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It Project Manager Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Thorough comprehension of Cognos Software potential, recognized as product expert to determine feasibility of Cognos Software to accomplish new tasks.
  • Analytical thinker with proven troubleshooting skills to solve problems quickly
  • Experienced at developing and implementing end - user computer training seminars, as well as executive one-on-one training and mentoring.
  • Possess a well-balanced understanding of business and technology requirements, c onfiguration & implementation, deployment, resource management, diagnosis, Analytical thinker with proven troubleshooting skills
  • Maintain excellent working knowledge of security concepts, controls, disaster recovery and policy development
  • Experience in Microsoft Windows Server and network environments
  • Knowledgeable in Oracle, Sybase SQL Plus Sagent, Microsoft Access, and Erwin software applications
  • Excellent working knowledge of security concepts, controls, disaster recovery and policy development
  • Excellent software development life cycle skills
  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills


  • Operating Systems / Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003/ 2005/ 2007/ 2010
  • Server Windows Server 2003/ 2008 / 2010 / 2012 , VMware
  • Software Cognos 10, Cognos Series 7: Impromptu (Client and Web Reports), Transformer,
  • Power Play (Client and Enterprise Server), Upfront, Visualizer, Access Manager, Cognos Query, Cognos Script Editor, Cognos Report Net 1.1 (Report and Query Studio), Framework Manager, Microsoft Office Suit, Microsoft Office Visio, F5,
  • DNS Made Easy, SharePoint2010 & 2013, SharePoint Designer 2010, InforPath Designer 2013
  • Database Systems Oracle 9I /10 G, Oracle SQL Plus, and Oracle Enterprise Manager, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase
  • Adaptive Server 10.5, Interactive SQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft FoxPro, Erwin Data Modeling
  • Hardware Dell Servers, HP/Compaq Servers, IBM Servers, 5505 ASA Firewalls


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

IT Project Manager


  • Orchestrated for both internal and external stakeholders to provide status of all IT Projects for the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR) Division of Emergency Operation (DEO).
  • Prepares high-level presentations on complex project to both technical and non-technical staff
  • Applied CDC’s version of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) called Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) methodology using an agile approach to both Semantic Analysis and Secure And Fast Encryption (SAFE).
  • Successfully completed Semantic Analysis 12-month $443,452 and SAFE 12-month $367,400 proof of concept projects on time and on budget.
  • Facilitated kickoff meeting, conducted project review, and critical partner reviews throughout the project lifecycle. My presentation to stakeholder, management and critical partners were clear, precise and accurate.
  • I maintained proper documentation activities carried out throughout the projects in the Enterprise IT Portfolio Office (EITPO) SharePoint site; delivered vendor associate training and user manual.
  • Ensured stakeholders informed of the project status throughout each phase of EPLC
  • Created Semantic Analysis and SAFE Project Requirement, validation plan, Project Requirement Project Process Agreement documentation
  • Conducted proficiency testing on both external and internal social media data and Personnel Identification Information
  • Effectively managed risk and escalated issues as needed and communicated project status to business owner. I followed the six steps of risk management framework across EPLC phase to ensure Semantic Analysis complied with FIPS 140-1, 140-2, 199 & 200.
  • Successfully complete Semantic Analysis and SAFE projects on schedule and at budget cost. Completed close out checklist and ensured all deliverable and documents were completed and delivered on time and uploaded in EITPO site folders.
  • Facilitated Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Coordinator during 2016 & 2017 BCP tabletop exercises for Epi-X, CDC SEND and the Emergency Operations Management System
  • Led (i.e., Served as the Chairperson) the T100 drive reduction prioritization and steering committee project; resulting in disk drive reduction by 30%, completed the project on schedule.
  • Implanted Multi User Share drive (MUST) system to facilitate document storage
  • Created Division MUST standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • Division SharePoint Admin responsible for a mixture of SharePoint 2010 and 2013 architecture, administration, development, project management, business analysis and development of internal facing, SharePoint website.
  • Designed business strategy SharePoint 2010/2013 site from the ground up in support of Ebola and Zika response.
  • Oversee the design, development, delivery, and implementation of technical training programs for customers. Technical training may include standard, repeatable modules, created and posted on SharePoint. Designs product demonstrations, develops course content, and determines methodology for coordination of training aids.
  • Identifying the skills, knowledge, information and attitude gaps of a targeted audience and creating, selecting or suggesting learning experiences that close this gap, based on instructional theory to create a plan for a successful production phase.
  • Conducted Security Awareness and Safety Survival training and orientation programs for new employees and deployers in support of Ebola and Zika response.
  • Impalement Semantic Analysis and SAFE project story board
  • Created external CDC personnel user account in CDC Join application and granted user access to CDC SharePoint sites; monitor user account profile and resolve access issues, i.e. expired access, modify, or suspend assess.
  • Designed developed and implemented customization of SharePoint/Web solutions using out-of-the-box functionality including, Lists, Content Types, Workflows, Views, Sites and more with and without SharePoint Designer.
  • Oversees all quality assurance/quality improvement of the organization in an effort to ensure that operations are compliant with local, state, and federal laws.
  • Diagnosed and provide resolution to DEO IT’s staff and senior management on computer hardware and software related issues ranging from mapping network printers to requesting a new computer. I pride myself on being truth weather; if I find I have made an error in judgment I can admitted my mistake and learn from it. I share relevant information. Knowledge is power, but it is more powerful when it’s shared.

