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Technical Service Supervisor/manager Resume


  • Technical services manager/supervisor with twenty years of management experience and practical understanding of business needs. Highly effective at achieving business objectives by incorporating creative leadership. Implementing and directing projects that improve efficiency while meeting deadlines and budget requirements.


  • Hiring and retention
  • Training and development
  • Compensation / payroll
  • Employee relations
  • Administration of compensation
  • Regulatory compliance for state and federal compliance
  • Personnel records
  • Contract implementation and monitoring
  • Monitor maintenance of precision devises for court systems used for enforcement.
  • Develop policy and procedures for accuracy of heavy capacity equipment
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Organize state wide maintenance
  • Maintain operational service vehicles
  • Budgetary contribution and implementation
  • Grant specification writing
  • Specification writing for procurement for projects
  • Contactor monitoring for safety and quality control
  • Inter - agency project implementation
  • Invent tools to increase productivity for maintenance of heavy capacity devices
  • Implementation of federal concepts accepted by the state
  • Current state and OSHA compliance
  • Ability to ask the hard questions



Technical Service Supervisor/Manager


  • Implement all new equipment and new systems to ensure equipment meets expatiations and benchmarks to benefit and enhance operations. Develop policies and procedures within state statues and agencies guide lines for personal to use equipment in enforcement and safety compliance of state and federal motor carrier statues and laws.
  • Propose yearly budgeting for a state wide maintenance program and Technical services group of motor carrier.
  • Secure grants for initiatives required by new federal implementation programs and future expansion for federal and state motor carrier code. Secure grant funding for new equipment use in these new initiatives. Write specification to procure equipment for these new initiatives. Provide procedures and propose guidance for introduction of new enforcement code or amendment to existing state of Virginia code.
  • To evaluate and maintain the accurate performance of all types of weights and measures equipment used by the Commonwealth of Virginia for law enforcement purposes as dictated by the statues.
  • To properly maintain weights and measures equipment to meet the proper accuracy and technical requirements.
  • To administer the corrective preventative maintenance for reliable service of Weights and measures equipment to insure road protection and public safety.
  • To evaluate and maintain the ancillary equipment associated with traffic process control for effective weighing operations.
  • Monitor trucks for compliance with state and federal statutes pertaining to the size and weight of trucks using the interstate, primary and secondary roads of in the Commonwealth. DMV administers Virginia’s truck weight program by establishing policies and procedures and by providing funding, facilities, equipment and human resources and technical support services to facilitate weighing operations. The program also performs coal hauling permits calibration and supports other activities such as truck safety inspections, dyed fuel checks, hazardous materials monitoring.
  • Implement policy within the agency that increased diversity and that has affirmed a diverse and vibrant work force.
  • Maintain training and education of a diverse work force to maintain these systems and devices within all state and federal policies and statues.
  • Implement policy within the agency that increased diversity and that has affirmed a diverse and vibrant work force.
  • This includes compliance through annual training and education for all policies that provide all employees a safe, diverse work place over all aspects of the operations of Motor Carrier. This training and education is to include; IT security, Sexual harassment, on the job harassment/bullying, because of race, gender, gender identity, religion, education, age, sexual preference, or nationality and cultural differences that exist in today’s modern and diverse work place.
  • Advise managers on organizational policy matters and recommend needed changes.
  • Identify staff vacancies and recruit, interview, and select applicants.
  • Established new application protocols that increase interview applicant quality, and equality.
  • Diversity training within work group
  • Risk management assessment

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