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Project Manager Resume

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New Jersey, NJ


  • Experience includes SDLC, Data Warehouse and Report Writing with Brio, and Cognos (Decision Stream, Reportnet, PowerPlay, Transformer, Impromptu and Cognos Finance).
  • IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning Series 7.3 thru 8.4, IBM Cognos 8 Studios w/ SDK
  • Well versed with Sarbanes Oxley, SOX 404, Cognos, and Decision Stream for building data warehouse. Creating all SOX reports needed for projects.
  • Expert in Business Intelligence Applications using Cognos Tools such as Cognos 8 & 10.1 BI, (Framework manager, Analysis Studio, Powerplay Studio, Report studio, Data Manager, Event Studio ,Query studio), TM1, Transformer, Reportnet, Impromptu, PowerPlay, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR), Access Manager and Server Administration on Cognos 8.4 and IWR servers.
  • TM1 Admin, Developer and Trainer. Well versed in knowledge transfer skills.

Database/Systems: DB2/400, Oracle, SQL, SQL Server, Microsoft, DB2, UNIX, Windows.
Development: RPG ILE, RPG III, CLP, COBOL, C/C++, JAVA, Visual Basic 6.0, SYNON/2E, Perl, Websphere.
BI: Cognos PowerPlay, Impromptu and Transformer, Web Reports, Access Manager, Visualizer, Architect, ReportNet, Decision Stream, IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning Series 7.3, 8.3, 8.4 Scorecard, Brio, Cognos 8.4 & 10.1 . Microsoft SSRS/SSIS. Cognos Planning TM1, TM1 Admin, TM1 Developer, and TM1 Trainer
ERP: Infinium, JBA, JD Edwards, Lawson
DW: Cognos, ETL, Informatica, Business Objects, SAP

Confidential, (Feb. 2007 – Present)
Sr. Project Manager/Sr Certified IBM Cognos & TM1 Administrator/Developer
The projects were to understand and analyze the companys financial projection of past 3 years, by helping the Planning team to revaluate company’s strength, market and competition by improving the reporting system. The project was to build cubes, analyze them for forecasting and budgeting. Managed team to Migraten and Upgrade Cognos Products, including Migrating to Cognos 10.1 for BI and EP,
I have in-depth experience with transformer as well as Framework Manager including DMR and advanced SQL programming experience.
Understanding the multidimensionality of the data for designing dimensions and cubes by analyzing and identifying different data sources.

