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Technical Team And Project Manager Resume


Thirty years working with technology including integrating R&D level hardware and software into live networks, pilot test and research and selection of various vendors’ products for customer’s best solutions. My core skills include Management (Team and Project), Solutions Architecture, Sales Engineering and Network Engineering, encompassing both the technical and business sides of technology. While working with business teams and cross departmental groups, I have acted as a technical leader moving requirements to resolution. I’ve provided leadership in the design and implementation of networks by recommending, planning, organizing, and leading projects. I have extensive experience supporting customers, interacting with senior management and subordinates and have held positions of responsibility, decision - making and authority.


Security: Firewalls, Cyber, Secure VPN, Intrusion Detection (IDP), Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Unified Threat Management (UTM), Malware, Antivirus, Application Access and Control, PCI Compliance, DDoS, eMail Security, SSL, IPSec, SOC, VLan, LogRhythm, SEIM, Unisys Stealth, HTTPS

Networking: TCP/IP, Telnet, FTP, RIP, OSPF, Single Sign on (SSO), Load Balance, Fault Tolerance, Data Center, TLS, DHCP, SNMP, SMTP, DNS, IPV4, IPV6, OSI layers 1 to 7, Wireless, LAN, WAN, MPLS, Bridges, Routers, Gateways, Hubs, Load Balancing, Switches, Ethernet, QoS

Telecom: T1, E1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, DSU/CSU, DSLAM, DSL, TDM, ATM, Frame Relay, Bandwidth, SIP, Token Ring, X.25 VOIP, PTP, SONET, DWDM, COAX, Fiber

Computers: HTTP, NFS, SMTP, HPOV, DHCP, DNS, FTP, UNIX, Patch & Updates, Radius, Network Monitoring, Proxy Servers, Remote Access, Syslog, Windows, UNIX

Storage: NAS, DAS, Fiber Channel, RAID, High Availability, Deduplication, Snapshot, SAN, SCSI, ISCSI, Servers

Microsoft: Active Directory, LDAP, Exchange, Azure

Virtualization: VMware, Cloud, Virtual, ESXI, Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, IaaS


Ability to make decisions conducted evaluations, hired and dismissed encouraged and motivated demonstrated leadership developed collateral served as product expert supported sales engineering provided training provided professional advice provided professional technical services sought new business opportunities provided superior customer service conducted test and evaluations designed and integrated new technologies conducted training provided solutions developed and delivered client presentations developed solutions problem solver developed and provided reports sold products conducted meetings with customers educated customers developed relationships exceeded quota


Technical Team and Project Manager



  • My background includes both the technical and business sides of IT, Telecom and services in the roles of Technical Team and Project Manager.
  • While working with business teams and cross departmental groups, I have acted as a technical leader moving requirements to resolution.
  • I provided leadership by recommending, planning, organizing, and leading projects.
  • I have extensive experience interacting with senior management and subordinates and have held positions of responsibility, decision - making and authority.
  • During my five-year tenure in management, I directed various teams of programmers and engineers. I reviewed and created reports, delivered presentations for senior management and provided training. I motivated and challenged team members to help them succeed.
  • I provided project-management services for a network migration project for the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).
  • Project involved the migration of over 130 Windows 2000 users, more than 22 servers, and 51 printers locally.
  • Five Cisco WAN networked remote sites were also involved in this migration to a VOIP backbone to be managed by the Network Operations Center at the Confidential .
  • Also included was the upgrade of infrastructure services and network/security improvement.
  • I designed the migration plan and supervised the project while performing reviews of the network and all associated applications. Oversaw the upgrades to the Cisco network to ensure the latest security patches were applied and participated in all cut over activities. Performed network security analysis, including CIRT scans, and provided a mitigation strategy, which was required prior to receiving approval to migrate the network.
  • Developed the network migration plan and assisted in all required documentation related to Certification and Accreditation of the network.
  • Regularly presented status and strategies to upper management, and acted as liaison between the OIG and Confidential technical committees, negotiating and mediating as issues arose.
  • As a consultant, at the Confidential I provided management services for an at-risk Help Desk support team. I managed a team of eight engineers supporting 2000 users.
  • I made recommendations for morale improvement and provided guidance for new and on-going projects. Within two months, I increased the call closure rate to exceed requirements, improved staff morale and re-established communication and respect between the contractor and the Government Contracting Officer.
  • I managed a facility and a team of five individuals for a new R&D project, three of which were programmers, one a mechanical engineer and the other a receptionist.
  • I had multiple responsibilities; coordinating and implementing project requests, monitoring on-going projects and administering the activities of the team including the hiring and dismissal of personnel. I supplied weekly and monthly status reports, organized and chaired weekly meetings.
  • I managed a small computer service branch office. Being a small branch my duties fell in both the management and customer support roles.
  • Management included all facets of office administration, budget, inventory and shipping and receiving. The customer service role involved installations, sales support and direct sales
  • I completed courses in CMC Management 1 and 2. Management 1 covered practical management techniques such as delegation, time and team management.
  • Management 2 focused on understanding employee personality types to facilitate communication and work relations.

