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Senior Manager Resume

Milwaukee, WI


  • SAP and supply chain planning expert and manager with 18 years of experience including 16 years in IT as a Manager and Director, Team Lead, PMO member, Solution Architect, and Program Manager. Installed APO with standard ECC, with AFS, and with the IS - Oil industry solution.
  • Implemented standard ECC, DIMP, IS-Oil and the High-tech industry solution using ASAP. Industry experience with medical devices, consumer products, and automobiles.
  • FTP Lead at Confidential on the Unity Project managing a team of up to 15 onshore and offshore resources
  • Program Manager and IT Functional Manager at Callaway typically covering 6-10 projects at a time with a team of 5 employees and up to 3 external consultants
  • Experience managing projects and programs up to $20 million in size
  • Co-developed a new project management methodology for the Callaway IT department
  • Redesigned Supply Chain department roles and responsibilities with the SCM Director as part of the SNP project at Callaway
  • Service Excellence Award winner at IBM Q4 2011
  • SCM planning certified (DP and SNP): experience with APO 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, and SCM 4.0/4.1/5.0/2007 and 7.0 including APO on HANA
  • SAP National Competency center APO lead (2008) and Western practice manager for SNC and DP (2006-2007)
  • ECC experience in MM, LES, PLM and PP with 3.1I, 4.5B, 4.6B/C, 4.7 and ECC 5.0/6.0
  • ECC IS-Oil, High-tech, DIMP and AFS industry solution expertise, including IS-Oil and AFS integration with APO
  • BW experience with 1.2C, 2.0B, 3.0A, and 7.0 including integration experience with APO


Senior Manager

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI


  • Built the approved business case to extend the APO scope from Power Solutions to the Automotive Experience and Building Efficiency business units
  • Also, developed an APO on Hana Demand Planning proof of concept for Power Solutions with a full set of production data demonstrating 4x speed improvements vs. standard APO.
  • APO relevant scope included DP, SNP, and PPDS.
  • The project was postponed after the detailed design phase due to the impact of divesting the Automotive Seating business unit.

IT Director, SAP Test Management and Solution Architecture

Confidential, Clinton, MA


  • Managed the transport and SAP change board processes. Lead the operation and maintenance of the original SAP system after go-live in February 2013.
  • Stood up resources and development plans for internal Confidential COE resources. Part of the internal team that analyzed the harmonization of Confidential ’s and Confidential ’s SAP systems.
  • Integration Test Manager and Solution Architect for a global ECC program (>$50 million) at the Confidential division of Confidential and member of the project PMO.
  • Project scope included batch management, multi-level HU management, RF device integration, WM, PP, PS, QM, SD, FICO, BW and MM.
  • Joined the program at the start of IT 1 to run IT2 through IT4 as well as UAT using Redmine and TestRail to manage testing progress and defects.
  • Test script improvements for IT2 uncovered critical system issues that forced the project to add the 4th IT cycle before go-live.
  • Implemented a firefighter process and system controls using SAP GRC.
  • Managed the transition of Confidential SAP COE project resources to new Confidential managers.
  • Managed the process and activities to identify business and system conflicts between Confidential ’s and Confidential ’s SAP systems before merging Confidential processes into the Confidential SAP landscape - approximately 340 conflicts in total.
  • Developed solutions - business and IT - to resolve all known conflicts before moving the Confidential SAP solution concepts into the Confidential SAP instance.
  • Managed obtaining Confidential SAP COE approval for all areas where Confidential solutions differed substantially from existing Confidential solutions.
  • Adapted Confidential internal SAP processes, including change control, to be consistent with existing Confidential SAP processes and global standards.
  • Completed analysis and disposition of all system conflicts and new Confidential business requests (detailed design) before leaving in June 2014.

Senior Managing Consultant

Confidential, CA


  • Project Manager for the global template and Renton SAP rollout ($20 million external spend).
  • Managed a team of 14 onshore and 9 offshore consultants in the areas of MM, PP, SD, FI, CO, WM, QM, MD and ABAP.
  • Standardized workshop processes and provided quality control on key deliverables.
  • Project status moved from mostly red when I joined early in blueprint to green by the end of the template blueprint phase.
  • Also developed the WRICEF process for the overall US/Brazil program. Left the project at the end of the template blueprint phase.

