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Technical Project Manager Resume

New York, NY


To take full cycle web business development ownership. As innovative and creative technical Project Manager. By leading website and campaign builds. From due diligence to rollout. On time and on budget. Building cross functional/matrix teams. Using alliances and partnerships. From deal prospecting, concept development and monetizing content models. To media planning and affiliate/ad networks. Optimizing campaigns to reduce cost per acquisition, churn, and attrition. While maximizing retention and lifetime customer value.

Professional Summary

Project Management (11 Years) - Business Development, Account Management, Media Planning, Prospecting, Concept Proposal, Project Planning, Business Analysis, Use Cases, Process Workflows, Information Architecture, Financial Modeling, Profit/Loss, Cost/Benefit/SWOT, Statement of Work, Stakeholder Identification, Legal/Compliance Review, Functional Requirements, Contract Negotiation, RFP/RFQ, Risk Mitigation, Document Management, System Design, Database Schema, Work Breakdown Schedule, Vendor Outsourcing, Resource Schedules, Waterfall/Agile/Scrum Development, Bug Tracking, Issue Resolution, Test Cases, Quality Assurance, Query Optimization, Configuration/Release Version Control, Reporting, Documentation, Status Reports, Troubleshooting, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Offshore

Online Media (11 Years) - Branding, Media Buyer, B2B, Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks, Local Search, Display Media, Data Sales, Data Exchanges, Registration Flows, SEM Search Engine Management, SEO Search Engine Optimization, PPC Pay Per Click, Multi Variate Testing, Open/Click/Landing Conversion Optimization, Mobile Media, Social Media

Software Development (5 Years) - Java, C, Oracle, ATG, Unix, e-Commerce, Web Analytics

B.S. Computer Science (4 Years)

Certification - Confidential

Work Experience

Owner - Confidential - New York, NY - 2/2008 to Present

Design and manage ad campaigns for digital project management agency servicing small business shops, leading development process with detail focus on every step in the total life cycle such as sourcing lead buyers to copy writing, art direction, media purchases, and managing remote resources.

  • Created PPC PayPerClick campaigns for medical laser equipment maker Confidential to generate inbound patient referrals for medical practices and plastic surgeons offering treatment of conditions such as Varicose Vein, Liposuction, and Gastric Bypass.
  • Managed Print/Email/SMS messaging campaigns for agency Confidential client Walt Disney World Resort as part of a guest communications program allowing park visitors to organize and plan their family vacation trip to various amusement theme parks.
  • Setup Confidential by creating a nationwide network of private money lenders, loan processors, lead referral sources, and offshore bilingual telemarketing agents for mortgage brokerage focusing on subprime borrowers otherwise unable to secure loans via traditional lenders.
  • Processed mortgage applications for borrowers by working directly with lenders in all stages of the process from collecting supporting documents to closing.
  • Configured inbound/outbound load balanced VOIP network of international remote call center agents using predictive dialers and domestic phone numbers in local area codes to dynamically route and track telemarketing campaigns.

General Manager - Confidential - New York, NY - 5/2007 to 2/2008

Setup an Ad Exchange for $100m+ revenue digital advertising agency and email marketing company with 1m-3m clicks per day, to optimize lead generation revenue among publishers and advertisers via industry verticals such as Education, Credit Cards, Debt, and Auto Loan.

  • Developed single application pages for consumers with ping/post on the front-end to multiple lead buyers on the back-end for ensuring maximum CPM on offer landing pages.
  • Setup online credit card vertical matching consumers with credit cards best suited for their needs. Initiated relationships with banks and agencies, signing on brands such as American Express, Discover, Capital One, Citibank, and HSBC.
  • Evaluated $12m acquisition of online colleges affiliate Confidential to jumpstart entry into the online education lead generation industry.

Business Project Manager - Confidential - New York, NY - 4/2004 to 5/2007

  • Reported to the President on strategic initiatives for NASDAQ listed digital advertising agency with then revenues of $72m+, EBITDA $9m+, cash $30m+.
    • Developed lead generation and entertainment verticals from concept to production: Sweepstakes such as PrizeAmerica and GroupLotto (ranked Top 50 most visited site on the Internet in 2001). Dating such as iMatchUp/HotMatchUp. Gaming such as Confidential
    • Simplified mobile strategy by launching a new subsidiary mxFocus. Represented mxFocus within the Mobile Marketing Association, as well as trade shows such as CTIA, and with major carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.
    • Developed mobile campaigns from sales to negotiation and rollout, including RFPs and RFQs.
        • Secured $6m ringtone contract from mobile entertainment firm Confidential.
        • Secured $1m US Army lead generation order from Universal McCann.
        • Secured insertion orders from TV networks such as ESPN, BET, and Viacom to promote mobile offers such as MTV News Alerts, Comedy Central Joke Of The Day, and VH-1 Dr Ian Diet Tips.
        • Secured order from California TV network KCAL to promote game nights for LA Lakers and LA Dodgers via sweepstakes to build cell phone data lists.
        • Secured orders to create incentivized free content ringtones/wallpapers programs for Paramount Pictures, MGM Studios, and Universal Pictures, to promote DVD sales for movie titles such as Bring It On and You Me & Dupree.
        • Negotiated ringtone distribution contracts with Warner Music and Universal Music.
        • Joined the National Center of Missing & Exploited Children program to promote signups and distribute Amber Alerts.
  • Secured 50/50 revenue share publisher agreement with Yahoo/Overture to provide email and popup media for paid sponsored search ads generating over $5m.
  • Participated in acquisition and integration of subsidiaries: SendTraffic (SEO/SEM), Infiknowledge (Design/Development), and HotRocket(Affiliate Network).
  • Explored options with Boston Capital Advisors to acquire mobile aggregators UPOC and Mobliss. Created business cases, reviewed assets and financials.

