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Scrum Master/tech Analyst Resume



  • Experienced as a Scrum master,PM. BSA Talent for proactively identifying and resolving problems, reversing negative trends, controlling costs, automating manual processes, maximizing productivity, and delivering values.
  • Managed the implementation of DevOps strategies and application/database projects using Agile/waterfall methodology.
  • Accomplished project developments in Healthcare,Speciality Insurance, Finance, Banking, Manufacturing, Auto & Home Insurance, Hospitality, Travel and the Logistic domain. Served as a Business/ Technical/ Infrastructure/ Functional/ DevOps Analyst.
  • Adept in Agile and Waterfall methodology implementation using SDLC life cycle.
  • Ensure that the Scrum Process are running and the team abides by Scrum practices.
  • Act as a liaison between the Business/Product Owner and the Development/Testing team. Maintain a proper balance between the Project Owner, Management, and the Scrum Team.
  • Maintain and Organize a Product Backlog and help a PO prioritize, create & verify the completeness of user stories and acceptance criteria.
  • Solve and Remove Impediments, shield the team from interruptions during sprints, and encourage the team to go the extra mile.
  • Experience in coaching users and the development community on the Agile and KanBan framework, but also aligning teams on business, organization and Sprint goals.
  • Utilizing the skills and abilities of the team and motivating for a cross functional team, thus building a high - performance team.
  • Broad experience with Application Development including Web Service Arch, Database design, Migration and Data Optimization .
  • Experience working with Multiple Vendors and Cross Functional Teams.
  • Promoting continuous Process Improvement by eliminating waste and automating a manual process.
  • Well disciplined & organized with proven ability to meet tight deadline schedules.
  • Strong Analytical skills for interpreting and translating business needs, process, workflow, and data security needs into functional, non-functional, and technical requirement, but also key deliverables.
  • Ability to break bigger problem easy to understandable for business and IT. Collaborate with experts to resolve quickly.
  • Ability to quickly respond to changing business needs and create workable and efficient solutions for a faster delivery to the market for project success
  • Review of project artifacts, transfer of knowledge to the team, ensure all requirements are understood and met, and acquire the sign off.
  • Participate in Quality control and Testing at every level and Defect Management.
  • Planning the project, requirement, scope, schedule, communication, resources, but also handling change requests, forecasting budgets, manage release and deployment from inception to implementation - and usually concurrently
  • Project management expertise in resource management, task assignment, project tracking, user/ management reporting, facilitation, coordination, risk assessment, mitigation, and supervising projects of all sizes.
  • Lead a DevOps implementation, performed a DevOps assessment with application teams, and supported a DevOps implementation that helped in increasing productivity.
  • Worked with enterprise teams to procure the environments (aws,vcloud,IBM) and configure them for the application teams, and thus saved a significant amount of time for teams
  • Good understanding of a project’s technical need and architecture
  • Experience in use of BI tools (SSIS,SSRS)for creating reports to help business analysis.
  • Have ability to automate manual processes that helped increased productivity.


  • Business System Analysis, Requirement Management
  • End to End Project Management & Project Implementation using Agile Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall methodology
  • Implementation of DevOps
  • Database Design & Migration
  • Estimation, Schedule, Scope, Budget, and Cost Control
  • Risk & Quality Assessment
  • Global Delivery Model
  • Working on multiple projects concurrently
  • Infrastructure gating and procurement


Methodologies/Process: DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Water fall Object oriented analysis & design, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Rational Unified Process (RUP)

Languages: Visual basic, VBA scripting, VB.Net, Java Script,, HTML, SQL, C#, CSDK Borland, J2EE (Servlets, JSP, XML, XSL)

Application software: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Microsoft Visio, SharePoint, TSO/ISPF, People soft, Clarity, HP Quality Center, Style Report, Crystal report, SSRS, SSIS, PVCS,GIT, CVS, Filenet, Rational rose, Jenkin, Lara, Rally, Jira, TeamForge, Caliber for requirement, Confluence

Backend & Middleware: ORACLE 12c, Aurora DB,TERADATA, SYBASE, SQL Server, DB2 Windows, MS Access, Mainframe file browsing, UDB, View point (Teradata tool), Atanasoft Terada data compression tool

