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Sr Scrum Master Resume


I’m a macro - manager and an impediment killer who loves tacos, the outdoors, learning, coaching and helping high performing teams achieve their best. Certified SAFe Scrum Master with a servant leader approach, my military leadership experience helped hone my skills as a problem solver and coach.


Technical Skills & Platforms: SAFe, Agile, JIRA, Kanban, Scrum, Mac OS, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Adobe CS



Sr Scrum Master


  • Coaches team in SAFe Agile, and Scrum Framework
  • Serves team by helping identify and remove impediments so team(s) can do what they do best
  • Facilitates Release Planning to define Epics/Features
  • Coaches team in defining their definition of done and definition of ready and to always keep it evolving
  • Coaches team on estimating with story points, pushing their velocity, and holding them accountable to commitments
  • Assists in defining, and writing stories as well as acceptance criteria with Product Owner & Engineers
  • Backlog refinement/grooming and JIRA/VersionOne management
  • Coaches team on self - organization, time management, and teamwork
  • Guides team in an evolving Working Agreement that helps: foster a team, safe, and successful environment celebrate wins involve all team members in all stages in asking for help challenging each other to grow question Engineering Practices provide shorter PR approval times
  • Assists with internal and external department communication to improve transparency
  • Facilitates Sprint Planning, Release Planning, Daily Stand-Ups, System Demos and Sprint Retrospectives
  • Coaches other teams and new Scrum Masters to help in stories point estimations and finding their way


Scrum Master


  • Optimized the flow of work between Engineering and stakeholders by protecting team
  • Facilitated sprint planning to create acceptance criteria and a definition of done and definition of ready
  • Helped teams be successful by holding them accountable for their commitments, removing impediments, and leveraging organizational resources to improve capacity for project work
  • Designed a Team Branding exercise and PPT deck that shows the team the importance of Team Branding
  • Gives us One Voice and helps us work as a Team instead of individuals on a team
  • Creates and Fosters Innovation
  • Distinguishes the Team from others
  • Creates a Sense of Purpose
  • Helps in Onboarding new Team Members
  • Used project metrics such as velocity and capacity to help forecast project completion dates
  • Identified and removed organization and team impediments to enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Helped define and write stories and acceptance criteria with Product Owner and Engineering team in JIRA
  • Backlog grooming and management of mobile application development and deployment/delivery in JIRA
  • Facilitated Sprint Planning, Daily Stand - Ups, Sprint Review (Demos) and Sprint Retrospectives
  • Facilitated out of office events such as 4x4 trails and camping trips
  • Worked closely with Product Owner to make sure the backlog was prioritized according to his/her latest thinking


Team Lead / Scrum Master


  • Identified and removed impediments resulting in productivity improvement
  • Assisted in the selection and hiring process of team members
  • Helped define team strategy which helped in breaking down epics and stories
  • Audited work practices and environments to help implement process and environment changes/improvements
  • Conducted regular 1:1 meetings with the team to ensure team members continued and had the support needed, both financially and professionally
  • Facilitated daily standups and team retrospectives to energize our days, identify impediments and create a smooth flow of work
  • Worked closely with team, in and out of the office: to ensure we get along, goof off together, and celebrate each other s success hold each other accountable create a safe place for the team to discuss/bring up anything leave job titles at the door and collectively take responsibility for all agreed work
  • Helped teams identify and effectively manage bottlenecks and blockers
  • Fostered the adoption and value of the Scrum framework, participated in team demos, and set the example for team members to collaborate, pair program, and self - organize
  • Facilitated Sprint Planning, Release Planning, Daily Stand-Ups, Product Demos and Sprint Retrospectives

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