Confidential, Atlanta GA

Cognos Administrator / Application Engineer


  • Provided 24/7 remote on-call operational support for the reporting application; resolved production outages assisted
  • Installed, configured and deployed Cognos ReportNet (CRN), Cognos Series 7 and Cognos 8 environments
  • Designed and developed projects, packages, and reports using Framework Manager, Query Studio and Report Studio; adjusted Report and Batch Report Service increasing performance by 10%.
  • Applied server patches, software updates, hot fix, maintenance release were applied; conduct audits and maintain security levels consistent with the company security policies to prevent and mitigate risk of unauthorized access.
  • Cognos migration projects manager, quality, transparency, and equality of treatment is key to selecting the correct proposal that is acceptable to BCD’s stakeholders.
  • Evaluated Cognos 8 migration projects proposal and determine if the proposal can reasonably meet BCD’s requirements.
  • Utilized BCD’s technical evaluation score sheet and evaluated each proposal against BCD’s performance work statement; proposal were weight on strengths, weaknesses, significant, weaknesses, and deficiencies. I assigned a total point score against each proposal on implementation, and similar experience.
  • Presented written evaluation to BCD’s Contract Officer and conducted decision brief to senior manager
  • Led successfully migration ReportNet MR4 to Cognos 8
  • Established clear goals and agendas of projects and project meetings thereby directed the team using facilitated workshops for inter-team and inter-personal building activities
  • Constantly monitored the project scope, cost and schedule so that the project is completed within time and budget
  • Served as liaison on reporting and business intelligence areas with the Enterprise Program Management Office of the business transformation agency.
  • Closed the project following proper standards and documented the processes and procedures for on-going operations and made sure that proper handover of the project was completed
  • Conducted research into software application and services in support of Cognos development and purchasing efforts.
  • Negotiated a three-year fix cost of $100,000 with IMB Cognos which reduced annual maintenance costs by 18%, upgrade to Cognos 8 and 24/7 support agreement at no addition cost.
  • Generated various List Reports, Grouped Reports, Cross tab Reports, Chart Reports, Drill-Down and Drill-Through Reports.
  • Generated Complex reports in report studio including Drill Down reports from DMR modeled Frame work model.
  • Manually modified the SQL in Report Studio to tune and/or to write complicated reports. Used union/Join objects in Report Studio
  • Daily develop reports and Framework Manager Models into production and analyzed report models in analysis studio.
  • Gathered and analyzed business requirements from users and business community.
  • Analyzing existing transactional database schemas and designing star schema models to support the users reporting needs and requirements.
  • Created Sophisticated Reports using Report Studio.
  • Used some advanced features like Conditional Formatting in Report Studio in generating multipage Reports.
  • Developed and implemented training program for the users to do ad-hoc reporting using ReportNet and IMB Cognos 8 Query Studio.
  • Field incoming tier 3 problem tickets from end users to resolve application and software issues within servers, databases, and other mission-critical systems
