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Mts Specialist Resume


  • Highly technical, hands - on IT Project Management and Systems Analyst with a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering creative and innovative solutions that improve efficiency, output, and consolidate critical tasks.
  • Apply advanced problem solving methodology to permanently solve common and complex problems.
  • Engage project teams during the development and launch of customized solutions.
  • Automate notifications and engage all levels of the organization in problem solving and process improvement events.


  • Project Management Methodology
  • System Development & Launch
  • Global Software Conversions
  • Continual Process Improvement
  • Mainframe & Datacenter Operations
  • Standardization & Automation
  • Advanced Problem Solving
  • Change Management Catalyst


Business Systems: IBM Mainframe, z/OS, OS/390, MVS/JCL, JES3; TSO/ISPF; DFSMS

Tools: IBM JCL Utilities, SyncSort, IDCAMS, ISRSUPC Compare, IBM REXX, Compuware File-AID, MACRO 4 InSync, CA-PDSMAN, CA JCLCheck, ASG-JCLPREP

Software: Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, CA-7, CA-11, CA-1, CA-View, CA-BUNDL, CA-ENDEVOR, CA-ESP, CA-Encore, Tibco Managed File Transfer (MFT), IBM Sterling Connect Direct/NDM, File Transfer Protocol (FTP)



MTS Specialist


  • Established automated processes that identified and implemented options that improved productivity, efficiency, and enhanced customer service satisfaction.
  • Displayed mental agility and flexibility during advanced problem solving activities. Uncovered permanent corrective actions that virtually eliminated the recurrence of all critical issues.
  • Launched an automated solution that modified the “ESP Initialization Parms” into 42,024 ESP procedures and events. Processed every single procedure/event with zero total errors.
  • Delivered a fully automated solution for disaster recovery that quickly notified all task/process owners with automated emails and other notifications. Reduced critical downtime events.
  • Automated and streamlined processes and procedures that encompassed applications and production batch jobs. Set up auto-notifications for jobs that exceeded the 50,000 output line limit.
  • Developed and managed home-grown PRODLib Renewal (PLR), an automated solution for identifying and archiving obsolete production modules and related CA-7 Schedules.
  • PLR safely archived or restored 1,000s of modules annually saving 100s of man hours by automating time-consuming tasks.
  • Wrote “PRODLib Renewal (PLR) - Work Instructions” - a 52 page Organizational Process Asset (OPA) document, providing an overview of PLR services and instructions for generating PLR deliverables.
  • Developed and managed home-grown “Automated Documentation Validation/Remediation”. A REXX process run daily to identify and correct production documentation issues for ESP defined jobs.

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