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Senior Project Lead Resume



  • Around 9 years of strong professional experience in Software Analysis, Design and Development, Testing using C, C++, on Unix-AIX and GNU Linux.
  • Expertise in online transaction processing system using multiprocessing applications, multithreading and TCP/IP socket programming.
  • Good experience working as onsite coordinator and dealing with offshore onsite team model and team building.
  • Expertise in Banking and Financial domain and worked as Subject Matter Expert for credit cards dealing with biggest associations like VISA/MC/AMEX and DISCOVER
  • Possessing good experience dealing with external Relationship managers with merchant establishments like Wal-Mart, Bank of America, and Home Depot.


  • Master of computer applications

Technology Expertise:

  • Programming expertise in C, C++, STL, kornshell scripting, Perl.
  • Utilities for Unix like Sockets, TCP/IP, FTP and UDP
  • Databaseused DB2 and Oracle.
  • OperatingSystem worked onUNIX - AIX, GNU LINUX
  • Version ControlDimensions, CVS
  • Methodologies using Multithreading in applications
  • Debuggersdbx and gdb
  • Others Xml, Apache xerces library, Boost libraries
  • Quality StandardsISO, CMM Level 5

Work Experience:

Confidential, USA Feb 2008 - Present
Client: Confidential, Hunt Valley, MD, USA
Title: Senior Project Lead/ Lead Designer and Developer

Project: Cardnet Nashvilleswitching systems for online transactions processing

Confidential, is a global leader as acquirer serving millions of merchant establishments and thousands of card issuers. As an acquirer processing credit/debit/loyalty cards, checks, the underlying applications are broadly classified into Front End switches (Authorizations) and back-end Mainframe systems (Settlements). The front-end applications are C/C++ written on UNIX-AIX on IBM's RISC 6000 64 bit machines with processing nearly to 3000 TPS (transactions per seconds). Perl and korn shell scripting jobs are run at front end for carrying out file processing and other file moving activities for files received from back-end Mainframe systems.Sockets are used to connect between merchants using phone lines and associations. Multiprocessing applications run on different processors thus increasing the collective throughput. Load balancing happens with multithreading with additional layer between merchants and switches for phone lines. Mainframe systems are connected to AIX servers by coupling of CICS sockets on their side with Unix Sockets on front end sides.


  • Developing C++ and XML interfaces merchant configurations for phone lines symbols
  • Developed C++ programs for loading XML configurations into shared memory
  • Coded new applications in C for transactions activity alarming and event handling.
  • Carrying out redundant code analysis and removing it to increase overall throughput.
  • Creating new korn and Perl scripts for carrying out certain scheduled tasks of merchant and terminal extract file building received from Mainframe systems.
  • Conversion of 32 bit file processing application to 64 bit file processing application for larger file support of merchant bases.
  • Creating utilities in korn scripts on timely manner to almost automate entire production search methodologies.
  • Successfully porting fall and spring releases for VISA and MasterCard associations twice every year.
  • Performing extensive code reviews and provided optimization suggestions wherever required.
  • Maintaining project schedules, work breakdown structures and maintaining issues and discussion logs
  • Creating timely project status reports, charts and graphs for presentation purposes
  • Attending meetings with Engagement Managers and PM's for deciding new strategies for team expansion onsite and offshore.
  • Planned and coordinated administrative support activities to ensure goals and objectives are accomplished within time
  • Carrying out risk analysis and identifying risks in projects

Environment: C, C++, STL, AIX, XML, Korn scripting, TCP/IP, sockets, multithreading

Client: Confidential, London, UK March 2006 - Jan 2008
Title: Tech / Project Lead
Project: Amex Punch Cards

Confidential, has a set of proprietary cryptographic device drivers for Amex punch cards. The application had to load/ unload device driver's kernel modules at startup using startup scripts in bash shell on Linux. The application also had other programs which help in the overall process of creating the end message to be printed on the mag. stripe of the cards.


  • Attending meeting for requirement analysis with onsite team members and clients
  • Bug fixing and maintaining C, C++ programs for fine tuning applications
  • Creating/ modifying the interface of startup loading/unloading of device driver kernel modules.
  • Helping to port certain scripts at the test environments with other team members maintaining concurrency and integrity of system.
  • Bug fixing and integrated systems testing on the TE's (test environments RHEL)
Environment: C, C++ IBM cryptographic device driver, GNU Linux, Test Environments Baroc Technologies Pvt. Ltd., PuneJune 2005 - Feb2006 Title: Sr. Software Engineer

Client: Confidential, (Basel, Switzerland)
Project: Corona

Baroc developed 'Hospital Administration' application for Corona Informatik AG, Switzerland. Corona develops and markets healthcare applications. Corona developed and marketed a hospital administration system, which is an end-to-end solution as far as patient administration is concerned. Baroc has ported their existing application and added a whole lot of features taking advantage of the GUI.


  • Developing billing programs - receipts, payments and invoicing
  • Developing programs to display user interface in languages like German, French and English and crystal reports
  • Performing analysis on Master data/catalogue management requirements
  • Interacting with the client regularly for understanding requirements and catering solutions for the same

Environment: C, C++, GNU Linux, Orcale

Confidential, Pune
Title: Engineer Jan 2004- May 2005
Client: Confidential, India
Environment: UNIX, Mainframe zOS, VSAM, DB2
Project1: Centralized Admission system for agricultural colleges of Maharashtra
Project2: UNIX File uploads management.

Maharashtra state agricultural universities centralized admission system. The project was in early stages with the completion timeline of 5 years. Initial stages involved regular meetings with the end user (government officials)

CICS - Unix File upload management project was in development. The project involved establishing TCP/IP connections between CICS system and Unix Server to upload the file of records with fixed length.


  • Developing CICS programs using TCP/IP connectivity
  • Analyzing the process of SSL authentication and defining the KEYRING system intialization
  • Developing programs using CICS LINK to call CICS programs sending requests to CICS transaction server
  • Developing programs using EXCI call interface to help issue distributed program linkage - DPL on these session from non CICS programs
  • Attentinding meetings with end user and continuously iterating over the requirements to capture and fit
  • Creating intial proto-types for presentation in meetings
  • Developing small usable programs from proto-types and unit testing those

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