  • Created Cognos 10.1 Models amd cubes, tested and deployed to TEST and then PROD.
  • Cognos 10.1 advanced Reporting creation building complex reporting for the business users.
  • Created DMR using Framework manager with levels and hierarchies.
  • Cognos 10.1 Admin, set up security and tuning of the Cubes.
  • Developed, maintained and managed relational and dimensional relational (DMR) IBM Cognos Framework Manager models and their row level security.
  • Worked on installation and configuration of Cognos 8 and TM1 on windows server 2003.
  • Cognos & TM1 Health checks and tuning.
  • Install and Configure Data Manager
  • Cognos 8.4.1 to Cognos 10.1 Upgrade, moved all reports, cubes to Cognos 10.1 and setup security and Performance Tuning.
  • TM1 Administrator for several local companies, after performing as the companies TM1 Admin I did an exchange of knowledge to the client so they could now take over.
  • Migration from Cognos 8.4 to Cognos 10
  • Training IBM Data Manager, Report Studio, Framework Manager, Transformer
  • Migration from Cognos Planning to TM1
  • Created adhoc queries from multidimensional views for analysis.
  • Upgraded Cognos 8.4 to Cognos 10 both Cognos BI and EP.
  • Update Cognos Metadata Models, changes to Framework 8.4 to Dimensions etc. As well as wrote Test plan and managed testing before deploying packages to customers.
  • Developed Cubes, Reports, and Dashboards using Cognos 8 BI 8.4
  • Created Dynamic Reports from Worksheets and Cube views using different functions (DNEXT, DFRST and ELCOMP).
  • Created and arranged different TM1 rule statements and performed complex calculations for cubes at N&C levels.
  • Participating in the User meetings to analyze and prepare the reporting and analysis requirements of users.
  • Coordinating with Database team in setting up the required Materialized views, Aggregated and De-Normalized tables for the Reporting and Analysis needs.
  • Worked on replicating the cubes between servers, sharing data between cubes and linking asymmetrical cubes.
  • Created Various Dashboard Reports for different Business Areas based on Powerplay Cubes and DMR’s.
  • Experience implementing Cognos DMR (Dimensional Model)
  • Created reports using Microsoft SSRS for validating Reports after Migration.
  • Migrated from Microsoft SSRS and SSAS to Cognos 8
  • Several migrations from Cognos 7 to Cognos 8
  • MDX and SQL, T-SQL Developmentfor ETL
  • Involved in spreading the data in worksheets using Proportional spread method.
  • Created drill through processes, drill through assignment rules for analyzing the financial cubes for forecasting.
  • Applied TM1 best practices for creating cubes using Turbo Integrator to fine tune the models for the analysis and forecasting.
  • Conducted detailed dynamic analysis of the data by creating different views and applied different indicators, calculations using Executive Viewer.
  • Developed different analysis scenarios by comparing the input records with cube structures by importing data using processing worksheets.
  • Interacted with different object security rights by assigning securities to cubes, elements and dimensions.
  • Developed dynamic subsets using expression and filter based expressions.
  • Monitored and trouble shooting the system performance of TM1 servers.
  • Created distribution lists, contacts and printers in TM1 application.
  • Conducted detailed analysis for all the models related to 3 years forecasting cycle.
  • Developed financial score carding using Metric studio (Cognos 8).
  • Worked with the business team and Cognos Planning team for implementing different business perspectives.
  • Analyzed and created dynamic reports on cash flows, balance sheets, budget versus actual assets usage, liquidity, general ledger (budget versus actual).
  • Created complex reports involving complex calculations, prompts (Cognos 8).
  • Fine tuned the queries for performance purpose and enhances the performance cycle using audit logs.
  • Administered Cognos TM1 security using LDAP/ Access Manager and monitored the overall performance.
  • Published cubes and reports on Web for forecasting events.
  • Prepared documentation to train end users regarding the functionality of each report.
  • Maintained IBM Cognos planning models as needed by client also was responsible for all data loads and validation, troubleshooting for the current systems. For several local clients…
  • Created modeling in Framework Manger and imported in metadata form a variety of data sources, both relational and dimensional. Defined all data sources, and then publishing the packages.
  • Used Cognos SQL to build data sources that are more easily ported between database platforms.
  • Supporting IBM Cognos Express Installing, Training and supporting…
  • Supporting Sales and Marketing company in they needed Salesforce.com data bought into Cognos 8 BI for reporting. Created reports and dashboards on the Salesforce.com objects. I generated reports on as many salesforce.cm metrics as the client required. Combined salesforce.com data with client’s financial, product, and other key data sources. Produced drill-down analytics. Tracked performance across multiple dimensions (Product Sales across multiple regions, multiple quarters, and multiple sales reps.). Setup custom alerts, so business can receive immediate notification when a key metric crosses a critical threshold.
  • Using Cognos Transformer I created MDL Modeling using Cognos 8 Data Sources. Used MDL Model using an IQD Data Source in verb MDL. Creating Time Dimensions, Product Dimensions, key product measures, and populating the Models and then creating the power cubes required from the client. Created Metrics extracts and object extracts for loading information into Metric Studio. Created Metrics Extracts from a power cube.
  • This project was to analyze international sales of manufactured products based on the age group of the commodity users by developing relational and multidimensional metadata models with emphasis on performance tuning. Reports with varied business requirements were also developed to help sales analysis.


