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Project Manager Resume

New Jersey, NJ


  • A dynamic professional with over 15 years of experience as Technical Project Manager / Project Lead / Software Developer / System Analyst / Business Analyst
  • Extensive experience in Pharmaceutical and Financial industry
  • Experience in developing and reviewing Validation Protocols: Installation, Operational and User Acceptance Testing (IQ, OQ and UAT) and writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Excellent understanding of the Validation Development Lifecycle (VDLC), QA Methodologies and GxP Assessments.
  • Expert knowledge of FDA 21CFR Part 11: Electronic records and Electronic Signatures.
  • Excellent knowledge of Global Regulatory Operations (EU, US and Canada)
  • 10+ years of experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Maintenance and Enhancement of Lotus Notes / Domino applications.
  • As a Senior Technologist posses a variety of skills in the IT industry with a specialization in project management of enterprise applications development and deployment
  • Direct client interaction to ensure high quality project planning and implementation with follow-up for process optimization. Excellent analytical, organizational and communications skills.
  • Proven track record of managing multiple projects of varied complexity.
  • Decisive Manager with extensive experience in gathering requirements and translating needs into efficient system and business solutions. Self-motivated and reliable, consistently seeking increased levels of responsibility as a leader, team member and individual contributor. Ability to lead and interact with a diverse group of individuals
  • Extensive experience with system development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Suitable for dual role play as Technical Project Manager / Solution Architect

Languages: Lotus Script, Notes Formula, Java Script, VB Script, HTML, XML, PHP,SQL, CSS, RDBMS: Oracle 7.x/8/9i, DB2, My SQL, SQL
Groupware: Lotus Notes / Domino R 8.x / R6.0x / R 5.x / R 4.x, Sametime, QuickPlace (Quickr), Domino.Doc
Middleware: LSX, LEI, DECS, ODBC
Graphics: Dreamweaver Mainframe Skills: COBOL, DB2 Operating Systems: MS-Dos, UNIX, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 Other Tools: Team Studio Suite, Integra4Notes, ActivePDF, ScanToNotes, MS-Visio, MS Project, Excel Macros, MS Access QA Skills : Validation, IQ, OQ, PQ, UAT, Deficiency Report, Change Control, Summary Report


April 2004 to Till Date Confidential, New Jersey
Roles : Project Manager / Sr. Lotus Notes Consultant

  • Responsible for delivery of projects firm-wide.
  • Managed and delivered more than 10 projects on time, on budget, with highest quality, and high level of customer satisfaction
  • Defined overall project plan, schedule and budget management, risk and issue management, facilitating product rollout, and status reporting.
  • Project tracking across multiple projects.
  • Ensured delivery of projects as per committed timelines and quality.
  • Involved in gathering requirements, architecture, development and enhancement of application.
  • Managed the Business Support and Production Support of various Lotus Notes / Domino based applications.
  • Authoring of Project Charter, GxP Assessment and Validation Plan of all the application.
  • Also involved in authoring of UFRS, TDS, IQ, OQ, Traceability Matrix and Validation Summary Report.
  • Full understanding of 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Applications fully responsible: Global Regulatory Affairs Tracker :

  • This database captures and stores detail product information and allows authorized users to access.
  • The products are organized by region (Canada, EU and US) and also by type (eCTD and Non-eCTD)
  • The system captures all information related to FDA Submissions and EU Health Authorities
  • The system keeps tracking of all the tracking information and proof of delivery. It also links to the actual submissions from a secured shared folder.
  • The system also contains the repository of all the correspondence from the health authorities.
  • Sends alerts and notifications in real time via email about annual report due date and PSURs.
  • Provides ad hoc reporting for management.
  • Maintains all Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products.
  • This system follows the GxP procedure.

Clinical Supply Shipment database is a repository of all drug shipment, release and receipt forms and return destruction forms. Unified Change Control database is a common process to collect, prioritizes, administer and manage IT Request for Changes throughout any IT supported systems. The system goes through the entire workflow of getting signatures from all the users involved in implementing the changes to the system. Lotus Notes / Domino 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, LEI, ActivePDF, Integra4Notes, MS Project, Visio, LEI.

July 2003 to March 2004 Confidential, New York
Role : Offshore / Onsite Coordinator
SelfServe (Benefits and Payroll)

  • Involved in the Enhancement and Maintenance of this notes based application.
  • Involved in the transition of this application from Onsite to Offshore.
  • Identified an offshore resource and assigned the task.
  • Ensured delivery of projects as per committed timelines and quality.