Technical Project Manager - Confidential - New York, NY - 4/2001 TO 5/2004

  • Created, launched, monitored, and optimized campaigns on network of sites averaging over 25m+ unique visits per month.
  • Created offer registrations flows using targeting of multiple offers and data mining of user history data to determine the optimum series of offers to display for user visits.
  • Wrote custom code to manage Google and Yahoo PPC campaigns of 10m+ visits per month for MP3 download website Confidential. Algorithms included bid management, position optimization, ad text click analysis, and landing page conversion.
  • Setup Q121, a mobile social networking site, with unique features such as ability for users to send mp3 files as ringtones and graphics as wallpapers to their cell phones.
  • Drafted and redlined privacy policy and terms & conditions with legal counsel for various Atrinsic websites.
  • Optimized LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) transactions, charge backs, credits, service fees.
  • Led migration of site platform from Solaris/Oracle/ATG to Windows/SQLServer/ColdFusion.

Consultant - Confidential - Vienna, VA - 10/1996 to 4/2001

Acted as both Technical Lead and Project Lead on consulting engagements for Confidential E-Commerce System and Confidential Management System.

  • As Project Lead oversaw full life cycle system development and client engagement from prospecting and sales to development and support. Drafted project scope, costs, duration, and resource requirements in written proposals. Scheduled, coordinated internal and customer resources. Developed cost accounting, issue resolutions, and created project work plans.
  • Customized ATG Dynamo Application/Personalization/E-Commerce modules for ClubMom (now Confidential) and Confidential under Icon Nicholson. Wrote new Java modules, setup user workflows, optimized SQL database tables and stored procedures. Documented projects from requirements analysis and design specifications to user guides and training materials.
  • Implemented an invoice imaging Accounts Payable workflow system for Confidential Conducted requirements study. Developed an 100+ page specification as proposal response to RFP. Managed and participated in the 2-year project involving 30,000+ lines of Java code, over 2m invoice documents, dozens of database tables with 50m+ records per table, ERP integration with JD Edwards, and enterprise-wide deployment across their chemical manufacturing plants.
  • Developed Engineering Change Order workflow processes for Confidential and Level One, Confidential subsidiary, allowing their engineers to upload, review, revise, redline and approve technical drawings and ISO quality documents.
  • Developed Action Item system for General Electric Power Systems Confidential under Six Sigma guidelines to measure department response times to customers, vendors and partners.
  • Setup document management systems for ElfAtoChem, Confidential subsidiary, to distribute Materials Safety Data Sheets across its petrochemical refiners.
  • Assisted in recruiting and mentoring employees.

Developer - Confidential - Columbia, MD - 6/1994 to 10/1996

Reported to VP of Development of XDB (subsidiary), a producer of IBM mainframe DB/2 database software ranging from COBOL developer workbench and 4GL authoring tools on a DB/2 compatible engine for the PC.

  • Worked closely with product managers to guide software source code and documentation from development and quality assurance to production and release.
    • Configured system of version control software, using PVCS and RCS, to coordinate product version builds and releases on Windows/Solaris/AIX/HP-UX/OS/2, making retrieval, changes, updates and production simple and reliable.
    • Defined product release processes and wrote scripts to expedite software builds. Made automated software test cases an integral part of the product release.
    • Enhanced tracking system to synchronize software development between developers in USA and China.
  • Authored JetConnect, a pre-JDBC Java database connection driver, by wrapping ODBC C API functions in Java. Ported JetConnect to IBM-AIX, HP-UX, and SUN-Solaris.
  • Worked in C on XDB SQL Wizard, a GUI database query tool, using XVT object handling API. Wrote string parser functions in C for XDB Server engine to allow support for extremely large queries, and conversion libraries in C to convert XDB Server 2.41 version databases to the new 3.0 version. Fixed various bugs in the XDB Server Administration and Security modules.


Bachelor in Computer Science.

Digital Advertising, Online Advertising, Online Marketing, Online Advertising, Online Strategy, Digital Strategy, Digital Media, New Media, Interactive Media

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