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Senior Project Resume


Programming: Java, C#, C, C++, Python, MySQL, SQLite, .Net, XML

Concepts: Agile Software Development, unit testing, algorithms, design patterns



Senior Project


  • Our team of 5 members provided an Android application allowing users to submit real - time reports containing information on quantity and features of fish caught during a trip to our clients
  • Saved the clients on needing to waste paper and human effort to manually collect that data in the future
  • Included option for offline data capture for when the user is out of 4G range.
  • The trip data can be manually uploaded using Wi-Fi or mobile data at a later point
  • Provided a Windows program written in C# that allows users to read, sort and delete information submitted to the database for users without any MySQL experience.
  • This program also allowed the user to easily export the data to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Real-world style team meetings twice a week to discuss the program, challenges, ideas, etc.
  • Real-world style client meetings once a week to provide project updates and discuss feedback
  • Practiced using the Agile design process
  • Created and regularly updated a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document for the entire software design life cycle.
  • Provided full database schema with explanations, color and style guides for the application itself, and developer notes for future teams that take over the project
  • Presented the applications to an audience in a professional environment at the end of the project

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