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Project Manager Resume

New Jersey, NJ

Objective: To obtain a challenging and energetic full-time position in Information Technology with a successful company offering career growth and opportunity for advancement.

Software: Lotus Notes/Domino Client and Web Development v.6.5,7,8,8.5 HTML, XML, XSL, VBScript, OCX Controls, CSS, Lotus Script/OLE/LEI, JavaScript, JQuery, XPages, Crystal Reports v.8.0, Percussion Notrix, Sametime 8.5.1,ODBC, Vignette StoryServer, TCL, Oracle SQL, Domino C API, Microsoft SharePoint, JAVA Domino Classes, Adobe Illustrator, SnagIt, Microsoft Project, .Net C#, Microsoft Office Suite of Applications, FileMaker, Accuroute PDF Generation.

Experience: Confidential,
Project Manager/Technical Contractor
February 2011 – Present

Client: Confidential,

(Development/Support/ v.8.0 Domino /Lotus Script/OLE/LEI/SQL)
Technical Experience

  • Built Export Lotus Scripts/OLE Tool to migrate data out of existing Notes Based CRM Database into SalesForce.com
  • Built an interface using LSX/LEI to pull data out of oracle based system into lotus notes and then created extract file to be processed by another system.
  • Support of ADD Contract Mgr Workflow, Pricing Catalog, and other various Lotus Notes Systems.

Sr Developer/Project Manager
June 2010 – Jan 2011
(Lotus Domino version 8.5/CSS/HTML/DHTML/JavaScript/JQuery/XPages)


  • Building a Medical claims verification domino 8.5 enterprise client/web site.
  • Built Quote scheduling content management system for a Bus Travel Company
  • Exporting and importing data to and from excel tables.
  • Integrating with pricing information.
  • Administrating and setting up Lotus Foundation Server for client site.
  • Prioritizing Clients requests and delivering

Confidential, Chicago, IL
Technical Contractor
October 2009 – January 2010

Client: Confidential,

(Support of Domino Application v. 7.02)

Technical Experience

  • Assisted Field Reps with Support of Integrated Field Systems.
  • Resolving trouble tickets and solid communication with end users.
  • Assisted other programmers with coding techniques and ideas.
  • Fixed Replication Formulas and connectivity issues with Field Reps.

Confidential, Chicago, IL
Jan 2003 – April 2009

Internal Software/Engineering Team

(Lotus Script/CGI Variables/JavaScript/HTML/CSS/DHTML/@Formulas/OLE Microsoft Classes/ASP/LEI/VBScript/Domino 6.5,7,8)

  • Developed, maintained and supported internal intranet and client extranet website applications.
  • Created a workflow application and a job bank site to assist the firm’s clients.
  • Managed various Domino web projects including payroll exceptions, workflow calendars and a docket tracking system.
  • Designed overtime tracking application for multi-office use.
  • Organized meetings, created agendas and delivered project presentations.
  • Created attorney fact sheet Intranet site used by firm personnel.
  • Enhanced and altered DM Hummingbird WebTop for integration with intranet site using ASP.
  • Successfully developed and maintained Attorney Recruitment extranets.
  • Developed PDF’s via Accuroute command protocol.

(Lotus Script/CGI Variables/JavaScript/HTML/CSS/DHTML/@Formulas/OLE Microsoft Classes/LEI/ Domino C API/XML/XSL/Domino 6.5,7,8)

  • Created and maintained diverse website applications for large multi-firm project.
  • Corrected email and application errors following initial project rollout.
  • Designed website tracking tools that enabled managers to analyze application utilization and monitor application demand.
  • Participated in process improvement initiatives related to soft deletions, access control, site navigation and overall site performance.
  • Worked extensively with iNotes, XML/XSL and Lotus Script.
  • Developed C API program which provided users an unread email count, viewable through site homepage.
  • Traveled to client site to assist with testing and troubleshooting.
  • Collected positive feedback from both client and firm managers regarding performance.

Confidential, Park Forest, IL
Technology Contractor
Sept 2002 – Dec 2002

Huck Fasteners


  • Created detailed Quote Request System utilizing Lotus Script.
  • Developed other small applications and provided support for their domino application environment.

Confidential, Chicago, IL
Technology Consultant
March 2002 – May 2002

Client: Confidential,


  • Participated in Lotus Notes 4.63 to 5.09a migration project, involving server administration, updating desktops locally, and using PC Anywhere for remote users in Charlotte, NC.
  • Developed a Conversion Letters Application originally written in FoxPro, enabling users to develop conversion letters more efficiently.
  • Developed a Technical Issues Tracking system allowing IT department greater control of outstanding technical issues.
  • Completed various server administration tasks including: using the server client as well as console commands, setting up cluster replication for applications databases and Name and Address Books (NABs), designing efficient mail replication topology, managing Access Control Lists of applications, and making modifications to the NAB.