  • Understanding and gathering prerequisites for Reporting, Modeling, Analysis.
  • Worked and managed teams on installation and configuration of Cognos applications to develop complete SDLC.
  • Analyzed and identified different data sources for Cognos 8 and Cognos TM1.
  • Created distribution lists, contacts and printers in Cognos Connection.
  • Developed Relational and DMR models in Framework Manager with physical and presentation layers to cater various business needs.
  • Developed and modified existing cubes inTM1 using Turbo Integrator and Cube Viewer for financial analysis.
  • Created links to share the model data with other modelers.
  • Included complex queries and calculations in each models and applied data, object, package level securities in Framework Manager.
  • Created complex report using Report Studio and ad hoc reports using Query Studio.
  • Applied and documented best practices for Framework manager to create models and fine tune the models.
  • Used IQDs to create cubes and created reports in report studio.
  • Analyzed the financial data for forecasting and budgeting the area sales in TM1.
  • Created dynamic reports using Traffic Lights.
  • Fine tuned MDX queries for enhancing the cube performance.
  • Prepared user manuals and trained end users to adhoc reports using Query

Environment: Cognos 8.3/8.4 10.1 (Report Studio, Query Studio, Framework Manager,Data Manager), Cognos Series 7 (Powerplay, Powerplay Transformer, PPES), Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, Cognos TM19.0, windows NT

Confidential,WESTPORT, CT (Feb 2005 – Feb 2007)
Lead Developer/PM

  • Designed and developed interface programs using XML, Code400 and Websphere for production system including proprietary reservations and prospecting system. Support accounts payable, receivable and credit card processing system.
  • Maintained Cognos 8 planning models as needed by client also was responsible for all data loads and validation, troubleshooting for the current systems.
  • Supported testing and sign off protocol.
  • Supported production system. Responsible for ALL Cognos 8 upgrades.
  • Assisted with all changes made to programs and files.
  • Modified and author programs to streamline company’s yearly prospecting process.
  • Executed 5 million prospects in DB2 database and uploaded to Oracle from third party. Improved processing via new system DAL’s SQL and C++ programs.
  • Used Cognos 8 ePlanning applications to support the Travel Industry system…

Confidential,HARTFORD, CT (Nov 2004 to Jan 2005)

  • Migrated Cognos Series 7 catalogs and reports to Cognos 8 using utilities
  • Developed Complex Reports using multi-dimensional data (mdx) in Report Studio and Analysis Studio.
  • Helpes/assisted in testing of reports, providing fixes and enhancements.
  • Spearheaded design of monthly process including run, maintain, and modify Power Play Cube and Reports.
  • Led development Team initiatives, utilizing Decision Stream, Power Play Report/Transformer, Impromptu Report, Upfront, Visualizer, and Access Manager. Effectively met project timelines and objectives.
  • Created Score Cards, Dashboards and Key performance Indicators for decision support using Metric Studio.

Confidential,JERSEY CITY, NJ (Aug 2004 to Nov 2004)

  • Developed reports of varying complexity, including master-detail and drill-down/drill-through reports, multi-level aggregate views/reports applying security to reports and to control user views developing burst reports.
  • Developed SQL scripts in SQL server to test data coming from DB2 database to an Oracle database.
  • Managed sales, financial, and inventory reporting for senior management.
  • Modified and processed month end quarter end reports. Managed program testing.

Confidential,ELMSFORD NY (May 2004 to Aug 2004)

  • Hands on data warehouse experience utilizing Decision Stream.
  • Developed Cognos Decision Stream for financial data warehouse.
  • Did Business Intelligence analysis and development in a Data Warehouse environment using Cognos ReportNet, improved company performance for users.

Confidential,CT (July 2003 to May 2004)

  • Administration production support for daily DW, troubleshoot and creative problem solving. Utilized Cognos Decision Stream Series 7 for ETL (Extracting data + populate the data warehouse) supporting the enterprise-wide data warehouses. Customize and C++ fix Builds and Job Streams on the iseries.
  • Modified SQL 7.0 scripts for the builds. Responsible for receiving daily files from financial entities and processing the data into the data warehouse.
  • Modified builds and job streams and SQL scripts. Published IWR reports and PowerPlay cubes on the portal using Cognos IWR report admin and PowerPlay Enterprise Server.
  • Created dimension maps and multidimensional cubes using Impromptu’s Query Definition in PowerPlay Transformer.
  • Designed and implemented data cubes using Microsoft OLAP services, Cognos Impromptu, and PowerPlay to facilitate executive, management and end user reporting.
  • Created reports using Cognos and automated scripts to validate the integrity of the data based on end user needs.

