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Senior Product Manager Resume


  • Seasoned Certified Scrum Master (CSM) knowledgeable in task prioritization, risk management and workflow optimization.
  • High achieving Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) possessing excellent skill in managing all aspects of full project life cycle of a product/project management from inception to completion.
  • An innovative and market driven individual, good in strategy and planning
  • Highly analytical decision - maker with strong commitment and experience to aligning technology and business to generate cost-effective solutions and deliver value
  • Specialist with in-depth knowledge in eCommerce/ e-Business on various electronic products
  • Proficient knowledge in project management with the use of Agile framework
  • Excellent communications with top management


Scrum expertise: Project management

Agile methodology: Project implementation

Project documentation: Product Manager

Web applications: Digital Banking

Product Launch: Event Planning and Execution

Relationship Management: Articulate, Product Development

Financial Services: Banking

Business analysis: Change Management

Customer care, Sales support: E-commerce

Program Marketing: Process Management



Senior Product Manager

  • Lead and drive Software/Fintech Strategy and Projects Delivery for F1 Interactive Limited using Agile and traditional methodologies as suitable while overseeing the profitability of all electronic payment platforms and Financial Services.
  • Drive project implementation and help define project requirements, build process maps, streamline workflows and plans, including managing timelines, budgets, communications, quality, risks, uncovering road blocks, defining critical paths and identifying resource constraints.
  • Advocates and implements the agile values and scrum principles to achieve constant improvement of the team's performance and to reach a sustainable Product development and delivery pace that builds in quality Ditigal Product Launch.
  • Performs and evaluates post project review and lessons learned.
  • Leads cross-functional teams including management and executives.
  • Negotiates customer priorities and workload with internal customers and team members.
  • Leads and develops project kickoffs, communications and scope definition.
  • Creates formal project communication plans, key project metrics and dashboards for project status communication.
  • Lead event planning and execution of Product Launch in collaboration with Management and key stakeholders
  • Drive the development of multiple Digital banking products and also managed the deployment and marketing/product launch by coming with a strategy to build brand loyalty amongst our key clients and the Financial institution as a whole, while increasing product visibility and led the support team to proffer excellent customer service to our customers.
  • Conducts project evaluations, postmortem, and drive process change to in corporate learning.
  • Execution of budget control measures as well as monitoring resources to track milestones on projects.


Senior Pr oduct Manager

  • Drives, implements and helps define project requirements, workflow and plans, including managing timeline, budgets, communications, quality, risks, uncovering roadblocks, defining critical paths, identifying resource constraints, and any other issues that arise.
  • Finalizes project scope, defines initial assumptions, and secure project resources
  • Work with business leaders, program managers and executives to identify the success criteria of the project.
  • Performs and evaluates post project review and lessons learned.
  • Leads cross-functional teams including management and executives.
  • Negotiates customer priorities and workload with many internal customers and team members.
  • Manages risks and escalates schedule delays due to issues and risks
  • Tracks and manages change requests to scope and obtain approval if necessary.
  • Leads and develops project kickoffs, communications and scope definition
  • Creates formal project communication plans, key project metrics and dashboards for project status communication
  • Conducts project evaluations, post-mortems, and drive process change to in corporate learning while simplifying processes.
  • Lead and Improves team performance by building team cohesiveness, leading, mentor, training, and motivating to facilitate cooperation, ensure project efficiency, and boost morale.
  • Manages Product Backlog Items.
  • Product/Project managed various Digital Banking Solutions and was also responsible for the launching of the Digital products across the bank to reach out to our various customers.
  • Oversee Scrum events (Sprint Planning meeting, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Retrospective meetings)
  • Oversee Scrum Artifacts (Sprint Backlog, Product backlog, Increment, Burn down chats and Impediment Log)
  • Promotes and Supports the practices of Scrum's rules and values in the organization.
  • Helps Scrum teams to remove road blocks and Impediments
  • Grow my organization's market share of electronics products across all industry indices deployment, activation, transaction value and volumes.
  • Develop/customized (new) products in line with specific needs of customers to enhance utilization of our platforms.
  • Execution of budget control measures as well as monitoring resources to track milestones on projects.


