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Property Manager Resume

Los Angeles, CA

Product development engineer with over ten years of documented success and progressively responsible experience in systems engineering, data mining, test automation, performance simulation, and integrating emerging technologies

Programming Language Experience: Perl, Python, UNIX Shell, Visual Basic macros, C++, SQL, Java, HTML, QT
Software: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Photoshop & Illustrator, Clearcase, VMware, Squish, Segue, Google
Operating Systems: Well versed UNIX expert, User/Troubleshooter of Dos and Windows environments for 20 years
Hardware: Custom building systems and upgrading components, router configuration and LAN setup


  • Top Secret Clearance last active 2007

Property Manager,Los Angeles, CA 10/2010-date

  • Working with contractors and the city to rehab and refresh 20 rental units.
  • Managing project timelines while working with budget constraints.

Confidential,Los Angeles, CA 2001-2010
I&T Test Automation Lead,JTRS Project, 2007-2010

  • Created a server based automated test framework GUI in QT which allowed users to easily create and run automated tests
  • Built and updated automated python scripts using config and communicated the changes to the test team. Converted 3 hours of daily work per user into 5 minutes.
  • Created a suite of Perl simulators to simulate 1630 JTR radios that matched the ICD. Allowed for the use of command arguments and/or scenario files making it easily for a user to select the desired simulation run
  • Maintained the environment and the COTS/GOTS of the target laptops and made disk images to speed installs
  • Created the application’s install script installing the software, populating the oracle database, and setting up the various logging services and daemons needed
  • Designed scripts to check structure of binary messages, and verify the digital signature matched the correct PKI certificate
  • Scripted multiple manual steps for the testers, documented the scripts usage, and assisted users that were having trouble
  • Built a tool to automate creating detailed SLOC metrics by subproject. Updated excel charts for the customer weekly

Software Developer,4171 Project, 2006-2007

  • Subproject software sync manager for the SCC group
  • Ported code from HP-UNIX to Linux & created an extensive unit test verification tool using Perl
  • Created extensive Excel VB macros to roll up weekly subprojects status for the program manager

Integration and Test Analyst,NG Library Project, 2005-2006

  • Developed and maintained the system environment and test tools
  • Created a cross-platform (SGI/SUN/Linux) and cross-classification test automation tool
  • Firefighter and solution creator for the I&T group. Incorporated suggestions from the team to improve processes
  • Discovered multiple areas of manual busywork processes that I automated on my own accord

Integration and Test Analyst,4171 Project, 2001-2005

  • Supported both I&T and development teams by generating test tools and log file parsing tools with Perl
  • Developed and maintained automated test cases to support new features in the software
  • Performed regression testing on new builds

Software Engineer,TRW Security, 2001

  • Collected various Trojans and port scanners to test corporate system defenses

Confidential,Los Angeles, CA,1998-2001

  • Designed a VB program that rotated ad banners giving a revenue stream for free ISPs such as Netzero
  • Managed a team of 10 developers in India to implement the code with a very limited budget

M.S., Product Development Engineering;
B.S., Applied Math with a Specialization in Computing;
Introduction to Perl, Advanced Perl, Accepted into the Masters Fellowship

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