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Project Manager Resume

Reston, VA


Confidential is a highly skilled performance consultant with 15+ years of professional experience in project management, process and performance evaluation, IT systems design and architecture, and web - based instructional design. This skillset combination lends a unique value-add to projects, resulting in (1) a systemic evaluation of performance inclusive of processes, systems and staff; (2) delivery of measurable performance improvement results; (3) understanding and translation of the technical nature of programming languages and systems logic used by developers; and (4) knowledge management assurance through design and implementation of synchronous and asynchronous online, interactive web-based instructional modules, operational policy, procedures and other system, technical and documentation.


  • Project Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Operational Assessment
  • IT Systems Design
  • Custom Database Design
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Requirements Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Financial Accounting


  • PeopleSoft
  • Banner
  • Peachtree
  • JD Edwards
  • Momentum
  • Quickbooks
  • Microsoft Access
  • Quickbase
  • Project
  • Access
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Visio
  • Word
  • SQL
  • Dreamweaver
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Visual Basic
  • HTML
  • Crystal Reports
  • Blackboard
  • Moodle
  • Captivate
  • Articulate


Confidential, Reston, VA

Project Manager


  • Developed project plans, requirements and established project deliverables for several client projects. Monitored and controlled projects through tasks and milestone tracking, internal status updates and client communications
  • Preparation and delivery of project overview, status and results presentations for executive management and other stakeholders
  • Collected and reviewed large amounts of data that supports business processes, to develop quantitative analysis needed to facilitate process recommendations for future state (To-Be) project models.
  • Performed design and analysis of process models, quantitative and qualitative data and delivered preliminary process improvement recommendations to the client

Confidential, McLean, VA

Project Manager


  • Lead cross-functional project teams of government employees and contractors in investment and compliance and human resource projects that impact thousands of stakeholders across the United States
  • Provided project management, monitoring and control through project planning, project risk and resolution management, milestone tracking and project status meetings
  • Led an investments accounting automation initiative requiring the design of an interface application to access investment transactions from and external investment system and upload data into client financial system as accounting journal entries
  • Worked with a team of system developers in an iterative requirements design process, user acceptance testing and system implementation
  • Developed requirements for an automated program to transfer data between modules within the investment system using screen-scraping technology
  • Performed operational assessment and business process redesign to reduce cost, increase efficiency and ensure strong internal controls
  • Developed process maps with clear designation of internal control points and prepared a Management Control Process Matrix to fulfill internal control audit requirements
  • Developed standard operating procedures to facilitate knowledge management for operational policies, processes and procedures
  • Performed extensive data research and analysis of more than 3,500 retirement data records, integrating test model designs, iterative analysis, observation and discovery and recommendations for effective data management
  • Prepared and delivered a project summary presentation for senior management, resulting in discussion of new project phase for implementation of recommendations presented
  • Lead project team in developing business requirements and implementing journal entry automation for multiple type of investment transaction recording into the clients accounting system.
  • Performed system design and testing activity using an iterative rapid prototyping process
  • Performed manual recording of investment related journal entries as an interim process while working with project team to design and develop an automated journal entry process.
  • Developed and implemented 7 interactive e-learning modules to facilitate program users in 90 locations across the United States

Confidential, Washington, DC

Contract Consultant / Project Manager


  • Established project foundations with development of project plans, requirements definition, project constraints, assumptions and deliverables
  • Managed project communications with stakeholders, subject matter experts and external application development team using project communication plan developed as a part of project planning
  • Monitored and controlled project activity to ensure the quality and timing of project milestones and deliverables
  • Designed a custom web-based emergency medical service provider management application that facilitated more efficient processing, reporting and management and potential FTE cost savings of $35K per year.
  • Developed system requirements for a Quickbase application and facilitated the software development, and prototype testing and implementation
  • Delivered Quickbase application demo presentation to senior management resulting in final management approval and implementation
  • Performed business requirements analysis and process analysis for multiple programs within the Department of Health
  • Developed an automated workflow system that allowed for FTE reallocation due to process efficiencies and minimal human intervention
  • Prepared project deliverables including executive project reports, system requirements document, standard operating procedures and system user guides
  • Developed user manual to facilitate data entry, reporting and management of physician professional licensing, renewal and complaints adjudication process using the L2K information system.

