage university training facility and operations.
  • Develop and maintain electronic tracking system with our IT department to ease audit and inventory stock taking.
  • Liaise with stakeholders to ensure procurement regulations are not breached.
  • Regulate stadium contracts and ensure efficiency in vehicle and machine procurement.
  • Head of University (CHIMAC) Change and implementation management committee.
  • Oversee equipment quality control initiatives, purchases and all receiving and distribution logistics.

Confidential, Delaware

Customer Relations Supervisor

  • Strove to Maintain High guest Quality and Satisfaction at all times.
  • Improved employee employer’s Relations through Audits & Surveys.
  • Represent corporate and management in annual conferences local and internationally.
  • Manage the hotel call center for guest services
  • Hire, train and conduct orientation for new teams.
  • Monitor and evaluate guest complaints during and after stay through online interactive software.
  • Maintain guest quality and satisfaction during and after stay.
  • Liaison between corporate office and the franchise hotel.

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