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Senior Technical Project/program Manager And Analyst Resume

El Segundo, CA


Experienced Project Manager and Programmer/Analyst


Programming Languages: SQL, Confidential - SQL, VB, SAS, PL/SQL, Perl, UNIX Shell scripting, Python

Databases and Software: SAS, SSMS, Teradata, Vertica, MySQL, Visual Studio, Hadoop, Tableau

Systems: OMS, AMDOCS billing and CRM, Oracle, Vertex, Provisioning


Confidential, El Segundo, CA

Senior Technical Project/Program Manager and Analyst


  • Managed projects to develop applications and resolve systemic issues. Managed entire SDLC including securing funding, coordinating solutions, and managing workflow and timelines:
  • Managed a team of developers to create a front-end analytic application for clients. Back-end database was SQL Server with SSIS packages pulling in Hadoop data lake data and Oracle data. Agile approach to workflow.
  • Managed cross-functional teams to resolve defects or design gaps following outages, code releases, and migration of accounts to a new billing system. This included performing root cause analysis, identifying risks and impacts associated with varilus solutions, UAT, executing and monitoring solutions, and postmortem analysis. Systems involved included OMS, Provisioning, Billing, CRM, Engineering (Conditional Access), Metadata servers, and various middleware systems.
  • Used Hive-QL, Teradata, Vertica, Excel, Tableau for analytics, charts, and graphs. VBA in Access and Excel. SSIS package development.
  • Investigated fraud and misuse of video service by comparing Hadoop data lake viewership data to provisioning data and billing data in an RDBMS environment (instances where customers view content without paying). Managed teams to resolve defects.
  • Developed and maintained VBScripts that kick off MS Access, MS Excel, and SAS programs daily. These programs ETL’d files to mass adjust servers and ran VBA in Excel and Access.
  • Used SAS data step when PROC SQL was limiting. Used SAS Macros to automate repetitive steps (E.G. formatting ETL files for mass adjust and formatting reports for weekly team meetings). Pass through queries in SAS from Teradata, Vertica, Oracle, and Hadoop data lake.
  • Teradata bulk load and fast load. PROC REPORT to control reporting output and use conditional field formatting.
  • Audited billing, ordering, and provisioning systems to identify issues and right size accounts:
  • Collaborated with SMEs to understand systemic and business rules
  • Queried and analyzed data to find discrepancies
  • Profiled errors and met with cross functional teams to discuss next steps and solutions
  • Coordinated customer communications and corrective actions
  • Executed short term corrections
  • Worked with system owners to create appropriate long-term systemic fixes
  • Provided financial trend forecasting analytics for billing system migration projects. This helped with decision making for systemic configuration before account migration occurred.
  • Developed and ran a daily automated VBScript that pulls unformatted tax reports from a database, passes data through an array to expedite processing and obtain strings from different lines, and formats a delimited file. Used SAS to produce reports from these files for SOX compliance.

Confidential, Monrovia CA

Revenue Assurance Analyst


  • Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, MS Access, and VBA to provide metrics and reports
  • Analyzed billing records, call data records (CDRs), ILEC invoices, and CABS records

Confidential, Pasadena CA

Business Systems Analyst


  • Systemic and financial metrics with Crystal Reports (charts, graphs, ad hoc reporting)
  • Hosted weekly system outage meetings and managed IT teams to resolve outages
  • Managed the transfer of a Webmail server to a new data center
  • Developed and managed a MySQL database on Linux OS. Tasks included creating and maintaining PERL scripts to ETL raw files and ad hoc queries
  • UNIX shell scripts and Perl scripts to resolve issues affecting email and web hosting accounts

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