Senior Managing Consultant

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Recruiting and mentoring new consultants at IBM for the distribution practice. Sales experience for both APO and for ECC projects including coordinating RFP responses across global teams, developing RFP content, creating staffing models and developing presentations for orals.
  • Involved in $5.5 million in consulting sales in 2012.
  • Solution Architect for a global DP and SNP APO implementation for the DePuy medical devices business. Also, Solution Architect for J&J’s enterprise-wide SAP template project called Back-to-Basics. Completed the global process design for supply planning before leaving IBM.
  • Supply Chain Stream Lead managing the following areas: Procurement, DP, SNP, LES and Inventory Management. Led a team of 4 consultants and 5 client resources through the blueprint phase of a new SAP implementation.
  • Responsible for quality control of all deliverables as well as for deliverable timelines. Also convinced the client that, due to requirements gaps, APO needed to be brought forward in the implementation timeline. Project was placed on hiatus in December to shore up internal business support in the OTC project stream and was eventually cancelled.
  • APO Project Manager for a global template including DP, SNP and PPDS as well as rollouts for North America including Canada and the United States ($16 million total spend). Major scope elements include statistical forecasting, promotion planning, TPM integration, SNP and PPDS heuristics, deployment, TLB, shelf life planning, block planning, and campaigns. The team consisted of 7 consultants and 14 client team members.
  • After the design phase was completed, the overall SAP Keystone program was transferred to another consulting firm due to problems with the European ECC go-live.

IT Manager, Global Production Planning and Execution

Confidential, Carlsbad, CA


  • Manager for a team of 5 employees responsible for both maintenance and new project work in the PP, VC, WM and APO areas.
  • System Architect for the PP module, raw material warehousing and for APO DP/SNP. Responsible for program management of 6-10 simultaneous projects.
  • Completed team projects included VC for accessories and logo balls, repetitive manufacturing for ball, raw material warehousing and picking redesign for club, shuttle transportation processes for Mexico manufacturing, and setting up planning for plants at 3 new global subsidiaries.
  • Program Manager for a team of 14 full-time and 32 part-time resources across all areas of ECC (MM, PP, WM, SD, FI and BW) and APO SNP with an external spend of $1.1 million and a total spend of $5.6 million.
  • This program resulted in on-time and on-budget global rollouts of SNP-CTM for the ball and club business units with major scope elements including capacity an component planning at vendors, vendor collaboration processes, mixed make-to-order and make-to-stock processes, VC integration with APO, VMI and advanced safety stock planning.
  • The program also resulted in a substantial redesign of the existing ECC solution including: the addition of vendor plants to the ECC enterprise structure, automation of goods movements through those vendor plants, adjustments to the ATP processes, changes to the intercompany processes, VMI processes for non-SAP Callaway entities, and the implementation of an ASN process. Responsible for consulting partner selection including negotiating the SOW and the new MSA.
  • This program was also the foundation for a complete redesign of the supply chain department roles and responsibilities including job redesigns, training and the transfer of some jobs to Mexico and China. Overall, the program was part of a 25% reduction of inventory at Callaway with no impact on customer service levels.
  • Solution Architect working with the Sr. VP of IT, the Sr. Director of the SAP functional group, and a mix of VP and director level business resources to develop timelines, resource plans and cost estimates for the Global Operations Strategy projects. These projects included the entire SAP department over a 3 year period as well as a total external spend in excess of $10 million dollars. Major projects included SNP and ECC redesign, moving manufacturing from the US to Mexico, a major redesign of the US DC network, and creating an Asian trading hub.

Project Manager

Confidential, Cupertino, CA


  • Successfully completed the software selection phase for the Clear to Build project.
  • Also analyzed the global implementation of the logistics tax strategy for potential future changes in internal tax policies.
  • Finally, analyzed and documented a proposal to allow multiple sources of supply in the ECC and business environment.

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