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Systems & Project Manager Resume

Plano, TexaS


Information Technology / Network/ Telecommunications


Experience creating networks in a team environment using an assortment of technologies. Collaborative team member with expertise in managing a development, and network environment. Enjoys mentoring, and thrives from learning new systems and technologies.


Strategic Planning

Assisting in strategic business plans, that defined the goals of the organization, and the actions needed to achieve them. This enabled the company to ensure that all members, at all levels, were effectively working towards the same objective.

Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Identified - research business opportunities, building and presenting win-win value propositions, structuring, and closing contracts. An alliance business development director with extensive global expertise in developing strategic business initiatives with Fixed Networks, GSM, ITSP, and Satellite capacity providers. Additionally, having strong ties to numerous hardware and software venders globally.

P & L Responsibility

Responsible for all telecommunications projects ROI's. The summary of all revenues, costs, and expenses within an accounting period.


Providing support for federal & state regulatory reporting obligations.

Project Management

Responsible for guiding, mentoring and encouraging project management staff. Able to provide issue resolution on escalated problems. Responsible for PMO Methodology enhancements and communication to team. Duties include: resource forecast and project assignments, project audits, issue resolution, team development, mentoring and coaching, status reporting, and risk resolution

Contract Negotiations

Responsible for all aspects of contract administration with respect to Southeast Asian regulatory issues. Prepare proposals; draft contractual language; conduct fact-finding and negotiation; review briefing packages; prepare and maintain management reports; examine performance requirements; review material estimates, labor estimates and delivery schedules; research contractual issues; advise program personnel and management of contractual rights and obligations; compile and analyze data; maintain an historical record of the contract.

Telecom IP and TDM

Deliver & support local, long distance, VOIP and data services, develop insight on technology and market, assess business impact.


Design & implement secure, scalable, reliable eBusiness & on-line services.

Customer Care, Network Maintenance and Provisioning

Developing business processes and software systems to support operations (across in-house and offshore organizations) such as sales, order entry, provisioning, billing, maintenance of networks and services, Site Planning.

Network & Operations Planning - Design

Architecture design (i.e. optimal location for switch-hubs, routers, firewalls), capacity expansion, VPN (PPTP, L2TP over IPsec / x.509 certificate tunnels) QoS packet shaping, and data networking performance, Asterisk Dialplan Linux, T1, ISDN, BRI, PRI, and DID circuits, MPLS Networks.


OSS Platforms, CRM, Remedy-ARS.6.3 Arbor, middleware platform, EDIFY-IVR, ASPECT-ACD, DAVOX Dialer, CTI platform, web hosting platform, Lotus Domino V 6.5, Oracle 8, 9, 10, and 11i, Varitas for Solaris and OSS


Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS-Project, Visio, Exceed 7, and 8, Photoshop, RoboHELP, Test Director,Business Objects, IP_PBX, IVR Scripting in C


PC X86, Macintosh, SUN Microsystems. Cyberguard w/ QOS, Sonicwall w/ QOS, WatchGuard w/ QOS, CISCO w/ QOS, Zhone w/ QOS, Audio Codes w/ WOS, Voipack, Polycom301 501 601 SIP/MGCP firmware 2.18 / 2.20, POE Switches


Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/VISTA Business and Ultimate, DOS, OS X TIGER 10.4, Solaris 8,9, 10, BSD, RHEL 3,4, and 5, SCO 3.2v5.0.7, AIX 4.1. 5.1, Fedora 4,5, and 6

Professional Experience

Confidential, Present - January 01, 2006 !!

SIP & MGCP Technical Support Engineer - Plano, Texas

This IP-PBX seamlessly integrates users in a HQ, branch office or telecommuters via the Internet. Remote locations become simple telephone extensions, so users may dial inside extensions or outside numbers just as they would from their central corporate location.

The IP-PBX system uses IP phones, standard analog telephones and soft phones. From the telephone instrument, users may dial, answer, put calls on hold, transfer calls, park calls, pickup parked calls, page, and conference call and manage their voice mail.

