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Office Manager/territory Executive Assistant Resume

Mclean, VA


Multi - Project Supervisor and Content Creator -3 years management experience in a deadline-driven environment where client satisfaction and precise actions define success - Superior Finance, Logistics, and Customer Service Abilities


Office Manager/Territory Executive Assistant

Confidential - McLean, VA

  • In charge of organizing and keeping the Territory Schedule, along with thorough activity tracking for Territory Executive. This included establishing broker outreach and recruitment tracking in both Outlook and Excel.
  • Established and sent out all communications for territory office and executives, including: meeting and training invitations,weekly sales leader board reports/statistics, and weekly sales activity.
  • Emailed weekly communication reminders to managers and employees to update sales statistics in app for tracking purposes. Pulled, generated, and emailed weekly territory newsletter indicating prior weeks sales results.
  • Planned events such as Quarterly Sales Race Event and Bi-Annual Benefits Councilor Training Conference. Performed duties including event supply tracking in Excel, venue prospecting, provisioning and establishing corporate contacts with vendor, outreach, establishing catering solutions, and preparing all employee travel lodging accommodations.
  • Designed material in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for all Territory and Event communications. This included designing business card standards, sales race week fliers, event letters, email communications, website design, and image creation and modification for territory office.
  • Served as a resource expert for internal sales and budget systems tracking. These internal tracking systems included: AIMS, SMRT, and Propr.
  • Prepared weekly corporate expense reports and budgets for Territory Executive/Territory Office.
  • Served as a liaison between the Territory, Regional, and Home Office departments to promote the smooth and efficient conduct of business.
  • Meticulously kept track of office including supplies,confidential security information and server systems. In charge of opening, closing, and managing employees in the office daily.
  • Schedule and participate in weekly territory conference calls and meetings.

Communications Specialist

Confidential - Washington, DC

  • Maintained a Mastery over all products and services in the credit union, frequently adapting to all new credit union process changes to better-assist international clientele of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and International Finance Corporation.
  • Worked to foster current and new loan growth; including seizing new opportunities to connect credit union members with Lending to obtain new loan accounts.
  • Approached all financial needs of the credit union’s membership base with a high-degree of service and conviction, always striving to provide excellence with every interaction.
  • Natural born leader, highly competitive-holding myself to a higher standard than my surroundings.
  • Innate attention to detail while multitasking, using up to fifteen different systems to manage the finances of the credit union’s membership base. Ability to think outside-the-box and solve problems on the fly, in order to handle every member interaction with a meticulousness far beyond expected expectations.
  • Self—Starter with little to no assistance necessary from resources/management when handling interactions.
  • Team builder and player - Formed lasting bonds with management, employees, and credit union members; seeking to enhance and greatly facilitate the communicated process’, level of expectation, and standard by which banking is done.
  • Consistently communicated solutions to improve existing products and services to upper management, and executives, in multiple departments, along with providing new ideas to further improve the member experience.
  • Extreme patience with elderly and irate members. Left credit union members with a better experience and attitude towards the credit union than when they first reached out to us.
  • Always looking to learn from colleagues, managers, and members, regarding better ways to impact our member base; and extended an impactful member service experience both in the office, and to our outside clientele.

Confidential - Reston, VA

Logistics Specialist

  • Part of a team accountable for Identity Verification Solutions for employees as part of the Department of Homeland Security - HSPD-12 program dealing with sensitive unclassified information.
  • Communicated with Agencies such as: FEMA, USCIS, ICE, CBP, TSA, FLETC, FPS, and their field sites/agents, to keep track of all aspects of their supply chain management associated with the Enrollment and Issuance systems.
  • Involved in the daily tracking, planning, and administrative responsibilities associated with the operation and repair of the Issuance and Enrollment Stations.
  • Actively participated in the system maintenance and field site creation process through the acquisition and shipment of systems.
  • Involved in the daily analysis and provisioning process for Return Manufacturer Agreements(RMA’s) through retagging, inventorying, and frequent manipulation of customer usage data in Salesforce.
  • Monitored asset accountability in the Sunflower Asset Management System(SAMS) database in order to facilitate accurate storage, handling, and distribution of systems.
  • In charge of annual inventory process for Fiscal Year 2017 to ensure overall system accountability. Our office had the highest inventory completion percentage in the department.
  • Implemented Identity M anagement S olutions, and additional security features, throughout the planning, procurement, and delivery stages of the logistic project life-cycle .
  • Involved in the daily shipment, inventory organization, and database supply chain maintenance activities, associated with Personnel Identity Verification (PIV) Supplies for EIWS systems.
  • Involved in frequent analysis to better preserve the procedural integrity of the current logistics life-cycle for essential DHS assets; charged with monitoring existing systems infrastructural changes and forecasting future changes, t hrough frequent meeting participation and performing individual research as needed.
  • Frequently collaborated with Logistics Team, and Salesforce Administrators, to analyze and test form functionality, and identify errors in order to quell end- user concerns; to better maintain high-level quality assurance data standards during the Salesforce transition for both internal and external customers.
  • Inventoried, purchased, and reordered office and warehouse supplies as needed.

