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Senior Software Engineer Iii Resume



  • 8+ Years of experience in software design and development with proficiency at various levels of product development in the field of C/C++, Multi - threading, STL on windows and Linux platforms.
  • 8 Years of experience in C++ development on Windows using visual studio and Linux with multi-threading and STL
  • 6 years’ experience in C, Linux
  • Experience in product development in storage domain. Experience in all phases of product development
  • Implemented Municipal Bond Trading daemon using C/C++ and Sybase for Swiss bank, which routes the Bid wanted requests to vendors like The Municipal Center, Bond desk
  • Solid experience in Linux/C programming. Experience in TCP/IP Socket Programming, multi-threaded programming, inter-process communication and system library interface. Debugging experience in Unix/Linux based environment with GDB, Strace
  • Experience in High Availability (HA) software Design, Development, and debugging on ATCA complaint distributed systems environment. Sound Knowledge of design and development of High Availability Systems on a cluster/Distributed environment
  • Developer at OpenSAF( http://opensaf.org/) Project. Worked on open source model of software development, extensively debugged and cleaned up existing code to vastly improve the performance of the code.
  • Hands on experience in usage of Make files, Configuration Management tools like Clear Case, CVS
  • Experience in writing scripts using shell scripting, Perl and Python for automation. Experience implementing tools using Python


Platforms: Windows, Linux

Programming Languages: 8 years experience in C++ (Primary)/Windows development with multi-threading and STL, 6 years experience in C/Linux programming

Other Skills: C/C++ programming on window/Linux, Shell scripting, Core Java, TCP/IP Socket Programming, Multi-Threading, TIPC, Linux Environment Expertise, XML, experience with Networking Protocols TCP/UDP, SNMP, Good Understanding of Linux kernel Internals, POSIX API, win32 API, Sybase SQL and Stored Procedures, DB API, SQL server

Windows: Visual studio C++, Windbg

Linux: Make, Cygwin, GDB, KGDB, cscope, tcpdump, Profilers like gprof, Rational Clear case, Clear quest, Purify and Valgrind, Git, Jenkins, Splunk, Cvs, Jira

Relational, Object databases and formats: Microsoft SQL server, Sybase SQL and Stored Procedures

Scripting: Unix/Linux Shell Scripting, Perl and Python


Confidential, Philadelphia

Senior Software Engineer III

Technologies: Windows C++ programming (Visual Studio), Linux, C, C++, Shell scripting and Multi-Threading, cvs


  • Developed Municipal Bond Trading daemon in ‘C’ for routing bid requests to external vendors
  • Designed and implemented the data structures for calculating winning bids
  • Developed stored procedures using Sybase and executed them from ‘C’ using DB APIs
  • Worked on Java daemon that transfers Quote Request/ Response messages between servers using FIX protocol


Senior Software Engineer II


  • Design of Software upgrade server and node director process.
  • Implementation of the design with exhaustive unit testing.
  • Implementing an initialization script for node level upgrades which will be invoked in place of the regular Initialization of Linux. This customized initialization script will invoke the Linux actual initialization after the upgrade related work is done.
  • Writing scripts to edit F120 U-boot boot-loader parameters for upgrade configuration.


Senior Software Engineer


  • Design and implement the above mentioned module services and corresponding client API libraries for interacting with servers.
  • Design/Implement redundancy and restart ability for the services.
  • Write C test programs which act as agents for the services and link with the library and Unit test the module using these applications.
  • Ownership of the service. Expert of the modules. Solve Confidential (client) reported or OpenSAF™ community reported bugs in the module.
  • Requirement Analysis involved evaluating the Linux Opensaf middleware software and finding out all the OS touch points and figuring out the right set of windows development tools/compilers/cross compilers available for windows (Mingw, Interix).
  • Re-designed few of the Opensaf middleware services to suit for windows.
  • Replaced all the Linux OS system calls with windows equivalents.
  • Implemented Linux syslog daemon like service for windows.
  • Replaced all the Linux shell scripts with right set of functionalities for windows.


Software Engineer

Environnent: UNIX Solaris, C++


  • Develop various enhancements to the ISMSC product and fix bugs reported by customers. The work involved coding and unit testing, debugging, and analysis of core files sent by customers. It required frequent interaction with the customers.

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