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Senior It Infrastructure Project Manager Resume


  • IT professional with over 24 years of IT technical project management including experience with Cloud, B2C digital web and mobile environments at both the application and infrastructure level. This includes:
  • 8 years experience delivering over 70 infrastructure projects.
  • 16 years’ experience delivering over 50 application projects (Agile / Waterfall Methodologies).
  • Actively managing 6 - 10 concurrent projects including data center closure/migrations/decommissions/new project development. Projects all delivered ahead of schedule/on schedule.
  • Overseeing projects ranging from 3 months to 21 months durations.
  • Working with global multi-disciplinary team sizes ranging from 6 - 15 people.
  • Managing project budgets ranging from $300k - $3 million.
  • 12 years hands on software application development and architecture experience through SDLC.
  • Transformational leadership in being able to optimize people, process, and technology to deliver projects up to 70% faster
  • Drive technology transformation initiatives through understanding business goals then shaping transformation strategies
  • Lead IT strategy initiatives including developing hybrid cloud strategy road map, DevOps integration, and product selection by carrying out Proof of Concepts (PoC).
  • Metrics driven leadership style consistently exceeding cost reduction goals and quality standards.
  • Skilled at restoring floundering projects, putting them back on track and restoring customer confidence
  • Masterful at bridging the gap between application and infrastructure teams for smooth end to end project delivery
  • Team player with a strong work ethic, routinely able to multitask and work under pressure.
  • Problem solver handling toughest situations, most complex problems driving projects to completion on time and under budget
  • Skilled at implementing PMI methodology including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects


  • Compute On Demand (HCI)
  • PaaS - Platform as a Service
  • Identity Management
  • Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google)
  • Storage On Demand (HCI)
  • SaaS - Software as a Service
  • Privileged Access Mgmt.
  • Private Azure
  • Backup
  • DevOps Pipeline
  • Security as a Service
  • App migrations between clouds
  • Archive
  • Containers
  • Container security
  • Governance
  • Network Fabric
  • Static/Dynamic Analysis
  • Application security
  • Cloud as a Service
  • Disaster recovery on demand
  • API Management
  • Open source security
  • Capacity Management
  • CMDB integration
  • Open source platforms
  • ERP (SAP, SAS), Enterprise Content Management (Document/Workflow/Business Process/Image Capture/OCR), BMC
  • New Application Development
  • Web desktop, Web mobile.
  • Web Content Management/App development.
  • Document Management, Records Management, Workflow/Business Process Management, Image Capture, and OCR.
  • Client server.


Operating Systems: Win 2000/2003/2008/ NT/XP/Vista/Win7,Win10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 , Unix HP-UX, Linux (Suse, Redhat), VMWare, Websphere

Project Software: MS Project Server 2010/2016; MS Project 2010/2013/2016 ; Clarity

Web Servers: IIS, IHS

Languages: VB.Net, VB6/VBA/VBScript, Windows API, COM, MS Transaction Server, Windows SDK, C++, C Unix, XML Schema, HTML, Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, XAML

Internet: VB.Net, ASP.Net, MVC3, XML Schema, XML DTD, HTML, XMetal, Web Services, WFC

Software: Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008 , PVCS, Visual SourceSafe, Peregrine, HP Openview, MS Office Suite (Visio, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MS Access, Sybase, RBase

Database Connectivity: ADO.Net, ADO, ODBC, DAO, SSRS

Database Query Languages: SQL (ANSI), DQL (Document Query Language), Stored Procedures

COT Software: SAP, SalesForce.com, SAS

Document/Content Management Platforms: SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010, Documentum 6.5 web top/webservices, OpenText, Docs Open, Filenet P8, Global360, Unisys InfoImage, EiStream, HP Output Management, Adobe Experience Manager(AEM)

OCR: Captiva Dispatcher, Adobe Capture, Prime OCR, Scansoft, Fraudguard Check OCR, Anydocs

Image Capture: Captiva image capture, eiStream image capture, Kodak Image CapturePro, Kodak i800 series scanner, Pagasus Imaging, RightFax Server, Docusign Digital Signature Platform

Business Process Workflow: SharePoint 2010, Documentum, OpenText, Filenet P8, Global360, Unisys InfoImage, eiStream, TIBCO/Staffware

Check Imaging: Yojna, FraudGuard

Data Analytics, Monitoring: Adobe Analytics, Sitescope, Keynote, SAS, Struxtureware, Splunk

Groupware Collaboration: SharePoint 2010, MS Exchange CDO, Filenet TCO, SharePoint 2010, Filenet, eiStream/Global 360, Lotus Notes

Secure Storage and Transmission System: Cyber Ark Data Vault, Momentum, FTP, Dell Password Management