This application is developed as a one-stop shop for employee benefits. It consists of various modules like Benefits Summary, Dependent Summary, and Requests for Pay Advices, Retirement Statements, Annual Benefits Enrollment and Direct Deposit accounts. This Application uses ActivePDF to generate W-4 forms of individual employee with the users data pre filled. Extensive use of Lotus Script, Notes Formula languages , Script Libraries and all data¡¦s are stored in Lawson (Oracle) and accessed in lotus notes using DECS (To connect real time to Lawson) Lotus Notes 5.0.8, Domino 5.0.8, DECS, ActivePDF

September 2001 to June 2003 Confidential, New Jersey Role : Project Lead E-TAD Clearing Center Involved in the Design, Development, QA, Maintenance, Enhancement, Implementation and Support of this Notes and Web based application. E-TAD Clearing Center (ECC), Inc., is a subsidiary of Actrade Financial Technologies, Ltd. ECC provides private label payment, processing and data management services to corporations and financial institutions, utilizing Actrade\'s E-TAD payment instrument. This is a web based B2B application. ECC\'s centralized processing capabilities provide clients with a turnkey system facilitating the origination, issuance, processing and settlement of E-TAD transactions. Supplier completes order and submits invoice to Buyer. Buyer approves invoice and submits E-TAD(s) to Supplier, through ECC, as payment, choosing the amount, terms and due date. Supplier sells E-TAD(s) to a Financial Institution, less a discounted rate, in exchange for accelerated non-recourse payment. The Financial Institution automatically debits the Buyer\'s designated bank account on the due date specified on each E-TAD. The transactions are processed internally using Notes client and also to adjust buyer and supplier fee. There are different statuses involved in a transaction based on the kind of Financial Institution chosen, this Workflow is managed through Notes Client. Extensive use of Script Libraries, WebQuerySave Agents, Stored Procedures (SQL Server), DCOM (For updating data from SQL to Notes), Javascript for front end validations, Active PDF Scripts and ScanToNotes (For scanning Signed E-TADs into Notes document and displaying it for the user.) Lotus Notes 5.x, Domino 5.x, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ActivePDF, SQL-Server, ScanToNotes InterTrac (Customer Relationship Management Application) Involved in the Maintenance, Enhancement, Customization and End user support of the application. InterTrac is a collaborative information management tool for the entire enterprise. It automates business process and workflow. It leverages the power of Notes/Domino to secure and distribute information, knowledge and communication. It tracks any information like meeting a new contact, taking a phone call, making an appointment, receiving an email, sending a written correspondence, tracking a sales opportunity, mediating a legal matter. The system moves the information throughout the organization, and retains a record of the information. InterTrac supplies automated workflow solutions for a variety of needs, such as correspondence management, contact management and call center management. The system links all related information to the event and maintains a history of the event and all related documents. Different reports like weekly contacts, weekly calls, and prospect reports are generated from the system using Crystal Reports. Extensive use of agents for generating reports in Excel format and direct integration of notes and Crystal reports. Lotus Notes 5.0.10, Domino 5.0.10, Crystal Reports, Excel Macros Also involved in many internal applications like Inventory, E-TAD, E-draft, Hard drive Analysis, QA & Bug list, Helpdesk database.

December 2000 to August 2001 Confidential, New Jersey 
Role : Sr. Notes Developer 
Involved in the Design, Development, Enhancement, Testing and Implementation of Project Gateway database. This database can be accessed from both Notes and Web Browser clients. The tool that has been chosen to track projects, manage scope change, issues, risk and status is Project Gateway. Project Gateway is a Lotus Notes based application and will be accessed through Cigna¡¦s Intranet. With Project Gateway, you can create projects within the project repository. A resource is selected and assigned to perform a particular task in a project. Project schedules deals with work assignment. The repository provides a total environment for creating and tracking project deliverables, issue management, risk actions and team communication. The database captures time spent with each task in a project. Project Gateway integrates the collection of time spent on project tasks with overhead reporting to give you a simple way to report status and collect weekly time sheet data in one system. There are couple of agents, which tabulate time information. Also this time sheet information is sent to backend SQL-Server database through ODBC connectivity. The most important feature of this project is Status reporting. You have weekly and Monthly project status report status report printed online. These reports are generated using WEBQUERYSAVE Agents written in Lotus Script embedded with HTML tags. Also Involved in the creation of Test Script and Test Cases for Unit and Pilot testing. Extensive use of HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Web Agents (Lotus Script), Notes Formula languages and Domino features are used to develop this application. Teamstudio used in order to eliminate save conflicts and for comparison of data\'s. Domino 5.0.6, Lotus Notes 5.0.3, Windows 95/NT, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, SQL Server, Team Studio September 2000 to December 2000 Verizon (Bell Atlantic), Boston Role : Programmer Analyst Involved in the Development, Enhancement and Maintenance of Ticket Tracking database and a web based Sales Referral database. The Ticket Track database is designed to process end user request for a particular event, specifying the number of tickets, attendee names, company, title, classification, number of guests, business reason, any food/beverages costs. It keeps track if number of tickets assigned to each department and the status of attendees. Field and administrative personnel to request for event tickets may use the database. The Sales Referral database is used to communicate sales prospect information to the appropriate BATC. The new enquiry\'s about the products and service related to Nynex is logged on to this database. A Nynex representative monitors each reference and the representative makes a follow up of the enquiry. This database is intended to increase the number of sales and improve the service component of the Nynex sales process, giving customers a better perception of the responsiveness of Nynex to their specific needs. Advance Search Templates are used to search a specific document in the database. Javascript is used for validations and HTML tags are used for screen design. A scheduled agent is developed to run at midnight to send all the data\'s from lotus notes to Access database for generating Reports. Domino 4.6, Lotus Notes 4.6, Windows 95/NT, Lotus Script, MS-Access, HTML