Confidential,MERIDEN, CT (Jan 2003 to June 2003)

  • Documented of policies and procedures and the evaluation of internal controls involving Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Developed forms and procedures for change management process.
  • Created an automatic reporting system with MS-Excel tracking changes from requests through production notifying completion to business owners and change manager. Flowchart the CobiT controls for SOX 404 requirements. Audit tested SOX requirements with the IT and business team. Implement and trained users on new procedures.
  • Performed end-to-end business intelligence initiative to design and develop data warehouse, extraction transformation & load architecture, and downstream reporting platform.
  • Constructed proof of concept cases to test vendor features and performance using weighted scoring, as well as research industry feedback, in order to select ETL and reporting solutions.
  • Used prime method approach to conceptualize, develop, and implement optimal data migration and warehouse architecture that best suits specific business needs and priorities.

Confidential,NEW YORK (July2002 – Dec 2002)
Senior Project Manager/Business Analyst

  • Project Leader on electronic Distribution of Financial Reports.
  • Developed report distribution system with PDF file attachments. Created RPGILE service programs.
  • Developed and author an interface to Infinium using WebSphere and JAVA, C++ on the iseries.
  • Used the IBM web-facing tool in WebSphere to change and redesign the screens and menus using JAVA and C++.
  • Installed WebSphere and configured for iseries for ALL desktops and laptops Managed modifications and customizations for Human Resource, Payroll, and Financial modules in Infinium Software 10.1.2 Utilize xs tool.

Confidential,STRATFORD, CT (Jan2000 – Jan 2002)
IT Director

  • Undertook full Project Life Cycle leadership for design, development, coding, testing, user interface and training utilizing AS400, COBOL and RPG 400 ILE, Sub-file Processing.
  • Developed new Business Applications.
  • Maintained and enhanced DISC System Software. Interface DISC AR with Accounts Payables and General Ledger Systems. Create and implement new Warehouse Inventory Tracking System.
  • Wrote application to track receiving products to fill clients orders.
  • Developed web portal for sales reps to access AS400 reports and data using IBM WebSphere and Java started with OS 4.5 and upgraded to OS 5.2.
  • Managed EDI and IT departments, configured trading partner profiles and all mappings for: 820, 867, 810, 824 – flat file to XML and XML to flat file.
  • Configured all communications for FTP and Advantis connections.

Confidential,CHESHIRE, CT (Feb 1992 – Jan 2000)

  • Handled Sales, Account Management and Data Warehouse projects for Fortune 500 companies upgrading standardization applications to be Y2K compliant. Over 24 clients, i.e. GE, Danaher, Stanley, Mystic Color Labs, Marlin Firearms, Dun & Bradstreet. Business Partner with IBM and Microsoft.
  • Designed and directed production team to implement a complex mailing selection system using RPG ILE and embedded SQL statements.
  • Interfaced mailing system with Group1 Software to merge and purge the data. Lead Year 2000 upgrade of JD Edwards software package. Stanley Tools, worked with large user community to determine areas for improvements in customized interactive JD Edwards modules and batch reporting.
  • Handled analysis, justification, design, coding, testing and implementation of user modification requests. Coded in RPG III, run on an AS/400.
  • Created full project life cycle responsibilities as a team leader and sole contributor in the development and implementation of various JD Edwards AR/AP, General Ledger, Order Entry (SAP), Inventory Control, Systems utilizing RPG400, ILE and sub-file processing within an IBM AS400. Project Leader for the Demand Flow System to track and order materials needed for assembly for 8 plants.
  • Worked with Harbinger EDI and provided ongoing support of customer service and shipping. Implement Accounts Receivable System.


Cognos Administration Product Professional
Cognos BI Author IBM Cognos
Cognos 8 BI Admin IBM Cognos
Cognos 8 BI Tech. Specialist 5 IBM Cognos
Cognos 8 BI Prof. IBM Cognos
Cognos 8 Planning IBM Cognos
Cognos TM1 IBM Cognos

Skills Summary

IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning Series
IBM Cognos 8 Studios
Transformer, Impromptu, PowerPlay
Business Objects
Database (Oracle/SQL)
MS Office

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