Solutions Architect/ Sales Engineer



  • I have extensive experience in telecom, IT and services in the roles of a Solutions Architect/ Sales Engineer.
  • My strengths include developing pre-sales technical solutions focused on customer needs.
  • The scope of my solutions has ranged from single vendor hardware and software to multi-vendor solutions.
  • I have worked with key corporate decision makers to understand their business concerns and gain insight into their IT infrastructure and to define and deliver the best value solutions.
  • I have conducted needs assessments prior to developing and delivering the technical product sales presentations to help qualify the opportunity.
  • I designed solutions independently and through collaboration with other key team members and presented it to the customer.
  • I owned all technical aspects of the sales cycle, including the articulation of our competitive positioning and differentiation from the competitive landscape.
  • As a pre-sale, Security Engineer (SE) I delivered both sales and technical support to field sales teams. Accountable for the technical validity and interoperability of solution and the direct relationship with the customers’ strategic business plans. I did presentations at the CXO level and trained our partners engineers.
  • My pre-sales responsibilities involved reviewing RFI requests, and determining whether it was within the scope of our business.
  • I would contact customers for an initial meeting and listen to see if there was a viable opportunity.
  • When leads came in from managers and the sales force, I reviewed the opportunity and made decisions on whether to pursue.
  • Dealing directly with existing customers I would learn of additional sales opportunities.
  • My experience includes the technical evaluation of proposals and recommendation of best-business approaches to win and ensure continued success of new bids.
  • I know how to define requirements, propose solutions and oversee implementations.
  • I have written responses to RFP’s and developed the SOW for information systems, generated pricing and applied creative technical solutions to win business.
  • I have developed solutions for multi-million-dollar proposals with P&L responsibility. I have assembled corporate partners and vendors to develop best value solutions to meet and exceed requirements. While working with business teams and cross departmental groups, I have acted as a technical leader moving requirements to resolution.
  • I have reviewed leads and new business opportunities to ensure timely actions in positioning to bid and win new contracts.
  • I participated in meetings to flush out customers’ hot buttons and develop win themes.
  • In some situations, as new business was won, I managed the project.
  • I have provided leadership by recommending, planning and organizing projects.
  • I have extensive experience interacting with senior management and subordinates and have held positions of responsibility, decision-making and authority while motivating and challenging team members to succeed.