  • Planned IT network infrastructure with clients to ensure that the systems are tailored and comply with their requirements and needs.
  • Experience update and maintaining Cognos Access Manager, server LDAP/Active Directory security
  • Monitored network/software security - Controlled access to the IT network and updated security programs as a part of the security procedure.
  • Administered servers and server clusters - Managed system back-up, database and restored protocols.
  • Performed network QA test, executed system analysis and troubleshooting in order to resolve problems on servers, workstations and other network devices.
  • Effectively resolve issue during on call rotation, reviewed and follow on call troubleshooting and resolution procedure checklist to ensure issues were address accurately completely resolved.
  • Test fixes and perform post-resolution follow-ups to ensure problems have been adequately resolved
  • Follow company procedures for troubleshooting critical server node to ensure node issues are resolved in the shortest possible time.
  • Provided 24/7 on site and remote on-call operational support for the reporting application; successfully resolve all issues within 5 to 15 min with no system downtime.
  • Assisted other SME during their on call rotation to resolve bottleneck issues in order to make effective facilitate business decision.
  • Create detail deployment plan outlining, for integrating application into production.
  • Closed over 2,500 Peoplesoft support tickets ranging from creating and modifying user Cognos access, troubleshooting web and application server issues.
  • Maintained Cognos system uptime of 99.955% with no system restart during the reporting year
  • Successfully ran over 450 schedule reports and 75 schedule data cubes ran daily
  • Maintain performance of all new and existing software and applications across the organization design.
  • Implemented IT network projects: Installed, configured and maintained network services, hardware systems and peripheral equipment/devices, applying installation of application service packs, patches, and hot fixes.
  • Conducted research into software application and services in support of development and purchasing efforts.
  • Successfully managed F5 load balancer creating VIP, iRules, pool and node for window servers
  • Utilized the F5 to monitor network or application traffic across a number of servers to resolve server network sessions.
  • Incorporated network diagnostic tools such as traceroute / tracert to measure transit delays packets across Internet
  • Utilize beyond compare, to compare production asp file against updates files and to troubleshoot errors if any arrive.
  • Provide technical support, consultation and guidance for software engineers, database administrators and junior level system administrators.
  • Built implemented both Application and Web Server into production.
  • Planned and implemented IIS 7 and 8/.NET Framework onto both application and web server projects.
  • Installed custom IIS application with only database connection functional to support new system integration.
  • Implemented procedures for operation and overall administration of IIS web servers.
  • Administrated user access in Active Directory and created DNS External Record
  • Created and implemented directory services on Windows 2008 servers
  • Implemented DNS for external name resolution
  • Ensured standardization, compliance and enforcement of BCD policies and daily operating procedures
Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Cognos ReportNet Administrator / Tech Lead


