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Programmer Analyst Resume



  • With over 6 years of rich experience in ECM and BPM technologies, I worked in disparate roles with different companies located across various parts of the globe.
  • During which I had an opportunity to work directly with clients right from inception of few projects.
  • I believe in hard work and accomplish tasks ahead of time.


Databases: DB2, MSSQL Server, Oracle.

Application Servers: WebLogic, WebSphere Application Server, Apache Tomcat.

Operating Systems: IBM AIX, Red hat Linux, Linux SUSE, Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 Servers.

Tools: used: Putty, WinScp, Toad, VNCServer, Cygwin, FileZilla, Xwindows, DBVisualizer, Lotus Notes, Lotus Same Time

FileNet Add - ons: IBM Case Manager, IBM Forms server, Cognos Real-time Monitoring, IBM Case Analyzer, IBM Datacap, Kofax image services, IBM Content Collector for Email, IBM Content Collector File System and SharePoint, eDiscovery Manager, IBM Rendition Engine, IBM Enterprise Records, IBM Case Monitor, IBM Content Navigator, IBM Content Search Services, Process Simulator.


Confidential, Indianapolis

Programmer Analyst


  • Hands-on experience on installing, configuring FileNet P84.5.1, FileNet P8 5.0, FileNet P8 5.1, FileNet P8 5.2, FileNet P8 5.2.1.
  • Working experience in the development of custom FileNet Step Processors and custom Applications using FileNet P8 Framework and with CE 4.0 JAVA API and PE JAVA API.
  • Working experience in Business Process Manager and process designing.
  • Programming experience in Java/J2ee, Servlets, Java Batch Processing, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, EJB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, log Parser, Web Services, C, CPP, SQL.
  • Created custom workplace applications as part of business requirement.
  • Working experience on Process Designer, FileNet Enterprise Manager, Process Designer, Process Administrator, Process Analyzer, Component Manager.
  • Installed and configured FileNet P8 5.0 and FileNet P8 5.1 environments on Amazon cloud with Advanced Case Manager and IBM Forms as add-on components.
  • Installed and configured highly available IBM FileNet P8 5.1 with IBM Case Manager, IBM Forms server, iLogJrules server, IBM Case Analyzer on AIX and Windows servers.
  • Installed and configured IBM Content Collector for email, ICC for File System, ICC for SharePoint, IBM eDiscovery Manager, IBM Enterprise Records, IBM Datacap as part of a project, configured legacy support for IBM Common Store for Exchange.
  • Application of CE, PE, CPE, WorkplaceXT, AE patches in order for optimal utilization on various environments.
  • Provided architectures for business proposals which included PRODUCTION and Disaster Recovery environments.
  • Troubleshooting issues in IBM FileNet core components, Application servers, Directory Services and RDBMS.
  • FileNet domain backup and restoration. FileNet migrations from 4.5.x or 5.x to 5.2.x
  • Developing SQL scripts/ stored procedures as per the business requirement.
  • Worked extensively on batch & shell programming, scheduling tasks, automation scripts.


Software Engineer


  • Established UAT and Production environments for Case Manager Project.
  • Provided support to the FileNet environment by troubleshooting issues.
  • Deploying solution specific applications on development/SIT/UAT/Production.
  • Migrating ICM solutions from Development to TEST/UAT/Production environments.
  • Conducted TESTING on new application builds/fixes before handing it over to QA team.


Senior Software Engineer


  • Provided support to FileNet development/Test/UAT/Production environments.
  • Developed stored procedures/SQL scripts to fulfill business requirement.
  • Used CE Java APIs to migrate images to FileNet CE servers.
  • Customized Java document migration application to meet business needs.
  • Created /migrated custom workplace applications from lower to higher environments.
  • Developed batch programs to automate tasks.
  • Worked closely with BA and TESTING teams in delivering projects in time.
  • Upgraded FileNet environment to a newer version (CE, PE patches) on PRODUCTION.
  • Application migrations and deployments from lower environment to higher environments.


Team Lead (ECM)


  • Provided the architectural designs for various environments.
  • Developed batch scripts, shell/ant (WAS) scripts, stored procedures/SQL scripts to automate Data sources creation, renaming WebSphere cluster members as per business need, update SQL Server Master database user SID information.
  • Migrated databases, file stores, configured EMC Centera for PROD by mounting CFIS file system content over to CPE servers.
  • Installed WebSphere Application Server, created clusters as per architecture, created highly available dmgr, installed IBM FileNet 5.2 along with add-on software like Case Manager, ICN, RTM server.
  • Ensured successful migration of Content as well as Process items to FileNet 5.2 environment by testing all custom applications before passing it over to QA team.


Project Consultant (ECM)


  • Provided the architectural designs for various environments.
  • Developed batch scripts, stored procedures/SQL scripts to equip business functionality and automation purposes.
  • Installed and configured ICC components as an archival solution for MS Exchange emails, FileSystem and SharePoint documents.
  • Configured legacy support for IBM Common Store for Exchange server (CSX).
  • Installed and configured eDiscovery Manager for document retrieval and case creation purposes as part of compliance.
  • Developed Datacap application for retrieving faxes from OpenTextRightFax server.

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