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Scrum Master / Project Manager Resume

San Jose, CA


  • A highly creative, resourceful, CSM - and PMP-certified leader with 10+ years in high-tech multi-project management execution/delivery to improve ops effectiveness, quality, security and customer experience:
  • Most recently, as Scrum Master/Project Manager for Confidential ’s Cloud Security BU, led a dev team of 10 through 40 scrums and two major releases. Also led an information security team of six in to identify, mitigate, and create solutions for emerging threats in Confidential ’s use of AWS and Google Cloud.
  • Previously, as Agile Project Manager (PM) for Confidential, led a development team of 10 through its first product launch and subsequent releases, while realigning its Scrum practices. Assisted team in overcoming roadblocks, end-user engagement, and interfacing with other dev. organizations.
  • As Consulting PM for Confidential, drove the undisrupted decommissioning of its Hong Kong Data Center by leading the migration of services/users to other locations “in-flight.” Despite multiple obstacles, brought project team back on track and delivered.
  • As PM at Confidential, delivered operational initiatives that improved the overall performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of Confidential Engineering. Also delivered the build-out of cloud computing system infrastructure for ongoing development and sales support activities.
  • Prior six years contracted as a Project Manager to Trianz, Intuit, Nuezra, and NetApp, leading a broad array of IT infrastructure, security, software, and operations initiatives to their successful conclusions. Early 10-plus years as Project Lead, Software QA Engineer, and Electrical Engineer in a wide variety of industries, acting as the voice of the customer throughout the product release cycle.


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Scrum Master / Project Manager


  • As Scrum Master, led team of nine developers in the implementation and enhancement of the Continuous Security Buddy (CSB), a plugin that was designed to be inserted into CI/CD Pipelines and perform recurring security audits of Confidential assets in AWS and Google Cloud. Provided guidance to team for initial product release, first major product revision, and three minor releases. Organized team’s activities using Jira.
  • Worked with CSB dev team to improve their Scrum use. By asking the right questions, influenced them to perform demos earlier in a sprint to obtain more timely feedback, coordinate work with other team members during daily standups, and balance unpredictable operational activities with dev work.
  • On one of the minor releases, team got quality complacent, with major defects in CSB’s reports.
  • Used retrospective at the end of the affected sprint to help team delve into the defects’ RCA.
  • Communicated what the team had learned and their course of corrective action to management, giving them confidence that the problems would be fixed and obviating need for further inquiry.
  • As Project Manager, led team of five info sec architects in managing an array of projects on emerging security threats and solutions, which often involved new policies, guardrails, processes, and/or tools.
  • Quickly realized that the info sec team was struggling to manage up to 20 concurrent projects, often with shifting priorities, dependencies on other teams, and vague objectives.
  • Created projects’ program-level view in Confluence, ID’ng goals, dependencies, and milestones for each. This view helped with team standups, and sr. management communication.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Agile Project Manager


  • The team had fallen out of practicing Scrum.
  • Mentored the team to tighten up its Scrum practices:
  • Product Backlog (PB) had fallen into neglect.
  • Worked with the Product Owner to reinstate PB Grooming meetings.
  • PB was now populated with active stories on a rhythm.
  • Reintroduced the dev team to User Story estimation and workload balancing to help execute efficient sprints.
  • Also established a team best practice, where no User Story would be considered complete until its functionality was deployed in production.
  • Decision was made to more closely integrate Walmart’s three SOA units into one.
  • Created system of Scrum and Kanban boards in Jira for ongoing workflow and long-term planning.
  • Communicated how these boards worked to other Scrum Masters org wide.
  • Led team through the rollout of the Service Registry’s first major release.
  • Interfaced with Walmart’s IaaS organization to resolve many networking and database issues that blocked rollout completion.
  • Assisted team in evaluating, testing, and selecting potential solutions.
  • Reported status to management.
  • Got rollout on track despite numerous infrastructure-related setbacks.
  • ID’d solutions that the team could work with long-term, while providing management feedback on IaaS groups.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Consulting Project Manager


  • Delivered in just four months the decommissioning of a poorly utilized, leased data center in Hong Kong (HKDC), saving $150K/year. This required the migration of an Oracle ERP DR site, a custom Logistics Portal, and over 950+ Exchange Users in APAC to other data centers/services “in-flight”:
  • ERP DR site and Logistics Portal migrated several weeks ahead of schedule, reducing the risk the move posed to fiscal year-end activities. Migration included both services and data.
  • Supported Technical Lead in developing an initial approach to migrating APAC Exchange Users to the Office 365 Cloud, using the HKDC’s main Internet pipe for the mailbox transfer. When a pilot run failed in mailbox throughput by the deadline, supported devising an alternate approach.
  • To help inexperienced team worked with the Lead to define tasks and process workflow, then ID’d each task owner during daily stand-ups, improving team handoffs, eliminating delays.
  • To give team time to learn the process, develop execution confidence, and still make progress, ratcheted daily migration targets for the team to meet. Team was soon moving so aggressively through the Exchange migration, that it gained back all previously lost time.
  • Took over a lagging initiative to deploy Puppet to automatically maintain equipment configurations at all of Confidential ’ data centers. Brought project back on track by providing better project management oversight. Ensured that all stakeholders had proper alignment on deliverables and project direction.
  • Despite prior loss of several months’ effort, enabled Sys Admin to deliver the initial Puppet Deployment on the original schedule, with all agreed-to deliverables.
  • Delighted sponsor asked for an unexpected ‘Phase 2’ of the Puppet Deployment, to put additional functionality in place.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Program Manager/Scrum Master


  • As PM for Confidential ’s Solutions Infrastructure Team (SIT), planned, organized, and delivered multiple projects to build out up to 20 different Vblocks for 15 to 20 development and sales support projects per quarter, often with differing and conflicting timelines/requirements.
  • Delivered all standard Vblock builds on a two-week rhythm. Delivered all non-standard builds (e.g., prototypes) in alignment with business priorities.
  • As PM for Confidential ’s Engineering Ops Team, assisted Demo Engineering Team in transition to Scrum from their previous ad hoc project management approach. Provided on Scrum and Rally (a Scrum-based project management tool), and actively functioned as this team’s Scrum Master.

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