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Member Of Technical Staff - Senior Engineer Resume


  • Seek an opportunity to work on an agile software development, test and develop operations (DevOps) teams that delivers value and quality with every release.


Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Member of Technical Staff - Senior Engineer

  • As Senior Engineer worked as a Scrum Master or Product Owner on large, complex systems ensuring the customer received quality products. As an experienced project-, program-, product-, portfolio- manager, consistently demonstrated the ability and knowledge needed to apply new methods and practices for troubleshooting, recovering, adjusting, modifying, and improving software intensive systems. Often seen as an “out of box” thinker that identified reasonable, actionable courses of actions for system-, software- and test- engineering practices that benefited the system lifecycle. Worked with teams of all size in adjusting their Scrum/Kanban planning process from mini-waterfalls to design-build-test methods more akin to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Confidential, Greenwood Village, CO

Project Manager

  • As Project Manager supported a $10M portal provisioning system project of a $100M system while ensuring integration issues are resolved and delivery of billing and provisioning systems delivery time is reduced. Developed the operational procedures for a cable company that improved release management and improved the deployment methods. These shifts in procedure changed the team focus from problem solving and applying persistent fixes - the team was able to focus on new features. The teams introduced these features with higher quality - fewer Tier 1 and 2 trouble tickets. These procedural changes were propagated to other small teams with similar positive results. Our teams worked on using scripting with Jenkins to improve our delivery speed and quality before the term DevOps was coined in the Agile industry.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Product Development Process Manager

  • As Product Development Process Manager responsible for a program office for up to 15 people, we developed and instituted a change process for multiple product lines. Product Managers identified features based on market demands or lost opportunities. This repository of new feature requirements typically identified feature priority and sequence in a laboratory test queue based on revenue lost. This repository identified what SAFe calls cost of delay and caused priority and sequence shifts that resulted in higher sales. In this role, this team was responsible for reducing product time to market from 270+ days to no more than 120 days while moving to 90 days.

Confidential, Littleton, CO

Project Manager

  • As a Project Manager for a the portal billing system, developed static dashboards that demonstrated number of open trouble tickets, average age of trouble tickets while working through causal analysis and improving the overall quality of system and data quality. Responsibilities increased to other software development, testing and implementation projects so that this system of systems would deploy consistently, and repeatably. The teams were able to reduce the number of system outages, increased the quality of the system changes and data quality. These improvements allowed the teams to dedicate nearly 40% more time to new feature development instead of patching the existing system.

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