  • Applied server package, hot fixes, and Cognos system update as needed. I implemented a two server distributed environment, each with a dispatcher to manage the IBM Cognos BI request flow.
  • Conducted weekly meeting gathering report requirement and fielding report request
  • Facilitated development of relational database management systems for Gulfstream Aerospace
  • Modified Framework Manager Model’s governors to aid in optimizing query performance.
  • Assist super user in resolving report issues ranging from troubleshoot SQL and report issues (Tabular SQL), and provided best practice report techniques.
  • Maintained Cognos system uptime of 99.955% with no system restart during the reporting year
  • Closed over 1,900 ReportNet tickets and Application IT Support yearly
  • Successfully ran over 450 schedule reports and 75 schedule data cubes ran daily
  • Efficiently resolved support tasks
  • Implement a report failure method to analyze and provide feedback to the user for why the report fail and coordinated with the National Operation Center (NOC) to ensure all scheduled report failure re-run successfully.
  • Applied Cognos system patch and updates on time with minimum system interruption.
  • Applied Cognos ReportNet application tuning to optimize report request by user and schedule (i.e. batch).
  • Ran PerMon tracing command to review the pages/sec, Avg disk queue length, and processor time.
  • Successfully deployed all reporting projects to production meeting the deadline
  • Provided 24/7 on site and remote on-call operational support for the reporting application.
  • Developed and implemented enterprise reporting project design, estimation and development.
  • Developed various cubes and reports, develop data models, web portals and reports for sales, performance monitoring, individual targets and general reporting and analysis.
  • Created complex reports with List, Crosstabs, Discontinuous crosstabs, master-detailed reports, drill down & drill through reports, cascading prompts with simple to very complex calculations
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT), developed test scenarios, test cases, and test data to be use in testing based on business and user requirements, technical specifications and/or product knowledge
  • Conducted root cause analysis (RCA) on ReportNet Scheduler issues and provided effective resolution.
  • Coached and mentor junior develop; conduct knowledge transfer with junior developer (off shoes resource in India)
  • Managed onshore & offshore Cognos Teams to yield successful results and met the deadlines for every project.
  • Conducted knowledge transfer with our partners in India; I allowed additional time for developer to express their ideal; I listen closely to what they said to ensure I understood and vice versa, thus building an atmosphere of mutual respect and cohesiveness which allow us to be more productive.
  • Periodically reviewed white papers on Cognos performance monitor, Cognos reporting on Power Cubes, Cognos Business Analytics and Cognos Collaboration.
Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Functional Analyst / Cognos Developer


  • Implement sound life cycle plan to gathering requirements, analyzing requirements, validate data, testing and debugging codes catalog.
  • Implemented third party Security with LDAP and use them in creating Data Level, Object Securities in Framework Manager Models.
  • Created database layer and business layer, defining appropriate relationship between query subjects in Framework Manager
  • Design and implement personal, shared, distributed and secured Impromptu catalog
  • Utilize Sagent Data Flow with its ability bring together data from disparate sources and it array of analyzing information and creating meaningful reports for a better understanding of the cline needs
  • Optimized Impromptu queries and provided strategies at the database level and catalog level to improve performance.
  • Created complex reports, which unitizes union queries, and SQL queries to increase report performance
  • Created Data Transform, Load (DTL) and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) scripts and storage procedures to extract and cleanse data from SQL databases for loading into Oracle database.
  • Implemented data loading stored procedures, functions using PL/SQL from Source systems into operational data storage in production environment.
  • I applied data cleansing/scrubbing normalization (3NF) techniques to ensure consistency amongst data sets.
  • Developed logical and physical data models using ER-Studio.
  • Analyzed requirements, document, and create simple to complex reports.
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing
  • Created reports for Senior Management to track return credit dollars back to wholesale.
  • Created Medical Officer and Materiel Managers report, organization equipment on-hand, short/over, costs, increasing account accuracy by 15% .
  • Created ReportNet Discontinuous Crosstab decision-making Report, which captures sales figures for each product line both by quarter and by order method.
  • Created “Parts cost Total Cost Prompt driven report which comparison the parts cost to the total cost based on the year selected in the prompt.
  • Created customer report’s detail user manual, which outlines steps for utilizing filter and prompt to reduce report creation time by 20%; Used Cognos Transformer to build multidimensional cubes and dashboards
  • Design multi-dimensional cubes using transformer, so that all key performance indicators can be analyzes. I have utilized PowerPlay studio to slice/dice Cognos cubes, and have done UAT of Cognos reports.
  • Created technical documentation detailing steps use to configure calculation, prompts, filters, and data elements.

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