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Senior Consultant


  • Developed project plans, requirements and established project deliverables for several client projects. Monitored and controlled projects through tasks and milestone tracking, internal status updates and client communications
  • Led and worked with teams to examine and solve business problems through needs analysis, gap analysis, risk analysis, cost/benefit analysis, Ishikawa diagram and other assessment methodologies
  • Gathered business requirements through detailed interviews with stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and review of existing systems and documentation
  • Prepared project deliverables including standard operating procedures, policy statements and technical manuals, white papers, reports and various other deliverables specified in project charters
  • Performed review and assessment of the end-to-end local and national contracting process, for a healthcare client, to identify process strengths and weaknesses in the areas of communications, metrics and reporting, systems and tools and . Performed design of 14 current state process models, operational assessment and delivered future state recommendations and an implementation plan. Developed and presented a project model for tracking and measuring process controls using Six Sigma process control charts
  • Performed review and assessment of 3 years of detailed claims data for a specific category of claims data, for a healthcare client, and delivered an assessment and recommendations report that addressed process improvements and internal controls amounting to $5.0M in savings.
  • Facilitated implementation of Zero-Base Budgeting for a large school district with the goal of managing spending at the activity level and identifying opportunities to cut spending to eliminate a $350M deficit from previous years
  • Led the design and development of a customized Peoplesoft ERP system module for a large school district. Developed account strings, tracked and reconciled cash receipts; performed system testing, and; developed new process workflows, policy and procedures.
  • Worked with a project team on a full-scale JD Edwards ERP system implementation including accounts receivable, accounts payable, procurement and general ledger modules
  • Led and accounting system implementation for a not for profit client. Activities included facilitating the annual audit process, close-out out the legacy system and developing an account crosswalk for general ledger balances to be transferred into the new accounting system.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a custom software application in Microsoft Access used in 7 client locations across the state of Michigan. The application was used to record and track bank account activity for hundreds of program participants and to generate monthly account statements and other pertinent reports.
  • Performed data analytics of nearly 1 million lines of reimbursement data for a healthcare client and recommended a market strategy that projected financial savings of $15.0M.
  • Performed data analytics of 600 thousand lines of reimbursement data for a healthcare client and prepared a business case paper that recommended new reimbursement process controls, estimated to product savings of $500K.
  • Performed forensic accounting, for a not for profit entity, which resulted in collection of stale receivable balances and more than $100K in revenue cost savings due to discovery and resolution of payroll errors
  • Reconciled 24 months of stale investment and bank account statements for more than 30 bank accounts held by a treasury management client. Prepared and recorded accounting entries to balance existing treasury management system and posted reconciled balances to the new treasury management software (Resource IQ2).
  • Managed the accounting function for a not for profit entity, including processing of Account Payable, Account Receivable and Payroll transactions, monthly bank reconciliations, month-end accruals and financial statement.
  • Managed audit preparation for a not for profit entity including posting of year-end closing journal entries and preparation of audit work papers for various general ledger accounts.
  • Performed general ledger data analysis for multiple clients resulting in reconciliation of multiple bank and investment accounts.
  • Transitioned a not for profit client to a new accounting system. Activities included closing out the legacy system and developing an account crosswalk for the new accounting system, new processes, procedures and internal controls
  • Designed and implemented a custom procurement module in PeopleSoft to track and manage check writing activities of more than 100 schools in a large school district.
  • Designed a customized interactive e-learning solution to facilitate enhanced data analysis skills for consultants within the firm
  • Performed extensive subject matter research, designed seminar presentation and prepared the firm’s managing partner to deliver the presentation
  • Managed the function, including mass scheduling, delivery and technical support for a client’s JD Edwards ERP system implementation. Performed formative, summative, confirmative and meta assessment to facilitate modifications, monitor outcomes and implement continuous improvement

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Senior Loan Analyst


  • Met with existing and potential clients and completed site visits of plant operations. Gained an understanding of manufacturing processes performed in plant operations including stamping, casting, molding, and pickling. Conducted analysis of material waste, processing time (i.e. parts per minute) and other factors on the plant floor that may impact revenue. Performed analysis of past and present financial statements and developed 5 year financial projections.
  • Met with clients to identify financial needs. Conducted personal financial analysis including assessment of real estate, stocks, bonds and other investments and financial instruments used as loan collateral. Completed an average of 6-10 loan packages and approvals per week, with a 100% loan approval rate.

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