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Consultant Resume

New Jersey, NJ

Technical Project Manager with 13 years of experience in IT consulting and MBA from UCLA, hands on technical knowledge and ability to manage projects with latest technologies using distributed development teams. Experience in mapping the requirements of the business users and translating them effectively for the technical teams leading to timely and cost effective development of software. Experience in visualizing information flow within an organization and identifying apt information for each department. Extensive experience in consulting corporations such as Yamaha, Pioneer Electronics, H&R Block, Seagate, and Business Objects.

Experience Summary

  • Strong account/client relationship management skills
  • Successfully executed geographically distributed, multi-team projects of up to 20 members
  • Extensive experience in implementation of web based Content and eCommerce applications as well as Client Server applications
  • Experience in developing software for financial analysis of bonds, commodities and options
  • Experience in developing software for Cash Flow generation and analytics for Real Estate Projects with complex Capital Structure and Exit Strategies
  • Hands-on experience in software development life cycle (SDLC) including system maintenance, production support, issue escalation & resolution, change management process, and release management
  • Experience in business domains such as e-commerce, Content management, Finance, Inventory management, and Logistics
  • Experience in providing technical assessments, project evaluations, pre and post sale support
  • Experience in developing software for SaaS using Web Services in .Net

Confidential,Technology Consultant 2008-2009

Confidential,is a real estate consulting firm which provides strategies and advice related to substantive real estate holdings such as large-scale master planned communities, residential, industrial, commercial, office, and mixed use projects.


LAASER TOOLS isa platform for sophisticated next-generation financial analysis designed from the ground up to specifically address the critical challenges facing those trying to value, restructure or purchase distressed real estate assets. LAASER TOOLS converts the entire cash flow input set into interrelated Data Dependency Map which allows instantaneous adjustments of affected input variables there by providing extensive Sensitivity Analysis Data set for the Debt Performance, Asset Valuation and Exit Strategies. LAASER TOOLS has a web based interface and is highly scalable because of the inherent architecture that is based on Parallel and Distributed Processing.


  • Negotiated the outsourcing contract
  • Provided thought leadership for developing the Parallel and Distributed Technical architecture using .Net and SQL Server Service Broker
  • Developed the financial model for cash flow generation
  • Developed the Disaster Recovery plan

Confidential,Project Manager
Confidential,I managed the Yamaha Corporation of America account (Music Division) for 6 years resulting in revenues of $3 million. During these six years, I successfully negotiated contracts for multiple projects and led them to successful implementations. I also played the role of Project Manager and Information Architect. As a “Project Manager”, I implemented Release Management and Issue Management Systems for efficient periodic release of software and provided regular “Status and Progress Reports” to top management of Yamaha as well as TCG. I established manpower forecasts, budgets and capital requirements for each fiscal year, managed the resources of the off-shore team and conducted periodic “Performance Reviews”.

Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS) at Yamaha supports the websites for Yamaha Music (Yamaha.com), Yamaha Electronics and Yamaha Service Information Support System. Collectively, the system supports 90 million page views annually. The CMS has following salient features:

  • User defined Content types such as Product, Artists, Knowledge Items, Documents, Images, etc.
  • Configurable Navigation Hierarchy with support for SEO Data, page level meta data, Cascading style sheets, lifestyle images and spotlighted content
  • Configurable security system comprising of Roles, Groups, Workflows and Filters
  • Content Versioning and Caching,
  • Indexing of all content for Search based on user identified fields for each content type
  • Zip code based Dealer locators and Servicer locators developed using Spatial features of Oracle
  • Tracking of all embedded content to prevent accidental deletion and broken links
  • Multiple templates for content display and flexibility to provide user defined URLs
  • Facility to preview content prior to launching
  • Deployable in a web farm environment
  • Tightly integrated with Web Analytics
  • Highly adaptable data template controls developed in .Net which leverage the underlying data access framework


  • Managed the project using the hybrid approach of Waterfall and Agile / SCRUM and a team of 20 people
  • Lead the conversion project and provided thought leadership for converting Vignette 6.0 based system to ASP.Net based system leading to annual cost savings of $200,000
  • Prepared the Statement of Work, Requirements Document and Design document
  • Developed the information architecture and the technical architecture of the complete system
  • Developed the data model to support user defined content
  • Developed the data migration strategy

Confidential,is Adobe Flash based Training application used for training Sales personnel at the dealer locations and Yamaha employees. It has numerous modules associated with different product groups. Each module consists of videos and tests. The application keeps track of videos watched and tests taken by each user. To facilitate easier reporting and tracking of the sales training process, the application integrates with Salesforce.com which is used by the District Managers to manage dealers in their area. It also interfaces with the internal Active Directory for authenticating employees.