Confidential - Jacksonville, FL

Multi-Project Supervisor

  • Multi-Project Supervisor for local and distributed scorers as a content specialist.
  • Responsible for the performance of 50+ individuals on a geographically dispersed team.
  • Applied quality control techniques during multiple projects, ensuring employees’ work was accurate and aligned with quality standard expectations .
  • Facilitated employee performance by fostering an environment of continual growth and development in order to adhere to strict client deadlines.
  • Frequently worked with upper level management to make sure project performance standards and contract obligations were line with the client’s vision.
  • Monitored and translated statistical and empirical scoring data for the employees, based upon individual, and group metrics; to provide for a pointed instructional message they could understand and relate to.
  • Entrusted with managing payroll for employees due to speed, accuracy, attention to detail, and in order to fill a need at the scoring site.
  • In charge of understanding and fostering the various learning styles of each employee in order to develop a clear, ordered, and established directive for each individual during their training sessions ; so all of my employees had an opportunity to succeed and improve overall accuracy/performance.
  • Communicated directives from the director to employees in a clear and concise manner.
  • Frequently sought after to illustrate material to other supervisor’s employees, both on site and via remote communications, in order to help them remain on the project, and eliminate any confusion/ preconceived notions they may have had regarding related work expectations and directives.
  • Organized, compiled, and edited training material for employees. Recommended additional content to project managers in order to facilitate and develop a self-pace approach to project qualification guidelines and stylistic concerns, while maximizing efficiency.

Confidential - Jacksonville, FL

Package Specialist

  • Improved overall package delivery efficiency by minimizing loading errors.
  • Quickly promoted to loading heavy volume trucks because due to efficiency and speed.
  • Assigned to various positions/jobs in the warehouse to gain an understanding of logistics and supply chain systems in preparation for managerial roll.
  • Regularly demonstrated commitment to team first work environment by assisting others on a daily basis.
  • Tasked with aiding in pre-load setup and returning package scanners to secure area immediately following my shift.
  • Recommended training techniques to fellow employees in order to aid them in productivity and keep them safe in the warehouse.

Confidential - Jacksonville, FL


  • Supervisor for the largest commercial processor of student assessments.
  • Awarded a promotion in 2010 after my first scoring project due to speed, accuracy, and superior quality while scoring student assessment tests.
  • Ensured quality standards and deadlines were met by working closely with project directors on site.
  • Ensured accuracy in employee’s work, monitored performance, and assisted where necessary; in order to exceed quality standards, and meet completion deadlines given by the customer.
  • Wrote and articulated intervention messages to employees in order to serve as warning that they were in danger of being removed from the project due to not meeting quality standards.
  • Managed sensitive confidential information, with a daily responsibility to enforce company security standards and policies.
  • Helped diffuse difficult situations involving disgruntled employees. Developed written reports for HR in order to strategically develop potential ways to help these employee succeed and remain with the company.
  • Sought after for scoring director promotion, but left the company following the scoring season to pursue school related opportunities.

Confidential - Jacksonville, FL

Certified Barista and Customer Service Expert

  • Communicated with customers to ensure they received the best experience possible.
  • Worked for one of the highest grossing Confidential in North Florida.
  • Periodically in charge of local store marketing, including developing slogans for signs in order to increase sales on seasonal products.
  • Helped new employees understand training materials and more efficient ways to better serve our customers.
  • Developed customer service skills through daily interaction with a diverse customer base.
  • Operated in a fast paced work environment, often having to make quick decisions and move seamlessly from one task to the next.
  • Took the initiative to ensure customers were serviced in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Presented written ideas to district and national management teams to help promote products, in order to facilitate new and increased sales opportunities for the region.

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