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Project Manage Resume

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Summary of Experience

  • Result oriented professional with 10 Years of IT experience in Solution, Domain and Enterprise Architecture and Project Management.
  • Strong expertise in architecting and delivering Solutions on Application Development, Integration and Business Intelligence and providing a road map for the organization.
  • 7+ years of experience in architecting middleware integration projects in BizTalk Server, SOA and ESB, ETL, SSIS and BPM.
  • 5+ years of experience in architecting, deployment, customization and upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects and initiatives.
  • 6+ years of experience in Project and Program Management, managing projects of various sizes from inception till completion and delivering them on time and on budget.
  • Worked as Enterprise Architect responsible for application, Integration and BI technology road map preparation for 3000+ objects and processes with business alignment and meeting strategic goal for the organization.
  • Multiple years of experience in MDM, ODS, Data Warehouse and BI solution design and implementation.
  • Architected and managed deployment of SharePoint, Microsoft Project and Portfolio server projects.
  • Worked with SaaS, Hosted, Cloud based and In-house deployment of solution.
  • Strong expertise working in Onsite-Offshore model and have worked both as client as well as vendor, so understand both the side.
  • Have played multiple roles as Architect, Technical Project Manager, and Program Manager depending on the client’s/organization need.
  • Worked on projects for BanConfidential,, Stock Market, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Public Sector, Petroleum, Energy and Hardware Industry.
  • Familiarity with Architectural and Governance Framework: TOGAF 9.0, Zachman, COBIT, FEAC.
  • Familiarity with PMI standards and various SDLC processes.

Technical Skills

Programming Language:C, C++,C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Java, J2EE, MFC, COM+
  • IIS, WebLogic, Apache
  • People Code, Web Services, Windows Services
  • ETL, SSIS, DTS, Linked Server

Customer Relationship Management

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – 3.0/4.0/2011 ( Beta)
  • XRM Framework


  • BizTalk Server–04/06/09/10
  • BRE, BAM, BAM Portal
  • PeopleSoft Integration Broker
  • SAP Adapter
  • HIPAA Accelerator, HL7
  • ESB Toolkit, ESB Portal

Database Technologies

  • MS SQL 2000/2005/2008 R2
  • Access
  • Oracle
  • DB2


  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007/2010


  • WSE 2.0
  • XML

Project Management Tools

  • Microsoft Project
  • Project and Portfolio Server 2007/2010

(Portfolio Management)

BI, Data Warehouse, ODS

  • IBM Cognos 8.3/8.4/10(Beta)
  • MS SQL 2008 R2

MDM(Master Data Management)

  • Oracle MDM
  • Customer Hub
  • VisionWare MDM
  • MDS

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Oracle PeopleSoft – 9.0/9.1(44 modules)
  • Human Capital Management
  • Financial Supply Chain Management
  • Campus Solution
  • Peoplesoft CRM

Image & Process Management

  • Oracle IPM 11g
  • Stellent
  • Oracle UCM


  • TFS - 2005/2008/2010
  • Test Director
  • Rational Clearcase
  • Visio
  • UML

Educational Background

  • M.S - Computer Science
  • B.Tech - Computer Science

Professional Experience

Confidential, Sr. Enterprise Architect – Manager July 2009 – Till date

  • Responsible for Application and Integration Portfolio rationalization to bring in business values for the 9 Billiondollarorganization.
  • Exploit technology through the innovative use of IT to create sustained, long-term competitive advantage while adding values to customers need by solving their problem.
  • Outline current and future vision of enterprise architecture aligning IT and business strategies.
  • Architected and deployed solutions and projects in BizTalk, .NET, C#, WCF.
  • Have hands on architectural experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Have track record of getting executing multiple projects and initiatives concurrently.
  • Involved in defining Data Standards, Data Governance and have architected projects in MDM, DataWarehouse BI, and EODS.
  • Mentor, Hire and set up Integration Services Team and Application Services Team working in Onsite-Offshore model.
  • Served as key technical steward ensuring Cross Functional alignment for business and architecture in JAD session.
  • Budget Management & Forecasting, SOW Preparation and Negotiation and Vendor management.
  • Microsoft Project and Portfolio server deployment and use across the organization.
  • Design Standard, Policy and Procedure.
  • Gartner Benchmarking for cost and product selection for multiple initiatives across the organization.
  • Organizational Process Mapping.
  • Enterprise Solution identification.
  • Participate and coordinate in PMO initiatives.
  • IT Portfolio cost, resource baseline.
  • Architected solution for SaaS/Cloud and in house based deployment considering risk and complexity.
  • Participate in PMO and architecture councils (Data, Web and Technical).
  • ERP business case Analysis and planning for the organization.