Pro duct Manager

  • Manages changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate verification techniques to keep the project plan accurate, updated, reflective of authorized project changes as defined in the change management plan, and facilitates customer acceptance.
  • Conducts Scrum ceremonies (Project vision, Release planning, Sprint planning, Daily scrum, Sprint review and Retrospect print meetings).
  • Manages Scrum artifacts (Project vision statement, Impediment log, information radiator, prioritized product back log, product increment and sprint goal).
  • Works closely with business owners and partner teams with the likes of Trades services, Corporate banking team, Priority banking Unit, Commercial and retail Unit to understand product road maps and drive overall new product introduction schedules.
  • Anticipates bottlenecks, manages risk and escalations, and balances the business needs versus technical constraints.
  • Ensure all deliverables are fit for purpose by employing effective quality management approaches
  • Clearly communicates with technical owners, product managers, and upper management.
  • Drives process and tooling improvements to increase visibility, throughput and output quality.
  • Ensures a common understanding by setting expectations in accordance with the Project Plan, to align the stakeholders and team members.
  • Maintained open and effective communications with project teams to increase productivity.
  • Executed proof of concept implementations to validate product feasibility.
  • Measures project performance using appropriate tools and techniques to monitor the progress of the project, identify and quantify any variances, perform any required corrective actions, and communicates to all stakeholders and simplifying processes.


Business Solutions Specialist

  • Engaged in Project implementation and roll-out of various Ditigal banking product which include Internet banking, Mobile banking, Corporate Payment Solutions, Collection platforms, Educational Portals and many more . I also engage in Process design, Business analysis, Product Launching and Ditigal Marketing, sales strategy, product performance monitoring, Product support and operations.
  • Deployed and support Payments and Collections solutions bankwide to branches and customers
  • Managed various electronic products and oversaw projects from initiation to closure
  • Ensured the timely completion of all project milestones
  • Responsible for structuring a project, performing the detailed planning, development, and managing project execution and completion of moderate or large projects
  • Defined the phase deliverable and tracked milestones
  • Identified and addresses technology gaps identified throughout the project life cycle
  • Conducted research into project-related issues and products
  • Reviewed, monitored enhance and updated the project work plan and build road maps from start to finish line.
  • Led development and deployment of consultative sales strategies targeted for the region, selling both e-Business products and solutions.
  • Pitched solutions and products to clients, provided comprehensive information, and followed up to close sales.


Product Owner ( Corporate Solution Specialist)

  • Directed all aspects of full project life cycle management on all e-payments/digital solutions in the bank. Led business development efforts, actively driving strategic partnerships to closure, while ensuring strict alignment with public and private sector business objectives.
  • Project managed various web-based solutions, Card management portals and implemented payment automation for Microfinance banks and also worked with Branch and Marketing Communication team to drive the Ditigal Product Launch.
  • Steered relationship management with major stakeholders and top executives to move projects forward in timely manner.
  • Partnered with technical staff to develop products and solutions in line with customer needs and current market demands.
  • Manage the production of the required deliverables on behalf of the Sponsor
  • Managed project planning, budgeting, and sales forecasting
  • Supporting digital payment applications in the bank
  • Deploying all Payment and Collection solutions bankwide to branches and customers
  • Advocated for developing critical features at the beginning in order to identify and resolve technical issues.
  • Coordinated with third-party development team on engineering and professional service activities and tasks.
  • Gathered detailed use cases and requirements through regular on-site visits, virtual meetings and customer advisory board sessions.
  • Partnered with software development team to design custom applications and trackers to meet client needs.
  • Articulate, and implement strategies and product marketing programs that will drive the adoption of the bank's e-payment and collection platforms across the target markets


Product Development and Support Specialist

  • Product Manager and Project Manager - UBA Paymanager (ePayment system), Branch Assist (Branch ePayment, Expense Management System (ePayment system), UBA WebPay (Consolidated Internet Payment Gateway- Verve, Visa, MasterCard and eTranzact), Bankcollect Application.
  • Project Manager - IATA BSP (ePayment and online collections platform), US mission/ VFS appointment collection - Includes full automation of branch collections and internet payment and application, BranchCollect collections customizations, Paypath (ePayment gateway middleware), Mobile banking application and Internet banking platform upgrade.
  • Product Owner - BankCollect Globalization (Used in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Ghana, Uganda, Cameroun, Sierra Leone, Chad),


Customer Service Officer

  • Generating, Evaluating and Implementing ideas on new products creation for team's resource and strategy unit based on frequent complaints from customers.
  • Managing Daily targets of incoming complains and resolution of customer queries via relevant system and applications
  • Telemarketing of company's products and services and offering professional advice on suitable products and services
  • Conducting monthly customer satisfactory survey with the view of generating data for management decision making
  • Capturing customers details on customer interaction management system
  • Crisis management and analysis
  • Serving as support personnel for team management


Marketing Executive

  • Looking for prospective customers.
  • Aggressively marketing the products of the company.
  • Preparing proposal and plans of actions and presenting it to prospective customers of the company.
  • Preparing weekly reports and suggestive action plans for management.
  • Engaging in mass and target market penetration.
  • Developing strategies on market penetration, Market Research.

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