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Project Manager Resume

Bloomigdale, NJ


Accomplished technology professional with corporate and consulting experience in information security, identity & access management, and application architecture. Fifteen years of experience in design, development and implementation of solutions for large corporations and international firms.

Professional Experience

Confidential,(Montvale, N.J.) March 2006 - Present
Project Manager Development - Identity Management Development Team (IdMD) Integration Architect
Team is responsible for the integration of internal and external applications using Tivoli Access Manager (TAM).

  • Analyze, design and develop internal utility applications for user administration, user maintenance and LDAP queries.
  • Provide technical expertise and guidance through the integration process focusing on non-standard and custom integrations.
  • Project manager, developer and architect on the Membership Services Web project providing centralized authentication and authorization of applications eliminating the need for individual installations of the API.
  • Provide support and expertise to application teams and management for Tivoli Access Manager Security software, custom API's, provisioning and single sign-on functionality.
  • Manage new product proof-of-concepts, vendor evaluations and strategic planning for the firm's federated identity initiative to enable Web single sign-on and enhanced third party vendors and partner security.
  • Lead integration architect for new federated partnerships coordinating the technical specifics and project timelines.
  • Integration architect for SOA solutions requiring the Datapower XML gateway responsible for configurations, project timelines and standardized integration models.

Confidential,(Parsippany, N.J.) January 2001 - March 2006
Senior Staff Consultant

Confidential, July 2005 - March 2006
Identity and Access Management (I & AM) Integration Architect
Team was responsible for the integration of approximately 2000 applications with the Corporate Information Technology's (CIT) global security solution.

  • Held bi-weekly I & AM introductory meetings (101 Sessions) for business owners and application developers outlining the process, technologies and timeframes of an integration.
  • Supported application teams in determining the integration approach by analyzing the technology, project timeframes and ease of integration.
  • Provided technical expertise and support for application teams offering customer-centric service to resolve each team's unique authentication or authorization requirement.

Confidential, November 2004 - June 2006
Senior Developer
Team was responsible for the security component of the new Hotels Division portal, which incorporated security infrastructure with the Oblix/NetPoint solution. This solution provided centralized user management, authentication and authorization, password and credential management along with single sign-on functionality.

  • Designed and developed an ASP solution to correct missing functionality and fulfill new requirements for the default Oblix user administration application minimizing the effort and leveraging any prior development. The solution increased performance, maintainability and configurability while meeting Cendant's complex business model.
  • Designed and developed user interfaces for customized Oblix default pages.

Confidential, September 2001 - October 2004
Senior Developer/Enterprise Architect/Business Analyst
Team was responsible for building and maintaining corporate Web Applications including new portal development, Web security, Web portal maintenance, single-sign-on (SSO) integration, user administration and secure data transfer.

  • Designed and developed the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB's) for standardized and centralized access to the security Directory resulting in greater scalability, increased maintainability and significant improvements in application performance.
  • Lead developer/Business Analyst for the member portal, providing SSO connectivity to Siebel for Claims and Provider data.
  • Developed user interfaces (Front-end), application middleware and Database (back-end) EJB's.
  • Architect, lead developer and team leader for several portal integration projects that provided remote authentication, Web SSO functionality, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and secured data transfer to both internal and external applications.
  • Business Analyst, Project Manager and technical liaison responsible for managing timelines, project scheduling and coordinating internal and external development resulting in timely delivery of SSO solutions.

Confidential,April 2001 - September 2001
Application Developer
Responsible for the modifications and enhancements of the Compensation Navigator application, concentrating on the rewrite of the Java Applet in the Visual Café 4.1 environment and the XML used in the data transfer.

Confidential, January 2001 - April 2001
Senior Application Developer
Designed and developed enhancements to the Internet Group Enrollment (IGE) application including rewriting HTML to JSP architecture and presentation logic generated by the VisualAge development tool. This decreased future changes, helped isolate the presentation from the development tool and maintain a GUI graphic standard required by all corporate Web Applications.

Senior Programmer Analyst/Team Lead (Commercial Lines) May 2000 - December 2000

  • Maintained and enhanced the Cargo Certificate Issuance System (CCIS) Web Application using JAVA, VisualAge 3.0, JSP and Websphere technologies running on both NT and UNIX/AIX server environments.
  • Application team leader for the rewrite of CCIS successfully completing many application enhancements improving usability and maximizing the value of the application for the end users.

Senior Programmer Analyst (Print Services) March 1998 - May 2000

  • Designed, integrated and maintained of all commercial lines data entry and policy issuance systems using Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, MQSeries, COBOL II, DB2 and IMS transaction process.
  • Supervised, designed and developed a forms' management system written in VB which included flexible MQ Series messaging, a form distribution rule engine, Access automation for memory management and an Active X DLL for centralized database management.
  • Supervised, designed and developed a Y2K compliant Commercial Policy Issuance system (CPI) using Visual Basic 5.0 and MQSeries resulting in increased reliability and simplified policy data capture.
  • Consultant on print system design, data storage architecture and championed the use of object designs and coordinated system rewrites to object technology.

Programmer Analyst (Print Services) November 1993 - March 1998

  • Designed and developed IMS Transactions to access DB2 for Client/Server Policy Issuance system. Reduced response time with the use of parallel transactions, revised units-of-work, increased SQL efficiency and improved DB2 Table performance.
  • Trained and supervised staff for maintenance and enhancement of Mainframe Commercial Policy Issuance System and championed the use of MicroFocus Workbench as a development and testing tool.

Programmer/Forms Analyst (Print Services) March 1993 - March 1998

  • Maintained and enhanced mainframe commercial policy issuance system using Telon, IMS DC/DB and DB2 and corrected system problems resulting in a 70 percent increase in system reliability.
  • Designed and wrote specifications for system enhancements and trained junior staff.
Technical Competencies

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, 2005 Visual C# .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, Visual Basic.NET, VBScript, ASPX, ASMX, XSLT, WCF, Java, J2EE, EJB, JSP, JNDI, Secured WebServices, JavaScript, WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0/5.1, IBM Tivoli Security Suite(Tivoli Access Manager, Tivoli Identity Manager, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager), Datapower XML Security Gateway, Universal Identity Platform (DirectorySmart) Authentication Software, Oblix Netpoint CoreID Authentication Software, LDAP, UDB, SQL Server, Windows XP, Server 2003


Computer Programming Certification
Bachelor of Arts: Business Management


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