Key Projects

  • Confidential, Enterprise Service The Confidential, Enterprise Service Bus is the middleware framework for the organization build on BizTalk 2006/2009, EDI, SOAP and ETL (SSIS) based on SOA and ESB principles. It has orchestrations, custom pipelines, adapters, web services, NT Services deployed in highly scalable and fault tolerant cluster environment. It supports exchange of information and data for all the internal as well as external applications (systems). It has been architected to support 500+ application integration of various sizes. For tracking purposed the ESB Portal is deployed and used.
  • Constituent Management Systems (CRM)Constituent Management System abbreviated as CMS is the system built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to track the constituents and get the latest and updated information about them consolidated and updated from various legacy systems and other online systems. It has lot of de-duplication and standardization business rules to meet the business need. The data migration from the legacy system was put in place, to have all the existing constituent in the CMS system. Constituent update process is put in place through ESB to get the latest and more accurate information about the constituent. There are lots of customization to CRM screen and CRM reports to meet the business need.
  • eCollaboration (Microsoft SharePoint Server) – This project scope is to roll out the use of SharePoint for all the users in the organization for collaboration. The SharePoint deployment has multi farm and highly cluster deployment in both DMZ as well as internal secured network to support various types of users for collaboration. Project and Portfolio Server content store is deployed in SharePoint server. The SharePoint server is upgrade to 2010.
  • Project and Portfolio Server – The project server was deployed and rolled out across the organization for all the projects. The load balancing and clustering mechanism was put in place to support PWA access at peak time. The Project Server is used for project planning, resource availability, billing and forecasting. This helps the management team to decide and prioritize projects and take decision quicker. The project server was then upgraded to Project and Portfolio server 2010.
  • Imaging – The system used to do Document Management and Imaging was Stellent, built on .NET platform. As the Stellent was bought by Oracle and Oracle repackage all the features in IPM 10g. The upgrade from Stellent to IPM 10g was completed. Oracle came up with IPM 11g moving from .NET platform to Java platform focusing on BPEL and UCM. The solution was architected and deployed to support any future upgrade and to support all the imaging and workflow requirement for various systems including ERP system(PeopleSoft). It has workflow and document management and utilizes the UCM content store.
  • Data Discovery (MDM) – The data from various legacy systems was analyzed to come across the data standards and governance principles. The data standardization and cleansing rule was put in place. The Schema for the data warehouse was created and deployed in phased manner and reports are created using COGNOS BI tool. The MDM solution was needed to have data consistency and to have a system which represents system record for key data fields. The product were analyzed and selected and deployed for selected set of fields which needs to be consistent across the organization.
  • Service Tracker–The solution was built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to track the leads for any new engagement and revenue projection for new as well as existing customer account. The reports are generated every fortnight for the management to review and analyze the risk involved and decide and prioritize the action items. The customer satisfaction is updated on the regular basis on the CRM system.
  • MBus –The solution was built on BizTalk 2009 to support EDI transaction with BanConfidential, as well as Medical providers. It fully supports File based as well as FTP based interaction with BizTalk. The uses HIPAA and HL7 standards to interact with other 3rd party applications. The tracking and error handling is done through ESB Management Portal built on ESB toolkit. The WCF adapter is also used to have interact with WCF services of other applications. Postal Address validation is also been done in the solution by integrating with a 3rd party application called QAS.

Key Technology Used

  • .NET, C#, SOAP, Web Services, WCF, Windows Workflow, HIPAA Adapter, HL7
  • ESB, BizTalk 2009/2010, ESB Management Portal, ESB Toolkit, BRE, BAM Portal,
  • MSMQ, WSE,
  • SSIS, ETL, SQL 2005, SQL 2008 R2
  • CRM: MS Dynamics 4.0, 2011.
  • SharePoint, Microsoft Project Server, UML, Visio.
  • Data warehouse, Cognos BI Reporting
  • ERP – PeopleSoft
  • IPM – Oracle Stellent, Oracle 10g and Oracle IPM 11g, UCM
  • Team Foundation Studio (TFS)
  • Oracle MDM, Microsoft MDS, Visionware

Infosys(Fortune Global Rank# 225)–Project Manager / Sr. Technical Architect Oct2005 - Nov2008