  • Support for integrated unified messaging system.
  • Site Planning: Technical Site Planning Review to provide HQ, branch, and telecommuter recommendations.
  • Supporting the implementation of visual voice mail system through a GUI which allows you to manage your voice mail from your computer (or your phone).
  • Analyzing SIP MGCP response codes via syslog files to trouble shoot SIP and MGCP issues.
  • Providing 24/7 support to remote administrators, so they may effectively self-administrator their own IP-PBX networks.
  • Providing customers with customized C scripting to manage, and streamline system task, ACD, IVR scripts written in C, Auto Attendants, crons, etc.
  • Configuring IP-PBX systems through ( KS Files "Kickstarts" ) based on a Linux/UNIX controller.
  • Programmable and configurable SIP, MGCP TUI, T1, POTS Gateways, Channel Banks, IP telephones, both: (SIP and MGCP).
  • Technical Writing - Administration Manuals, and Guides.
  • Accepting trouble reports, processing tickets, and resolving BUGS found in the IP PBX product.
  • Typical VoIIP / SIP Hardware - CISCO, Audiocodes, Adtrans, Grandstreams, Polycom, Wellgates, Zhones.

Confidential, December 01, 2003 - January 01, 2006

Team Lead of Systems & Project Manager - Addison, Texas

  • Led and managed GBT Global Call Center Development team. Performed build-outs for Windows environments. Installed Windows 2003 operating systems in English and Japanese, SQL 2000 Database in English and Japanese, Multi Language Integration (MUI) for English and Japanese Operating Systems, ARS Server - version 6, Mid-Tier application, and Java SevletExec application for IIS Admin for windows platforms.
  • Installed and customized BMC/Remedy Help Desk 5.6 in English and Japanese environments. Created Failure Notification Questions for external and internal customers (FAQ) and intergraded with Remedy Help Desk 5.6.
  • Developed enhancements for GBT Call Center FAQ application help desk tickets to increase customer care productivity by 50 percent. The Enhancements to business rules to restrict certain groups for opening, pending, in work, monitoring & closing tickets. This allowed the Managers to take control of all their tickets assigned to them.

Confidential, October 1998 - September 2003

Senior Business Development Manager, and Network Strategist - Hong Kong

  • Initial Service Offerings: To acquire Inter-connection agreements with monopolistic carriers, International governmental telecommunication licensing, full facility management and co-location agreements in the Asia Pacific Region, implementing technical installations teams in the Asian Pacific communities, and to negotiate V-SAT connections when deemed necessary.
  • Telecom VoIP Business Plans: Developed formal business plans to support the strategic direction of the IP, VSAT, and Satellite services being offered through multiple channels. Developed and implemented the distribution strategies that maximized revenue through new and existing sales channels. Developed promotional programs. Conducted product presentations to business partners and customers alike.
  • Provided ongoing product education and technical training to the sales channels. Reviewed and analyzed special product requests from the field for pricing structure and feature enhancements.
  • Publish success stories, product announcements and articles to local and international news and media venues. Developing ongoing partnering relationships, and interfacing with vendors where appropriate to evaluate capabilities and developing co-marketing programs.
  • New Horizon Switching Hub: Next to 60 Hudson Street in Manhattan, One Wilshire is one of the most well known carrier hubs in the U.S. It houses over 50 major telecommunications companies who act as agents for thousands of other Telco's worldwide.
  • Cable & Wireless, MCI WorldCom, AT & T, and many other major carriers utilize One Wilshire as a hub for their West Coast operations. The majority of carriers are located in the 4th floor "Meet-Me-Room to facilitate interconnection with other carriers
  • New Horizon is in a very unique position in that it leases space in the radio room on the 30th floor of One Wilshire to house its microwave equipment for the 65 mile back-haul to its leased teleport space. New Horizon also has one antenna on the tower at One Wilshire, and has multiple racks in the "Meet-Me-Room". Both the fiber and microwave connectivity to the leased teleport is made directly at the New Horizon racks. Hot switchover from fiber to microwave is available.
  • Manage all International network routes and capacity to overseas carriers. Long and short term data traffic forecasting to predict future traffic and capacity demand.
  • Network Provisioning to meet data traffic demand.
  • Negotiating agreements and schedule for changes to the network with foreign PTT\'s.
  • Implemented IP (VoIP) infrastructure in Asian Pacific and the Far East markets, which ultimately required my technical background and business knowledge within the region.
  • Provided ongoing hardware and software installation and deployment of new servers, patches, security updates, system backup, performance management & tuning. Provided support to HelpDesk for system wide problems.
  • Formed the business development including, without limitation, the preparation of the strategic plan of New Horizon Telecom, performing due diligence analysis of commercial opportunities, including the cash flow projections respecting such opportunities and preparation of mergers, acquisitions, and licensing agreements relative thereto.
  • Analyzing potential strategic acquisitions and joint ventures, commercial opportunities, and product development prospects and matters affecting New Horizon Telecoms' interests.
  • The research matters relating to IP technology and service trends in the IP and satellite communications industry.
  • Formed realistic goals for creating the sales development teams, marketing, and technical departments in the strategic development of new products and services in response to customer requirements, and

