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Project Manager/developer Resume

Alpharetta, GA


I'm a full - stack developer and PMI certified project manager with 19 years experience in the wireless industry. A proficient TDD programmer favoring Python with roots and training in C/C++. Familiar with most flavors of Linux/Unix, I'm comfortable coding in the terminal or an IDE. I've spent a great deal of time doing data/ database modeling and design (SQL-based relational and more recently in NoSQL)


Languages: Python, Ruby, Perl, PL/SQL, PHP, SOAP/XML, Java, Shell scripting, COBOL, C++

Frameworks: Django, Rails

Databases: Postgres, Mongo, MySQL, Oracle, Access, DB2 Unix/Linux Alpine, Debian, Centos/RedHat, Ubuntu, HPUX, Solaris

Cloud: AWS (EC2, RDS, Route 53, S3, EBS), Rackspace Cloud Config

Management: Chef, Docker Version Control git, SVN, RCS



Project Manager/Developer


  • Developed detailed analytic tools to create critical global reporting that combined multiple global data sources to present a clear overview of international roaming cost and strategic prioritization (Python/ Django/Mongo/Access).
  • Provide technical expertise and forward-looking guidance across a broad wide range of established and emerging technologies (cloud, virtualization, GSM/LTE/VoLTE/Cat M billing/charging and settlement, LPWAN/M2M/IoT/5G, blockchain).
  • Created numerous IoT (internet of Things) financial and data models to support strategic goals.
  • Designed a robust geolocation application to increase visibility by mapping and triangulating critical resources (Python, JSON, CSV, XML)
  • Evaluated a structured digitization/machine learning approach for data extraction from legal agreements/contract documents to identify specific provisions, terms and data elements using NLP and classification technology (theano, python nltk, tesseract, mongo).
  • Rapid prototyped an application for evaluation/decision support of traffic steering by normalizing and preparing data sources.
  • Currently extending for machine learning forecast functionality. (Python/ Mongo)
  • Created spidering tool for various document repositories (shared drives, sharepoint sites, etc.) in support of organizational document retention project. (Python)

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Senior Member Technical Staff


  • Lead wireless industry (GSMA) initiative to update and extend RAEX/XML standard for financial metadata exchange protocol.
  • Created and maintained robust reporting dashboards and alarming for wholesale roaming data clearing on OBIEE
  • Provided interface development support for wholesale data clearing application (Perl/C/Oracle)
  • Created and maintained test case automation to support structured testing of multiple radio access technologies (GSM/LTE) across 100s of operators around the world.
  • Performing detailed troubleshooting and root-cause analysis of test calls by analyzing call flows, stack traces, and diameter messaging with packet capture tools (Wireshark, etc.)
  • Created Ruby-based encoder/decoder API for data clearing.

Confidential, ALpharetta, GA

Sr Analyst - Revenue Assurance


  • Gathered requirements and architected a solution (ERDs, wireframes, technical whitepapers) for an operational data repository shared cross-organizationally.
  • Managed the creation and setup of a standardized set of call tests to be used post-implementation validation via the Confidential Keynote Global Roamer platform.
  • This included defining and executing call tests, reporting and troubleshooting via analysis of stack traces (GSM/LTE call flows) through IP/GTP/ S1AP/LTE RRC analysis of captured packet logs.
  • Provided development and architectural support to IT data mediation and billing teams for major billing integration as well as upgrades to support GSM/LTE evolution. (Perl/DB2/NDM/Shell/Oracle)

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Sr Client Server Developer/Analyst II


  • Designed and maintained internal PHP reporting and analytics site for the reporting, visualization and analytics of GSM wholesale billing platform and data clearing insights. (LAMP stack)
  • Developed least cost routing server application for the analysis of metrics/efficiencies in long-distance trunking (Perl/Oracle)
  • Created and implemented Oracle database design in support of roaming reporting key KPIs to the business.
  • This included table design and normalization, optimization of indexes, partitioning and performance tuning of SQL queries. (Oracle)

Confidential, BeLLevue, WA

Wireless Interface Engineering System Analyst II


  • Extended and supported the Amdocs Ensemble Switch Control module resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in developmental cost savings to the business.
  • Developed Java-based SOAP/XML application to enable API hooks from billing system to third-party SMS solution. (C/Java/Oracle/ CORBA)
  • Created and maintained LAMP based reporting server and analytics site
  • Provided development and production support of CDMA billing system subscriber provisioning.
  • This included design, testing and implementation support of network interfaces/APIs to CDMA switches (Nortel, Lucent, Ericsson, Motorola), voicemail systems (Lucent Anypath), SMSCs, AAA servers and WAP portals.

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