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Project Manager / Product Manager Resume


  • Experienced strategist that is resourceful and creative. A change agent that is focused on maintaining and improving processes and systems that encourage creative and strategic solutions to organization needs. Considerable time spent aligning organizational goals with projects and initiatives. Working to bring out the fullest potential of the individual or team in order to deliver results that achieve the organizational goal.



Project Manager / Product Manager

  • Improving inhouse project management practices to align with the PMO’s current processes and systems like inhouse transparency and communication consistency through better reporting tools along with a better utilization of SAP by designing reports for business and project needs and implementing the use of time tracking.
  • Aftermarket Program: Three projects that involved over 150 variants that were taken over and brought into a realizable schedule with balanced resources, while re - costing the entire program by working with and engaging new vendors in several countries to increase profits and improved quality conditions in the production facility. Budget Management of 2M.
  • Involved in planning the full product lifecycle from concept to project launch while aligning internal sales practices with Confidential processes; and further learning the markets and customers to help drive the sales team to build a feasible market strategy that integrated development and serialization requirements.
  • Successfully created change and improvement due to realizing long standing procedural and process deficiencies that affected quality and on-time shipping. Together with my project team (out of country production facility), sales, and customer service (in both facilities) root causes were identified and plans put in place.
  • Transferred and redesigned Warranty database from Salesforce to Sql Server using Ms Access as the front end.
  • Certified from FCA in Advanced PFMEA, 3 Legged 5 Why, and Layered Process Auditing.
  • Gained experience with Lean and Kanban concepts in a production environment.

Confidential, Kalamazoo, Michigan

IT Project Manager

  • Lead a strategic initiative to improve the Access Control Department and bring it into alignment with the PMO. Learning current processes, implementing improved processes, training and developing team, and mentoring current PM and Project coordinator (creating a path for career growth as a PM).
  • Successfully implemented an ongoing strategic initiative designed to improve communication and opportunity to project transparency by engaging leadership to architect various sub-initiatives, which at an organizational level established sponsorship that garnered buy-in from below. Four months results: centralized communication in PMIS, re-designed pipeline connecting quote & PM systems with full visibility, and an approximate 75% trained cultural shift.
  • Office 365 Upgrade & Cloud migration: Project to migrate the onsite servers to the Secant cloud and migrate all email addresses to the Microsoft cloud. Change edge infrastructure of several critical locations to Secant managed devices and successfully maintaining vital connections and other logistical operations with each cutover. Then train a global organization to switch from Citrix to RDP environment along with navigating the new UX of Office from 2007. Conducted workflow and business analysis to save the organization from using a technology that would have cost approximately $250,000 in lost productivity.
  • Analyze business data and do financial forecast (Excel, MS Power BI); generate reports; provide solutions; design and plan strategic initiatives.
  • Create situations where customer relationship building, and project success makes continued opportunities that further business development and growth.
  • Gained experience in ITIL concepts while designing and implementing new processes for knowledge transfer and handover of project to the support department.


Project Manager (Consultant)

  • Improved a surgery center’s operational efficiency by developing a more effective way for boarding patients and further integrating the EMR Vision into their current administrative and clinical processes.
  • Effectively managed two surveys with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and Joint commission working with various contractors to update and correct facility and clinical deficiencies for compliance.
  • Successfully implemented a cloud-based compliance management solution for two ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) and trained staff which improved the centers ability to stay compliant.
  • Worked to prepare a clinic to operate as an Ambulatory Surgery Center and was responsible for negotiating, contracting and managing contractors, architects, suppliers, and subject matter experts (clinical) making sure all structural changes, regulatory, and clinical requirements (city, state, and federal requirements) were met for a health care facility.
  • Successfully worked with retirement and other medical facilities to bring them into compliance with new emergency preparedness regulations.

Confidential, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Project Manager - Technology (Contractor)

  • Managed and implemented various technologies like Skype for Business, Polycom products, Interactive touch collaboration products, etc.
  • Successfully managed varying sized projects ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months from planning sessions to kick-off projects through to closing and lessons learned. Lastly holding project retrospectives during and end of project.
  • Through customer facing interactions with project sponsors and other stakeholders, relationships were further developed which resulted in a higher level of trust and generated more projects and revenue.
  • Worked with line and architectural drawings to properly plan and gain approval for customer features of the project.
  • Planned and implemented a cloud-based ticketing system, which created new and increased revenue streams; service department, better equipped to meet service level agreements, and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct end user trainings and demonstrations for internal users and external customers on various technologies.
  • Helped improve processes to improve team cohesion and the communication and flow of information in a timely manner along with effective communication to stakeholders.
  • Worked with account managers and customers to craft customized service level agreements for large customers that would satisfy their needs and increase revenue to the department.

Confidential, Riverside, California

Director of Technology (Remote Consultant)

  • Recreated website and migrated it to a content management system making it more manageable for the team and implemented an SEO initiative that increased traffic by 286%.
  • Analyzed SMO business needs and improved processes by working with team members and consultants to increase social media engagement and traffic from social platforms
  • Recruit and manage remote teams to handle business objectives and client needs.
  • Post-production of video content from interviews and seminars for online distribution.

Confidential, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Project Manager

  • Responsible for taking high-level requirements and breaking them down through research, definition, meetings and experience.
  • Work with the customer to analyze their business need to help the project team better understand and plan for the project.
  • Guided a team in changing from Waterfall to Agile Scrum methodology, which increased efficiency and productivity to better handle changes in scope and the added weight of service and maintenance demands. Holding planning, kickoff, sprint planning, and regular retrospective meetings and closing with lessons learned.
  • Research and support the understanding and application of new technologies (coding frameworks, libraries, software packages, APIs, hardware devices and components) with the team for project success.
  • Successfully put together a team that included hardware and software engineers (India) and developed a prototype IOT device and mobile app.
  • Developed successful relationships with remote developers and teams, in and outside of the country, which increased the project capacity of the company by 300%.
  • Responsible for researching and analyzing network and server capacity for application needs.
  • Experienced in working with and developing CRMs, e-commerce and CMS platforms.
  • Responsible for organizing and doing UAT before client presentation and release

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