Role Played

  • Project Management and team lead for a team of 5 people
  • Created Statement of Work, Requirements document and Design document
  • Database design, technical architecture and integration architecture

Web Analytics

  • Identified the key business requirements after meeting with Marketing Heads
  • Identified the KPIs such as Pages / Visit, Repeat Visits, Frequency of Visits, and numerous Funnels, Conversion points for a non-eCommerce website
  • Identified conversion loops through different channels such as Product / User Registration, email campaigns, Product Rebate campaigns and affiliate campaigns
  • Created various dashboards and Rollup Reports for Marketing Departments of different product groups
  • Developed the Implementation plan and approach
  • Tools used – Omniture Site Catalyst, Excel based Report Builder, Vertical Response

Confidential,USA – Tech Lead / Project Lead 1997-2002

Confidential,I worked as a Technical Lead / Project Lead and led numerous mid-sized projects to successful implementation. In these implementations, I developed the technical strategy for clients using tools that were at the cutting edge of technology such as Vignette, ATG Dynamo and Web Classes. As the technical lead, I designed highly optimized databases for different domain areas in Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase and was also involved in web site capacity analysis and planning. Some of the major projects undertaken by me are highlighted below.


Content Management and Display application for supporting the product catalog, support information and user registration on PioneerElectronics.com.

Vignette and SQL Server


e-Commerce application for selling comic books and toys related to sci-fi and horror.

ATG Dynamo, Java and SQL Server


One of the first portals for online community dedicated to military personnel of USA. It involved development of core portal features such as groups, address book, email, chat and message boards.

Vignette, Oracle, ichat, commtouch, Solaris


e-Commerce website for selling music CDs, Video and books.

SQL Server, Commerce Server, Index Server, Visual Interdev, Visual Basic


Risk Management Software Product for the Fixed Income Market. It analyzes various fixed income instruments and govt. securities in a portfolio and determines key risk parameters such as Value at Risk (VAR), Mark to Market (MTM), Yield to Maturity (YTM), Duration, Modified Duration, etc. It also generates the yield curve for 30 years by performing non-linear optimization of 60 variables.

Visual C++, Excel, Access


Risk Management Software Product for the Forex Market. It analyzes a portfolio of Forex positions including Futures and Forwards. It calculates Mark to Market and Value at Risk Values for each individual positions and for the whole portfolio.

Visual C++, Excel, Access

Presented at Computer Society of India, Ahmedabad in 1998, the paper concentrated on the design of a new computer language named Sukruti. This language, unlike other computer languages, was based on Gujarati script, a regional Indian language. The compiler generated standalone executables on DOS platform. The unique characteristic of these executables was their capability to provide an interface where input and output was in Gujarati script.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages : C#, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Apex, VBA, Action Script, Scripting languages
RDBMS : Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Informix, Sybase
WEB Tools : ASP.Net, Classic ASP, Vignette, Tibco Portal, ATG Dynamo-4.5.1, Net Dynamics, DHTML, CSS
Web Analytics : Hitbox, Omniture Site Catalyst, Vignette Relationship Management Server, Google Analytics
SaaS Tools : Salesforce.com
Search Tools : Oracle Intermedia, SQL Server Text Search, Fulcrum, Google Site Search, Microsoft Index Server
Integration Tools : Tibco Business Process Manager, SQL Server SSIS
ETL Tools : Pervasive, Talend, SQL Server SSIS
Front End Tools : Oracle Forms, PowerBuilder, Visual C++, Visual Basic, VisualForce
Compiler Tools : Lex, Yacc
Designing Tools : Erwin, S-Designor
Operating Systems : Windows, Linux, Mac-OSX, Solaris, Unix, DEC-OSF

Educational Background

  • MBA
    • Developed marketing and business strategy for an assistive technology manufacturer in Canada wishing to launch a new product in USA
    • Prepared monthly proforma financial statements for 5 years for the assistive technology manufacturer
  • Master in Computer Applications (M.C.A.)

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