Content Delivery Network: Akamai

Business Intelligence: SQL Server Business Intelligence Developer Studio

Secure Printing: HP: HPAC, Jet Advantage, Webjet, DSS, EWS, Print Que Manager; Lexmark: Markvision

CMDB and Discovery: BMC Remedy CMDB, BMC Remedy Discovery, ServiceNow CMDB

Open Source: Middleware - JBOSS, TOMEE Redhat

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) (HCI ): Compute On Demand, Storage On Demand - Storage (SSD, NAS, SAN), Backup, Archive, Software Defined FabricDR on Demand - Disaster recovery, Nutanix

Hybrid Cloud Applications: PaaS - Platform as a Service, SaaS - Software as a Service ( Gmail Suite + Office 365), DevOps Pipeline, API Management

Hybrid Cloud Security: Cloud Identity Management, Cloud Privileged Access Management (PAM), Cloud Application security

Containers: Dockers, Kubernetes, Container security

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Integration: CMDB, Security, DevOps, Storage, Backup, Archive

Networking: SD-WAN, ATT Ultravailable Network (UVN) Service Ring


Senior IT Infrastructure Project Manager



  • Manage infrastructure project delivery process from design, procure, build, infrastructure delivery, and environment validation.
  • Perform role of Technical Infrastructure Requirements Analyst and create infrastructure requirements.
  • Manage infrastructure solution architecture team to complete process to ensure compliance with corporate architecture for generating a network diagram.
  • Manage engineering infrastructure design review meetings with multidisciplinary engineering teams.
  • Manage infrastructure build process for creating engineering SOW to deliver infrastructure per infrastructure requirements.
  • Manage security and control team reviews.
  • Manage delivery of infrastructure for up to five environments per deployed application.
  • Manage Architecture team to perform software technology reviews.
  • Manage teams to perform network, application and open source legal reviews.
  • Manage effort to validate delivered Infrastructure.
  • Manage effort to connect monitoring and analytics.
  • Manage effort to connect Content Delivery Network (CDN) to the hosting data center.
  • Lead team meetings to resolve any infrastructure-related issues involving connectivity, internal or external to hosting data center. 
Senior IT Infrastructure Project Manager



  • Infrastructure/App migrations from public cloud to private network.
  • Infrastructure/App migrations from private network to public cloud.
  • Infrastructure/App migrations between data centers.
  • Migration of client’s application/infrastructure assets from a company that was closing its operation.

Senior IT Infrastructure Project Manager



  • Conversion of .Net applications to Java applications.
  • Conversion of MS Access Applications to Visual Basic (.net and legacy) client server applications.
  • Business Intelligence Conversions (ETL).
  • Multiple Sources to Single Source Migrations (ETL workflow -> SQL Server data warehouse).
  • DTS to SSIS package migration (SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008).
  • Oracle to SQL Server migrations.
  • MS Access to SQL Server migrations / SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008.
  • Convert Opentext documents to Documentum documents.
  • Convert Infoimage documents to Documentum documents.
  • Image conversion application to migrate 652,000 images from the source image format MODCA:IOCA to a TIFF.
  • Continuous coding security feedback
  • Static Analysis (SAST)
  • Dynamic Analysis (DAST)
  • Interactive Analysis (IAST)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
  • Manage team Access Control Reviews team ( SCP, SCC, ICC/GAO) to create security narrative and answer 60 question checklist Including database security
  • Manage team to deliver Extranet Reviews of network diagrams, network regions, ports and protocol, external connections
  • Manage GSEC teams to deliver Firewall Rules, identify Inbound/Outbound Connections, Supplier Connections
  • Manage teams to deliver CSP (Per server policy driven software firewall)
  • Manage teams to implement Content Delivery Network (CDN) Software Firewall connectivity
  • Manage team to implement URL Web Certs (Domain URLs)
  • Manage team to perform technology standards list review (security products)
  • Document Management (ACL s), Workflow Management, Content Management
  • Delivery of check fraud security remediation solution
  • Manage project/develop requirements for SaaS cloud solution design for:
  • Identity Management
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Security as a Service
  • Container security
  • Open source security
  • Manage global delivery of secure printer management infrastructure/application and install 10,000 badge reader printers
  • Developed/delivered password management process improvement for all application teams by reducing 1 years’ worth of security violations (i.e. > 200) down to about zero after one year implementing the process.
  • Identify vulnerability threats (Plant, Office, Data Center) using Qualys scans to identify and categorize threats.
  • Implement solution to monitor plant logs, password change, etc. using SIEM solution (Splunk)
  • Manage team to deliver SIEM (Splunk) infrastructure/application with integrations for security and alerting
  • Rezone plant equipment on office side and vice versa to provide increased security plant access security
  • Deliver CMDB/Discovery infrastructure/application to identify authorized and non-authorized CI’s on the network
  • Ransomware virus remediation and plant lockdown strategy (Wanacry)