Confidential, Chicago, IL
Technical Specialist, Consultant
August 1998 – January 2002

Client: Confidential,

(UNIX shell scripting)

Technical Experience

  • Developed data pipe from Pax Clearinghouse to the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange using C network sockets and UNIX.
  • Reformatted option data.
Client: Confidential,

(TCL, HTML, Javascript, Oracle SQL, StoryServer)

Technical Experience

  • Provided full website support for ual.com with a team of other consultants.
  • Worked extensively with TCL, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and Vignette Story Server.
  • Developed a promotional link tracker system enabling United Airlines marketing division to gather data on site usage.
  • Updated United Airlines website per user’s requests. I also assisted various business units get marketing information out to the public in a timely fashion.
Client: Confidential,

Management Experience

  • Created functional specification and project plan with team members to help ensure the success of the project.
  • Organized and facilitated weekly status meetings with the client and team members.
  • Managed Senior Consultant technical delivery.

Technical Experience

  • Designed a financial Lotus Notes/Crystal Report system that holds critical bus inventory and backlog data.
  • Created a financial backlog system utilizing Lotus Script/OLE objects to output data into Crystal Reports, thereby becoming proficient in using Crystal Reports Formula language.
  • Migrated existing Excel Spreadsheet data into a Lotus Notes master production schedule database.
  • Assisted with server administration tasks such as maintaining person documents and other data in the NAB, working with the Agent Manager, testing replication and working extensively with server console commands.
Client: Confidential,

(Lotus Web Development/HTML/CSS/JavaScript/OLE/CSS/Domino 4.6/5)

Technical Experience

  • Designed document repository system for collaboration and discussion use by tax attorneys.
  • Gathered requirements for project and developed functional specifications.
  • Developed tax knowledgebase document management system using JavaScript, HTML, and Domino 4.6 web development for the tax department for use over the Web-Intranet.
  • Enhanced Lotus Notes Databases relating to immigration and environmental law by adding forms, views and Lotus Script.
  • Created extensive searching capabilities in various applications.
  • Developed access control tool for the main business user to manage and oversee database activity.
  • Organized and facilitated status meetings with client managers and presented demonstrations to users.
  • Implemented Java Script to perform data entry validation.
  • Provided continual support for on-going changes to client intranet web site even after the conclusion of the project.
  • Assisted with administration tasks including managing applications ACL, NAB replication topology, NAB maintenance and SSL Database Administration.
Client: Confidential,

(Lotus Notes Client Development/ODBC/OLE/LEI/Percussion Notrix Workflow/FTP Batch Jobs/Domino 4.6,5)

Project Management Experience

  • Managed a team of three consultants in developing and updating various Lotus Notes databases.
  • Acquired and negotiated contract extensions with client manager.
  • Utilized full life cycle project implementation tools including Microsoft Project, Functional Specifications, Test Plans, End User Documentation, Technical Documentation, Visio Flow Diagrams, ERD diagrams and Weekly Status Reports.
  • Organized status meetings with client managers and demonstrations with business users.
  • Utilized resources at Bond and Percussion Systems to ensure on-time delivery of projects.
  • Created Technical and Professional Development Plans for all direct reports.
  • Estimated project delivery time and communicated it to the client.

Technical Experience

  • Developed various Lotus Notes databases for the financial planning department which involved creating forms, views, and Lotus Script.
  • Updated the capital-planning database so that quarterly statements would be submitted in a timely manner to the financial department for review.
  • Developed an Account Setup database for the Trust Department, which improved efficiency in setting up trust accounts.
  • Migrated legacy data from ALL-IN-ONE Decs/Vax system into Lotus Notes databases via Percussion Notrix.
  • Extracted Flat File data from ALL-IN-ONE using comma delimiter or fixed width parsing methods.
  • Implemented ODBC connections to relational databases.
  • Developed a mail agent in Lotus Script to update a central database to track the number of users who have accepted the internal code of conduct.
  • Updated existing Lotus Script agents, forms and views for an existing Financial Planning Database.
  • Set up Nightly Batch files to import data via FTP from an Access Database into a Lotus Notes Database using ODBC.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, May 1998.

Certification: Lotus Notes CLP

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