Operating System: Windows, Unix, Undergoing Salesforce admin


Confidential, AZ

Scrum Master/Tech Analyst

Technologies /Skills Used: Oracle, IQ Data warehouse, soap and rest webservice, Confluence, JIRA, SOAPUI, service now, Java


  • Assist business in creating EPIC, prioritizing backlog, creating user stories, help in story mapping. Validating SRD and test cases. Validating acceptance criteria with product owner and transferring knowledge to developers and testers
  • Manage fast delivery twice a week with team coordination.
  • Participating in scrum of scrum to identify dependencies and act on it
  • Prepare scrum reports for stakeholders
  • Supporting Agile team with Sprint planning, story grooming, standup, sprint review, retrospective, project planning.
  • Protecting team from external interference and solve impediments.
  • Partner with Product owner, program manager and architect to resolve any queries
  • Coordinate knowledge transition to prod support before deployment.
  • Creating data map, data dictionary, Data analysis, design and mapping with external vendor requirement.
  • Monitor data inconsistency issues, process gaps, debug issues
  • Create relevant interface agreement document, database mapping for external parties
  • Support testing to validate user story acceptance criteria, tested Web services using soapUI
  • Manage all backend database and webservice support
  • Manage all documentation, meeting notes, workflow and all change requests for traceability in confluence., deployment backout strategy and interact with business, all level of stakeholders, QA, development teams, architect, other functional teams, external vendors, enterprise teams and ensure it is deployed successfully with proper approvals.
  • Create rules in Oracle PL/SQL, create SOAP and Rest service interface requirement and specifications.
  • Create API for common functionality.
  • Configure backed rules in CRM tool for copay campaign, warehouse data Extracts through automation directly sent to vendors.
  • Create automation using batch process as well one-time DML to fix issues and taking corrective actions to avoid same issues in future

Confidential, AZ


Technologies /Skills Used: Jira,Aurora DB,Confluence,Kafka,Cassandra DB, AWS,Restful service, grafana, kibana, SOAPUI


  • Supporting Agile team with Sprint planning, story grooming, standup, sprint review, retrospective, project planning, updating user stories, backlog, acceptance criteria.
  • Coaching team to abide scrum practices.
  • Protecting team from external interference and solve impediments.
  • Partner with Product owner, program manager and architect to resolve any queries
  • Participating in scrum of scrum to identify dependencies and act on it
  • Prepare scrum reports for stakeholders
  • Validating acceptance criteria with product owner and transferring knowledge to developers and testers
  • Collecting business requirement and creating story maps
  • Creating data map, data dictionary, use db to do data analysis
  • Primary responsibility to manage all project documentations, meeting notes, workflow and all change requests for traceability in confluence.
  • Creating change requests, participate in CAB meetings and coordinating deployments
  • Partner with cross commit teams and enterprise teams to ensure all security and compliance measures are taken
  • Requesting for environments and DB instance in AWS and networking requirements
  • Support testing to validate user story acceptance criteria, tested Web services using soapUI


Scrum Master and Tech BSA

Technologies /Skills Used: Java,Restful service,Jira,confluence


  • Leading of scrum events, tracking of project status, updating it to management and all the impacted teams and stakeholders across the globe and keeping them aligned on projects, and organizing the demo.
  • Working on multiple project requirements concurrently, effectively managed risks and issues to control budget expenditure, helping the customer defining features. Translating business needs into Tech user stories, acceptance criteria, SRS, and a process diagram, but also acted as a proxy product owner for team review and obtain sign off.
  • Verification and validation of notification templates, working with the marketing team to get translations for different languages to be used globally, and I changed the way translations are collected, which helped the development team reduce the time it took to load in to the system.
  • Discussing the project schedule and preparing a roadmap and keeping it up to date for multiple projects, and also managing the scope changes.
  • Leading the project from the beginning to the end including participating in technical and architect discussions and being coordinated with all impacted teams so they can be aligned on the changes.
  • Partner with the internal and external testing teams. Managing the defects.
  • Adhere to the company’s development process. Preparation of release documents. Performing the closing the activities and bringing projects to a logical closure.
  • Ownership of organizing documents in the document repository using TeamForge and the Caliber tool for proper traceability.