Senior IT Infrastructure Project Manager



  • Develop roadmap for hybrid cloud strategy, DevOps integration, product selection via technology assessments and carrying out Proof of concepts (PoC) to realize bottom line results, while seeing beyond the end date of the individual projects.
  • Grouped projects into a program using a top down approach by decomposing the business outcome into a group of related categories. Related projects grouped under each category to form a program (i.e. cloud security)
  • Focus the vision on program architecture to select, prioritize, and align projects within the program.
  • Provide the leadership vision to inspire, coach, and mentor PMs to achieve strategic goals
  • Resequence/sequence existing and proposed project activities to achieve desired business outcome and strategic objectives
  • Monitor project metrics and monitor staffing demands across projects
  • Update and/or create governance processes to improve communication, reduce risk, achieve quality expectorations, and deliver program results an achievable timeline.
  • Implement PM process improvements (workflows) to help increase project volume throughput.
  • Combined end to end delivery of application and infrastructure using combined agile scrum (application) and waterfall project management methodology (infrastructure).


Cloud IaaS: HCI

WAN: Software defined WAN ( SD-WAN)

Cloud PaaS: Azure Platform as a Service

Disaster recovery: MS Azure Public Cloud, Private Cloud DR

Cloud DaaS: SQL Server, Progress, MariaDB

App Servers: Windows Server, WebSphere, Linux

Cloud Storage as Service: Storage Capacity on Demand

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows

Cloud Compute as Service: Compute Capacity on Demand

Virtualization: VMwareESX, HyperV, AHV

Cloud Fabric: Software Defined Fabric

App Servers: Windows Server, WebSphere, Linux

Cloud ServiceNow: CMDB + Discovery

Senior IT Infrastructure Project Manager



  • Improved Schedule/Budget by reducing original project delivery cycle ~75% by improving processes such as developing infrastructure requirements, improved build implementation reviews & planning prior to install of both infrastructure and COTS software applications, improved tracking.
  • Reduced procurement delivery cycle from final quote to PO from 4 - 12 weeks to 1 - 2 weeks
  • Improved delivery tracking to receive shipments from docks to datacenter from several days to 1 day
  • Improved project team communication to focus on completion of project tasks improved Quality of deployments through use of test plans for both infrastructure and COTS software applications
  • Implemented MS Project tool for planning, monitoring and tracking the execution phase. ( Not used previously)
  • Introduced a managed infrastructure project delivery process: requirements, design, procure, build and validate installation

Senior Scrum Master/Infrastructure PM



  • On time/on budget delivery of complex mobile/desktop web portal and infrastructure
  • Lead Agile team with team size of 5 including Agile developers and product owner. Budget $250k
  • Assist in developing process flow diagrams and network architecture diagrams during sprint pre - planning phases
  • Liaising between developers and project stakeholders; fostering quality communication between customer and engineering disciplines for both software application and infrastructure delivery.
  • Coordinate all Scrum Ceremonies including 2 week sprints, daily standups, sprint retrospectives, sprint demos, story grooming, and release planning
  • Gathering and updating project materials, budgeting, project documentation, business flows, and lessons learned documents
  • Provide advice and guidance, and resolving blocks and impediments.

Senior Application Project Manager



  • B2C customer facing Digital marketing solutions using Adobe AEM platform used for application content delivery.
  • Primary focus on branded product launches, reveals, targeted marketing campaigns, and dealer marketing portals.
  • Work with brand teams to define, maintain and secure approval of project assets and assure their timely delivery.
  • Infrastructure and application delivery.
  • 70 % reduction in infrastructure project delivery cycle achieved by introducing 41 new process improvements
  • Productivity Gain: 3 typical infrastructure projects completed in time taken to previously complete 1 infrastructure project
  • Turned around previous PMs projects that were late by 1 - 3 months, and delivering projects on original target dates
  • Actively manage 6 10 concurrent projects including data center closure/migrations/decommissions/new project development. Projects all delivered ahead of/on schedule. Projects terms range from 3 months to 21 months. Typical global multi-disciplinary team sizes 6 15 people. Project budgets range between $300k - $3 million.
  • Managed migrations from Public cloud to Private network and vice versa; Migrations between data centers
  • On time/on budget delivery of complex new web hosted infrastructure projects for B2C space
  • Managed secure printer application delivery for refresh/replacement for over 10,000 printers globally

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