  • Have played multiple roles for the clients – Architect as well as Manager.
  • As a Technical Architect responsible for defining the roadmap, solution, Data, Integration and Enterprise Architecture for various clients at multiple client locations and driving projects from sales till completion.
  • Architected and deployed projects in BizTalk, .NET, Sharepoint and CRM, MDM.
  • Business Case preparation and product selection.
  • SOW preparation, budget planning and forecasting.
  • Executed simultaneous projects, managing resources spread across various countries.
  • Setting up of offshore delivery for multiple clients with defined SLA. Delivery across multiple locations UK, USA, Canada and Singapore.
  • Business Process Analysis and Process Map preparation aligning Business with IT strategy.
  • Delivery of concurrent mission and time critical projects while maintaining cost benefits for client as well as profit margin for the company.
  • Part of the Sales teams for preparing Business case, Case Study in various technologies.
  • Portfolio rationalization across the organization for multiple clients.
  • Technical Architect for multiple clients, rationalizing the integration and application platform.
  • Enterprise Process map preparation for large clients and suggesting the right product for the enterprise.
  • Business Process Analysis and rationalization.
  • Data Analysis, data standards and data governance set up for the organization.
  • Data Architecture and interoperability standards preparation.
  • Onsite-Offshore Team set up.

Key Projects

  • SMB Message Broker: SOA and ESB solution using BizTalk 2004/2006 for supporting banking transaction compliance for US, UK and Singapore. It supports SWIFT protocol and CORISC compliance check for all the transaction. Solution is highly integrated and is performance driven as it has to support real time transaction from the end user.
  • EODS (Enterprise Operational Data Store) – The Operational data store does consolidate information from various legacy systems. It supports historical view of the legacy data for reporting. The data from EODS is cleansed and standardized and migrated to data warehouse on regular basis. The data marts and star schema are built on fields which are required for reporting. The reporting is achieved through cognos BI reporting.
  • Constituent Tracking (CRM) – The Constituent tracking system is used to track leads and constituent through the use of extensive use of business rules and data alignment using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. All the modules Sales, Marketing and Service modules are used and integrated with other application to provide a holistic view for the organization. The project was managed and delivered for clients across different geographical region.
  • CDD (Master Data Management) – The project was focused on identifying the key data elements for the organization, putting across the data standards and rules for them. The CDD solution is integrated with other application/solution to achieve the organization goal of clear and reliable data for reporting. Multiple technologies are used to achieve the desired result.
  • E-Services – The solution is built for the client to support HIPAA EDI transaction on BizTalk platform. The HIPAA EDI accelerator was used to support high volume transaction with 3rd party application as well as with internal applications. The solution also supports transacting with BanConfidential, for payment confirmation. The architecture is highly pluggable in nature to add on additional applications/partners to interact with BizTalk Solution through simple configuration changes. Duplicate transactions are detected and ignore depending on the business rule. The end to end tracking is done for every message flow.
  • SharePoint 2007 – The solution is deployed multi server environment utilizing existing database cluster. The portal not the content store is deployed in DMZ and external facing pages are built and deployed for the external customer to interact with the system. The sharepoint server has rolled out to the users on phased manner and training and support mechanism was put on place.

Key Technology Used

  • .NET, C#, SOAP, Web Services, SQL, Java, WCF, Windows Workfllow
  • ESB, BizTalk 2004/2006, MSMQ, WSE, SSIS, ETL,MQ, HIPAA, EDI, HL7
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, 4.0
  • SharePoint 2007, Microsoft Project Server, Visio, UML.
  • Cognos BI Reporting, Planning and Forecasting.
  • PeopleSoft Financials and HRMS
  • Oracle MDM, Microsoft MDS, Visionware

Confidential,Delivery Lead Jul 2004–Sep 2005

  • Architected and lead the implementation for FAST Architecture and FannieMae Interface.
  • Client Server technology with highly multi-threaded and clustered architecture and deployment.
  • Data and Business process analysis for clients to improve the productivity and turnaround time.
  • Build automation and release management.
  • Budget and Forecasting for Integration and CRM deliverables.
  • Code review, Architectural standards and coding standard set up.
  • Interaction with Business SMEs for requirement collection, planning, UAT and sign off.
  • Project Manage delivery of multiple concurrent deliverables starting from planning till deployment.

Key Projects

  • FAST Architecture – This is key web site for the organization. It does support various types transaction from both intranet and extranet users. Multi layer architecture supporting high volume transaction. It also has CRM component to know the potential customers.
  • FannieMae Interface – The interaction with FannieMae is built on SOA, ESB and XML. It does support adhoc as well as real time integration.
  • Card payment - Business process alignment for insurance bank card payment.

Key Technology Used

  • .NET, C, C++, Java, COM, DCOM, SOAP, Web Services, SQL
  • BizTalk, MSMQ, SSIS, ETL, CRM
  • SOA, ESB
  • Microsoft Project

Sharp (Fortune Global Rank# 252) – MTS Feb 2002–Jul 2004

  • Architected and implemented projects in .NET, C#, SOA.
  • Localization of solutions to support 21 languages.
  • Coordination with stakeholders to for requirement, Design and deployment across multiple countries.
  • Lead the development team to deliver time critical projects and taking bottom-line of delivery.

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