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It Project Manager Resume

Richmond, VA


  • Strong IT Project Manager with significant experience managing and supporting new application development and upgrades to current systems.
  • Strong communication skills, strong management and motivation skills, and proven information systems technical background.
  • Self-motivated and capable of working on several projects concurrently.
  • Strong interpersonal and motivation skills.
  • Business Analyst expertise in developing strategies to improve both business and technology throughput.
  • Excellent interviewing skills in gathering requirements.
  • Strong MS Office skills and application development on AS/400.
  • Full understanding of SDLC and Project Management Processes.

Microsoft Office, Visio, Microsoft Project, AS400, COBOL, Assembler

August 2011 to September 2011
Project Manager

  • Managed projects to develop mass training curriculums to support the Federal Consent Regulatory Requirements.
  • Project Players were not onsite in Richmond, all meetings and requirements gathering were completed via conference calls.
  • Responsibilities included developing/maintaining Project Plans, Managing the Discovery phase, tracking risk/issues/action items as well as managing the Development Phase.

Confidential, Richmond, VA
March 2011 to May 2011
Project Manager

  • Managed IT Middleware new initiatives.
  • Reported directly to Platform Manager, specializing in Financial Solutions.
  • Managed nine Bank related projects.
  • Tracked project status in Clarity.
  • Directly managed BSA's and Vendor Point of Contacts.
  • Developed process and performed QA testing.

Confidential,) Glen Allen, VA
May 2008 to February 2011
Enterprise Wide Project Manager - IT Department - New Initiatives

  • Specialized in new initiatives to advance full web based property operations from manual processes.
  • Managed Vendor Relations.
  • Assisted in the budget preparation.
  • Developed and maintained project plans for 23 consecutive initiatives which reduced staffing needs as well as appealed to prospective customers saving the company more than $400,000 per year in operating costs.
  • Developed a full analysis of KIOSK opportunities and managed the order and installation.
  • Chaired project update meetings.
  • All projects were included in a Master Project and tracked on a weekly basis using the Task Update feature in Project Server. The final Master project was well over 2000 lines. Developed the plans, track progress and report to senior management.
  • All projects were moving manual operations to a browser based .net technology.
  • Developed the plan and executed MS Project Server 2007 installation including the implementation of the servers to the company infrastructure and adding the company users for project time reporting. Additionally, was the MS Project Server administrator responsible for reporting and implementing upgrades for MS Project, SharePoint, and Sequel 2005.
  • Researched and implemented stand alone POS and Credit Card systems for property rentals.

Confidential, Glen Allen, VA
January 2004 to February 2008
Applications Manager - IT Department - New Initiatives and System Upgrades

  • Reported to the SVP of Development specializing in new initiatives and upgrades to current systems.
  • Managed Vendor Relations.
  • Assisted in budget preparation.
  • Developed and maintained project plans
  • Was selected by the CEO to Manage the Requirements, Development and Quality Assurance process for the implementation of a web based Loan Origination system as well as the integration to ancillary systems. The project team included 35 members and was based on both in-house and vendor staffing. Implementation fell below the budgeted 2.5 million dollars and was delivered in the one year timeframe demanded by senior management.
  • Managed several upgrades including Accounting, Treasury and Investor Relations.
  • Managed the transformation of the Mortgage Company to a Real Estate Investment Trust.
  • Developed a future development model using Microsoft Project that listed all projects in the forecast, which included resources and business defined priority to provide a view when projects would start and finished. Once resources were needed to be exchanged was able to illustrate the changes in timeframes,
  • Managed several projects where client server systems were moved to browser based .net technology.
  • Lead Project Manager for the development of Disaster Recovery Plans and mock disaster recovery testing.

Confidential, Richmond VA
January 2002 to January 2004
Enterprise Project Manager

  • Reported directly to the CEO of this small IT Company specializing in web based services, telecommunications line supplier.
  • Developed and maintained project plans.
  • Added value to the company and customer expectation by documenting projects and requiring signoff of design. This led to customer satisfaction which intern doubled revenue for the company.

Confidential, Glen Allen, VA
May 1998 - November 2002
Vice President Development and Customer Support

  • Reported directly to the CIO specializing in both new Development and Customer Support.
  • Developed and maintained project plans for each customer's new development.
  • Chaired bi-weekly status meeting with each customer.
  • Managed Development, Customer Support and Quality Assurance projects.
  • Selected as Project Manager for a major re-write of the Loan Origination system from an AS400 platform to an NT Platform. This migration offered the ability to sell the software to small businesses therefore broadening our sales prospects.
  • Extensive Vendor Relationship Management.
  • Assisted sales department in new proposals and prospected new client presentations.
Confidential, Peapack, NJ
August 1989 to May 1998
Director Mortgage Systems
  • Reported directly to the CTO specializing in new business initiatives and integration.
  • Managed the Development of an RFP and RFI for Mortgage Systems.
  • Developed a Mortgage Origination Process, select a Vendor Application and was Project Manager of the development of a new subsidiary managing the build out of the headquarters including but not limited to network wiring, telephone system selections and implementation, office build out and set-up of the Origination system. The complete implementation was done in 3 months, was under budget and the return of investment for the first year was 2 million dollars to Beneficial's bottom line. All applications were run on AS/400.
  • CEO appointed member of a "Think Tank" to develop a strategy to change the Beneficial Finance business process and purchase systems to support it. Was Project Manager for a series of "Quick Hit" initiatives that led to a savings of 10 million dollars in operating costs.
  • Scheduled resources from Applications, Hardware, Telephone Services, UPS Backup, Telecom and the Business to support implementation and keep up to date progress.
  • Extensive Vendor relationship management.

Confidential, Somerset NJ
October 1982 to August 1989
Project Leader

  • Reported to the SVP of Mortgage Processing specializing in the Secondary Marketing arena.
  • Developed and maintained the project plan for implementing a new Secondary Marketing System.
  • In addition to the Project Management, acted as the Lead Analyst in performing a full business process change.
  • The System was implemented within budget and saved the company 3 million dollars in annual operating costs.
  • Managed the implementation of a CRM system using vendor acquired applications integrating the CRM to the financial systems using cross domain facilities.Management

Certificate Computer Programming
Liberal Arts, Business - 2 years

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