September 1999 to August 2000 Confidential, Phoenix Role : Programmer Analyst
Involved in Design, Development, Maintenance, Implementation and Quality Assurance of Client Folder database. Around 600 users use the database, with more than hundred thousand documents in the database. The database consists of 65 forms, 250 views and around 300 Agents. This database deals with AMEX financial data with respect to Card and Travel business of its various clients. The main function of the application is to generate a Profile form and its related sub form. The profile form basically consists of
customer information and their relation with AMEX. Depending on the relations, different documents are generated. The respective department leader views those documents and based upon certain standard criteria the document gets approved or rejected. The values for most of the fields in this form are inherited from the output of a Mainframe system, which comes to notes as a text file. These text files are extracted using an agent to write the values in the notes document. There are around 15 scheduled agents run every day for exporting the processed data\'s from notes database to a text file. The processed data\'s from these text files are again used by mainframe system to generate the overall report. There are different reports that are generated in notes environment depending on the relationship of the customer with the AMEX. The reports are generated using Lotus Script agents and are formatted in Excel spreadsheet. Domino 4.6, Lotus Notes 4.6, Windows 95/NT, Lotus Script, MS-Excel 

March 1999 - August 1999 Confidential
Role : Programmer Lotus Notes 
Administration: Responsible for the implementation of infrastructure design and administration of Lotus Notes servers. Performed server performance tuning. Provided support in controlling regular replications and statistics of pending mail and dead mail. Performed daily maintenance of Name and Address book. Maintained the pending corporate databases and application databases on the servers. Provided user support for installation and configuration of notes client. Involved in the move up of databases from test server to production environment. Responsible for testing the migration of Notes R4.5 to R5.0. Involved in the Installation and Configuration of Domino R5 server and Notes R5 client. Also involved in the Maintenance and Administration of all Notes database and also in Configuring SMTP mailbox. 
Lotus Notes Development: I was also involved in the Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of Payroll Processing database using lotus notes and domino. The purpose of this application is to support the personnel department in calculating the wages of an employee on an hourly basis for a month. At the end of each month a scheduled agents gets triggered which retrieves data from the Access database (which stores data regarding attendance of the employee) through ODBC connectivity and calculates the wages according to the given conditions and creates an employee report and mails it to the personnel department. At the same time individual pay slips for the employees are also created and mailed to their respective mailbox. The agents are developed using Lotus Script and Notes Macro. Extensive use of Script Libraries, LEI (For updating data from SQL to Notes). Domino 5.0, Lotus Notes 5.0, Windows 95/NT, Lotus Script, MS-Access

August 1998 to March 1999 Confidential Role : ProgrammerInvolved in Design, Development, Testing and Documentation of the following application. Also involved in the installation and configuration of Lotus Notes Client R4.6. Publishers Tracking System John Wiley & Sons(JWS), U.K.
The primary purpose of this tracking system is to enable John Wiley & Sons (JWS), U.K. And external typesetter to track the production of Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry (EAC) efficiently. It will allow both JWS and the external typesetter to actively update, in real-time, the progress of each article. The initial phase is called Editorial phase where the font size, color, and other attributes regarding the pages are set. Once the respective manager approves it, the document enters the Pre-Production phase where the author and typesetter details are set. In the production phase tracking system is able to track each individual component of the article and the flow of document among typesetters. At any point of phase there is an option to find where the document is pending for approval for inputs. This system also
generates management reports. JWS and external typesetter to track each article from the time it reaches the various phases in the production cycle use these reports. Extensive use of HTML, JavaScript, Lotus Script, Notes Formula languages and Domino features are used to develop this application. Domino 4.6, Lotus Notes 4.6, Windows 95/NT, Lotus Script, JavaScript, HTML Proactive Reports This is a reporting application that uses Browsers and Domino features with backend database as MS SQL-Server. The application access the data from SQL-Server database via the parameters provided through the browser. The application generates the reports in HTML format for the user to view in any browser. The application is developed for the purpose of Medical Practitioner and Insurance providers. The data\'s are entered through Visual Basic application and it gets stored in SQL-Server database. The notes application has only forms and web agents for generating reports. The application does not store any documents, it acts as interface between SQL-Server database and browser.
Domino 4.6, Lotus Notes 4.6, SQL-Server 6.5,Window 95/NT, HTML, JavaScript, Lotus Script

April 1997 to August 1998 Confidential 
Role : Jr. Programmer 
Involved in the Design, Development and Testing of various applications for the organization and also involved in installation of Notes Client R4.5. Workorder Analysis Travel Request System Tourist Information Domino 4.6, Lotus Notes 4.6, Oracle, Window 95/NT, Lotus Script


  • Masters in Computer Applications
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
  • Bachelors in Mathematics

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