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona

Scrum Master, PM and BSA


  • Successfully managed to implement and setup a continuous delivery pipeline, build automation, continuous integration, deployment automation, test automation, virtualization and Agile/KanBan framework for continuous delivery to improve faster delivery time to market and prepare a report to show the efficiency gain in terms of defect reduction and faster delivery time to market
  • Helped the team implement the TDD approach and pair programming, test automation, integration with QC, Lisa service virtualization, and use the test data management tool.
  • Helped team transfer the repository from SVN to GIT and educated them on the branching pattern, code review using GIT Gerrit, integrate SonarQube for code quality and code coverage
  • Helped team procure the Cloud servers and understanding the team need.
  • Researched on the virtual/portable development environment using Docker, Used Vagrant simulating to a production-type environment so to avoid having a physical environment for the developers to test and the developers can spin to a different environment.
  • Interfaced with business users across all CIO units to collect the requirements, performed gap analyses, managed the scope and prioritized features, helped the PO to groom the product backlog and workflow, but also verified the completeness of user stories
  • Helped in the database design. Strategized and tracked data migration from SharePoint and old databases to new databases using SSIS. Verified the integrity of the data. Implemented the BI tool for reports and data analysis using SSRS
  • Procured servers, database, and software needed for the development team, but also renewed the server lease and SharePoint site.
  • Provided an end to end support to the application team for VSS projects and facilitated the coordination with different teams for RFS and VSS projects like IBM,HP, EMS, DR, SSO, MQ, EDMS, EMC and approved the CI package and ensured that time was saved
  • Prepared weekly/monthly/quarterly status report for VP and SVP
  • Managed the implementation of processes involved with interfacing with third party software through Agile Methodology.
  • Worked as a BSA for huge Data Warehouse Migration Projects with cross commit and multi-vendor teams. Handled the requirement for managing data security and quality by data masking, data scrubbing, PII, financial and other sensitive data encryption, audit trail, SSO, Role and Permission Management, and allowing authorized users to access data at row level and cell level, but also backed up data using ETL.
  • Developed a planning strategy for reverse and forward engineering from Sybase/SQL servers to TeraData servers to control the scope and minimize the errors during development.
  • Prepared data mapping from a Source system to Teradata tables. Performed Data Compression Analysis. Analyzed the data load. Designed as per the data flow, which helped team perform data migration.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN



  • Preparation of system requirement and Verification of the user specifications
  • Prepared data mapping from the mainframe files to the Oracle tables. Work with DBA to design database and performance
  • Work with internal, external, upstream, downstream, and cross commit team with different vendors to implement the changes and resolve if any queries or issues
  • Reviewed test plans for the various tasks. Participated in various Unit, Integration, and System tests and managed defects
  • Introduced new automation concepts into testing, which has expedited the testing

Confidential, NJ

SME, PM, tech lead


  • Acted as a PM, SME, BSA, SPOC, and a team lead
  • Received s and recognition from Confidential for high performance.
  • Successfully managed multiple teams while executing development/maintenance projects using a global delivery model to provide cost effective services.
  • Facilitated, participated, and managed requirement collection, but also provided out of the box solutions to control the scope and cost, test and defect management, reviews, sign off, resource management, estimation, change control, risk management, task assignment, control project variance to control budget expenditure, coaching, tracking project, deployment, and release management
  • Streamlined the processes, identified the issues, and conducted a trend analysis needed for a smooth project delivery and high quality.
  • Successfully designed and implemented a content management tool that helped to generate a policy template, which was a core part of the underwriting system, and this, is what saved a significant amount of time and reduced error.
  • Successfully reengineered an application and the rating engine, which enhanced the usability and performance
  • Successfully designed and implemented a new product approach through PDF submission, which has gained high demand, made business easy, and the concept, has been borrowed by other projects.
  • Introduced an automated database deployment concept that saved several hours every month
  • Participated in a technical discussion and helped the project team in prioritizing and resolving technical issues to avoid/minimize the schedule and budget impact.

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