Confidential, January 1993 to October 1998

Project Manager, and Asst VP of Networks - Denver, Wash D.C, and Hong Kong.

  • Overall responsibility was for the coordination and implementation of a "Global" network, positioned in approximately 88 countries. Duties included the specification, provisioning, project management, and coordination with various venders, governmental agencies, and personnel in several foreign countries. I dealt directly with the PTT\'s (Postal Telephone and Telegraph), which are the equivalent of Telephone companies in the US (i.e. AT & T, MCI, ICG, Qwest, Sprint, etc.) except they operate the telecommunications infrastructure in their respective countries.
  • Name of Project #1: Digital Calling Card Platform Up-grade Project.
  • Name of Project #2: Internet Development (Three Internet POPs strategically positioned in the US, Hong Kong, and London).
  • Name of Project #3: Lotus Note Intranet Implementation (14 Offices Globally).
  • Name of Project #4: As new contracts are signed with carriers from around the world, the increase in traffic dramatically increases, which requires strict planning and control from the Network Planning & Implementation Office. (Constant and Ongoing).
  • Name of Project #5: Implementation of the CPDI platform (Voice Platform).


  • Principled Leadership
  • Quality & Performance Improvement
  • Strategic & Tactical Planning
  • Developing & Implementing Architectures
  • Developing & Administering Budgets
  • Building & Directing Teams
  • Managing Complex Projects
  • Business Process Auditing & Engineering
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Turnaround & Crisis Management
  • Remedy Application Design & Construction
  • Operations Management
  • Systems Development & Integration

Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, all of the skills below have been used either in a commercial product, or released as open source.


  • Extensive knowledge of C
  • Java Script, Perl, and using Perl from C
  • Good Knowledge of shell scripting
  • HTML
  • XML
Education and Training
  • University of Colorado, BBS, Int'l Business Administration
  • University of Colorado, BS, Computer Science
  • University of Colorado:
  • Electronic Engineering, Certification Program.
  • UNIX I, II, III, Systems Administration, and Certification Program.
  • Advanced Telecommunications for Business Professionals.
  • Advanced Project Management, Certification Program.
  • Continuous Process Improvement; (CPI), Certification Program.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM), Certification Program.
  • Effective Negotiating Skills, Certification Program.
  • Commercial Leadership, Certification Program.
  • Siemens Switch Certification Programs
  • Project Management Institute (PMI):
  • (PMI) Project Management Certification
  • Karras School of Negotiations (Zurich Switzerland):
  • Effective Negotiating in Multi-Cultures
  • Clarent Corporation Training Center (Hong Kong & Singapore):
  • Clarent Architecture-System Analysis & Support
  • Clarent Clearinghouse Solution-Connect
  • Clarent Local Access (Call Manager)
  • Clarent SS7 Architecture & Implementation
  • Clarent NetPerformer]
  • Nuera Communications Corporation (San Diego, California):
  • F Series Systems - Design and configuration of Nuera frame relay, and IP gateways including: Access plus F50, F50IP, F100, F120, and F200IP, VFRADs and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) F200SIP gateways.
  • Karras School of Negotiations (Heathrow London):
  • Effective Negotiating in Multi-Cultures
  • Linux Professional Institute Certification LPIC-3
  • Sun Solaris 8, 9, and 10 System Administration