Senior Network Engineer



  • I have extensive experience as a Senior Network Engineer working with voice and data networks. I have designed, integrated and delivered multi-vendor solutions, including the integration of HP, IBM, CISCO, and SUN products. My Technical background includes open systems, technology and protocol transfers such as ATM, Frame Relay, IP and wireless. I am experienced in hardware and software platforms, enterprise network and storage architecture as well as UNIX, Solaris, HPOV and windows operating systems. I was responsible for their integration into customers' networks. I installed network management software on UNIX platforms utilizing an Informix database in conjunction with the HPOV SNMP element manager. Some of my experience and skills include 15 years of UNIX/Solaris, Sun Enterprise Servers working with early releases of Sun OS up to Solaris 7.
  • I have 5 years of experience working with new product introduction (NPI), which includes all R&D hardware and software. I have provided level 3 technical assistance in the TAC, generating tickets using Remedy to track problems. I simulated and reproduced customer problems and provided 24/7 service. In the labs, I tested new hardware and software releases and staged networks prior to live trials. I have set up, configured and networked, servers, bridges, routers, gateways and PCs. As far as LAN networks go, I used RIP, RIPv2, OSPF, SNMP, DNS, DHCP, FTP, HTTP, NFS, Telnet, xDSL, TCP/IP, VOIP and MPLS. For WAN networks, I configured T1s to DS3 and ATM circuits up to OC198, CSU/DSU, DSLAM and E1 circuits. I set up Frame Relay circuits, VOIP, Voice over ATM and Service and Network Interworking, and RF Microwave. I have networked PCs including Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows CE, Windows NT, Windows XP and MACs.
  • I have done systems administration, network performance evaluations, patch & updates, used server utilities, configured virus protection and monitoring, load balancing, network monitoring, set up and installed SAN and raid arrays for system back up, etc.
  • I have completed courses in Solaris 5.4 Customized Advanced Administration, Sun Maintenance Course and LANs, Routers and Gateways.
  • The provision of quality customer service and support has always been at the core of my priorities.
  • I am seeking a challenging technical position and I would welcome an opportunity to learn about your specific business needs and to discuss how my qualifications and skills can be an asset to your company. Below is a synopsis of a few of the network projects I have worked on.
  • I managed an entire wireless microwave.
  • The project was to be a showpiece to interest investors in the new technology.
  • I initially set up eight sites, which included installation of radios on rooftops using a spectrum analyzer for alignment.
  • This network provided low-cost local and long-distance voice and data services.
  • The network design was around a Siemens Class 5 voice switch, Cisco routers for data and Newbridge gear for the carrying of the services.
  • I set up all the ATM and TDM switches and circuits, 3Com switches, Cabletron servers, installed, and networked the Sun stations.
  • I installed the Network Management software and trained the client along with a host of other duties.
  • It is important to note that for the above-mentioned project I was directly responsible for the installation of equipment and network management platforms in the NOC, and final testing activities.
  • I acted as the company’s technical expert on all matters related to this project and interfaced daily with the CEO to ensure that all of his company’s wireless needs were met in a most efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Confidential purchased Newbridge and they were having trouble at a customer site.
  • Confidential ’s DSLAM solution and AWS (network manager) had not performed during a two-month trial so the customer informed Confidential they had one week to present a working solution, or they were out.
  • I presented the Newbridge solution to the customer and within the given time frame; I demonstrated a successful live trial. To Confidential ’s delight, the customer bought a mix of both product lines.
  • In Caracas, as part of a small team, I set up and demonstrated multiple technologies (TDM, ATM, Frame Relay, Service Interworking, Network Management, inter-opt ability and integration with HP and other technologies) for the local telephone company. We had two weeks to prepare and one week to present the technologies. I set up a dozen nodes and a small network of Sun systems.
  • At the end of the three-week period, we beat out all competition (Cisco, Nortel, etc.) and secured a multi-million-dollar sale.
  • I set up a new trial internet service for dial-up customers in four Texas cities using Confidential ’s new technology (Tigres).
  • The Tigres was a router and RAS (Remote Access Server) which supported Internet Tunneling VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks).
  • I spent a couple of months working with Confidential and our Texas customer to turn up the new service which resulted in a significant sale.
  • With my 30+ years’ experience in Telecom and IT, successfully integrating technology into business needs
  • I have developed solutions and made sound business decisions. I am seeking a challenging technical position. I would welcome an opportunity to speak to discuss your specific business needs and how my qualifications and skills can be an asset to your organization.
  • Very good at listening to customers’ problems and pain points.
  • Finding solutions and implementing them. Lead and collaborate with cross-functional teams and employees at all levels.
  • Demonstrated success on both the business and technical side, moving requirements from initiation to resolution.
  • Recognized for consistently exceeding sales quotas and establishing key client relationships resulting in new business.
  • Working with technology where I can use my experience and skills to provide direction, focus and leadership to achieve corporate goals.
  • I enjoy visiting customers and listening to their pain points and developing solutions to solve their problems.

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