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Senior Implementation Leader/project Manager/architect Resume

Wrentham, Ma


  • Customer oriented with a strong academic background in business, finance, and experience in complex problem solving, most recently as CEO.
  • Consistently recognized for technical troubleshooting skills used to rapidly and cost - effectively resolve challenging technical, operational and compliance issues.
  • Quickly learn and master new technology, business models, and financial concepts; equally successful in both team and self-directed settings; and proficient in a range of computer systems, languages, tools, testing methodologies and business processes.
  • Perform risk analysis and statistical reports to improve business processes and determine best practices, both internally and externally.
  • HIPAA and FDCPA training and experience.


Systems: Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP/2K3/Vista/W7/W10/Linux.

Databases: Sharepoint, CTVision, LINK, Microsoft Relational Databases.

Languages: Visual Basic, HTML (5.0), Basic SQL, experience with JAVA.

Software: Confidential Workforce Ready (Cloud Based), PTM Flex Tax, MS Dynamics, VBA, MS Project, MS Visio, MS Office Suite, Lotus Notes, ARTIVA, FACS, CTTERM, CORE FTP, FileZilla FTP, PGP, ArcGIS, SAP, Ancile UPerform, and Jira.


Confidential - Wrentham, MA

Senior Implementation Leader/Project Manager/Architect

  • Senior Implementation specialist/architect for Confidential Workforce Ready and subject matter expert for the company.
  • Specialize in full suite of modules and internal troubleshooting, project planning, and advanced level servicing.
  • Subject matter expert for Payroll Tax Management software application and procedures, as well as tax filings and compliance.
  • Currently leading the payroll and TLM builds/installations, adjustment and enhancements for all Confidential clients (Current and New).
  • Works directly with executive and "C" level leadership to plan, implement and resolve all projects/cases within the Confidential and Tax divisions of the company

Confidential - Miami, FL.

Lead Implementation Specialist/Project Manager/ CEO

  • As CEO, assisted in transferring of clients to new providers, negotiated with vendors and partners to settle and close accounts, and completed tax filings for clients through 1st quarter 2018.
  • Successfully shutdown operations without lasting issues or negative ramifications to the owners and/or clients.
  • Lead the Implementation, installation and client services division of the Confidential Workforce Ready platform for Confidential, from inception to production and servicing.
  • Created Standard operating procedures for company departments and drafted training plans for both internal Employees and external clients.
  • Created job scopes, functions and requirements for client services, solution design and transition coordination.
  • Created model company from which all client companies were cloned and designed.
  • Created CRM project templates and set standards for timeline execution and budgeting.
  • Work with company executives to set proper expectations and financial forecasting.

Confidential - Miami, FL

Senior Implementation Specialist/ Project Manager

  • Lead the Implementation of the Confidential Workforce Ready platform for Confidential, from inception to production.
  • Designed workflows and business processes for best practices and compliance.
  • Provided support to implementation team in Alabama, wrote technical trainings detailing functionality of the software platform and known issues.
  • Acted as primary point of contact for all troubleshooting and helpdesk support cases that could not be solved by client services division.

Confidential - Miami, FL.

Senior Operations Analyst/PM/ Director SEO & Web Analytics

  • Primary role as operations analyst, working directly with the president, to identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues pertaining to company systems, advertising and the online product catalog.
  • Designed new web query analytics using XML and HTML 5.0 to improve statistical analysis of product sales to inventory requirements.
  • Lead solutions on in-house CMS tools and software, direct SEO initiatives and online media presence, manage business relationships with current and future clients nationally and internationally.
  • Work with in house AR employees on maintaining purchase orders, invoices and serve as primary AR contact for the company systems and account adjustments. Review all transactions weekly for QA and handle any all cases of fraud and illegal purchases.
  • Serve as point of contact for local customers and potential manufacturers on product knowledge, use and service to provide clear understanding of purchase-as-needed equipment; safety and customer satisfaction are direct results of this process.
  • Lead, design and manage to production all major company projects and enhancements, as well as maintain company standards throughout development.

Confidential - St. Louis, MO.

Operations Systems Analyst/Agile BA

  • Primary role as Business Analyst (BA) on Agile Scrum development team, maintaining the backlog/working with the Scrum Master, serving as proxy to the Product Owner, and relaying technical information between both the development and business sides of the project.
  • Worked with other members of the Operations team to assist in scheduling release deployments, testing software and end products, as well as identifying both new and reoccurring issues throughout the process.
  • Created and maintained a living document of all internal systems, their correlations and functional relationships with other systems, and which projects were dependent upon which systems for proper functionality.

Confidential - St. Louis, MO

Senior IS Analyst & Project Manager

  • Responsible for updating training materials for all company departments using Ancile UPerform and MS PowerPoint.
  • Authored new training simulations and documentation for all groups, with a specific focus on the finance and sales departments.
  • Trained employees from other departments on the use of the Ancile UPerform software program, as well as basic navigation for the SAP ECC 6.0 system.
  • Assisted in the creation of the standard template of business procedure format for the creation of training documents and simulations.

Confidential - St. Louis, MO.

Senior IS Project Manager

  • Created Macros in Xcel and multi-dimensional pivot tables to organize vast amounts of raw data.
  • Handled technical projects within an enterprise environment, as well as troubleshooting production impacting events.
  • Engaged and tracked high priority issues, with responsibility for the timely diagnosis, documentation, resolution and closure of assigned projects, QA/audit investigations and financial account adjustments.
  • Managed the production, balancing, and transmission of financial reports for clients, organized documentation for company audits, assisted in the flow of information from agency to clientele, and organized/managed individuals from various company departments for corporate projects.
  • Managed and maintained the company’s production directories for both commercial, medical and government lines of business on a Linux based FACS system.

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